Sakhi's Laghukatha


Posted on: December 31, 2007

She was visiting this place after so many years. So much was changed. She couldn’t recognize the place where she used to come daily years ago. But as she moved around she was pleasantly surprized to see that old tree, standing tall the same way it used to. Only now it was more dense and was taller, but there! Only witness of their meetings and love! She went back in her past! Those days of love and promises, of talks and fights, of dreams of future together….but, everything changed, suddenly! When he decided to persue his career in US. Without considering her…just like that, poof, he was gone. No trace of him. But what would he know! He probably thought that he cut it clean, but what about those scratches on her heart and also those lovely memories…, he was still there in her heart, in her whole being!
“Mom!”, suddenly the voice cut into her thoughts, her son was calling her. “Come on, mom, lets go…I want to see more of this place, its getting darker.”
“Coming Alan”, she replied, with a tug in her heart.
Alan, his namesake!!!

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