Sakhi's Laghukatha

Happy Anniversary!

Posted on: January 1, 2008

He was lying on the terrace of their small but well done bungalow at night looking at the sky full of stars. The air was warm and balmy. Today, he was missing her a lot. It was their anniversary. 11th! How years have passed!
Theirs was a love marriage. They grew up together as best friends and as they entered their adolescence, this friendship turned into a full fledged love affair…everybody who knew them were sure that they were made for each other. And yes, they were made for each other. With blessings from the parents they tied the knot.









Happy Anniversary!

He tried to contemplate it all, looking at the documents he received today in the mail…

When did they stopped waiting for each other for dinner? When did the television took place of their animated talks? When did the “post-on” took over their conversation? Where did it all go wrong?

It was like heaven…those initial days of sheer bliss! Both of them grew well together, professionally, financially… Everything was picture perfect…or so he thought!


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