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Her Marriage!

Posted on: January 3, 2008

She was getting married today and he was happy for her. No, he was sad…sad that she was going off with another guy!
 God, why daughters go away!!!

Today, she’s looking so…oo…oo.. beautiful, like an angel! Tears ran down his cheeks as she hugged him tight, bade goodbye to them all, promising to call everyday…

Till now he was her best friend, her soul mate, her everything! And she was the best thing that had happened to him. Her laughter and non-stop chatter had filled his life with joy and fulfillment. His life revolved around her. And suddenly one fine day she tells him that she was in love (being her best friend he was suppose to be happy listening to her breaking news!). Love, what was she talking about? When, where, how…how come he never knew? She was blabbering in all excitement and animation never noticing the crestfallen face of his. That was 6 months back.

11 Responses to "Her Marriage!"

It is the day, when two extreme moments comes together in every father’s life – he will show that he is most happy person and at the same time he feels saddest of the life.

Being daddy I have started preparing from day one, but I am very sure that on that day I will never have enough strength!!!


Well said Chirag, i recall sending my two lovely sisters away,it tears you apart.I never cried so much in my life.
And Dhara, you have serious talent for short stories.Keep it up!


Thanks buddies!


its beautiful- and you know what- its my story! it happened to me exactly….I can’t even write now…better is not to say anything..thanks for sharing the pain with me……good to know you understand me….my pain.


I just know how it feels! May god bless you and give you strength to endure your loss!


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LOL loved it :)… here from stories nominated for the Avant Garde Bloggies awards.


Welcome and keep coming! 🙂

I could guess that you came from Avant Grande award!! 🙂


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@ Sakhi

Sheer Beauty!!!

Though I would Like to point out a minor typographical error

>> beautiful, like an angle!

I believe it meant angel


Welcome to my blog Falcon! 🙂 And thanks for the correction! I do apprecaite it! 🙂


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