Sakhi's Laghukatha

"Oooh, gili, gili, gili!"

Posted on: January 11, 2008

Once upon a time there was a young boy. His name was Yash.He was a good boy but he did not have any friends. He was very unhappy because of this. One day when he was passing by the play ground, the boys playing there started making fun of him and teased him a lot. He felt very bad and started crying.

He cried very bitterly and prayed to God, ” If you are really looking down from the sky why can’t you take care of me? Why can’t you send a friend for me to play?” He sat there looking at the ground and crying.

From somewhere a small colourful butterfly came flying around him and sat on Yash’s hand. As he saw the butterfly he stopped crying and looked at it in amazement. The butterfly had so many beautiful and vibrant colours.

Suddenly the butterfly flew and it transformed into a beautiful fairy. She was sooooooooooo beautiful. She had wings and had a magic wand in her hand. She also had a beautiful sparkling tiara on her head and she was wearing a pink, flowing gown. She was so beautiful that Yash forgot everything else and looked at her in amazement. Yash stood there transfixed and kept on looking at her. Then the fairy came near Yash and took his little hands in her own and kissed lightly on his nose.

Yash asked, “Who are you? and what are you doing here?” Fairy said, “You only told God that you wanted a friend! He has sent me to be your friend but I can’t stay here with you. You will have to come with me to the fairy land to play. Will you come?” Yash could not believe his ears. She was sent by God to play with him? Wow! But then he realized what she said, “he has to go to fairyland to play with her.” How could he leave his mother and go to fairyland? He loved his mother so much. So he told fairy that he can’t go with her leaving mother behind. Hearing this fairy started laughing.

She told Yash, “Buddhu, you don’t have to stay there with me. You can come there whenever you feel like playing with me. Then will you come?”

“But how will I come there? I don’t know where fairyland is!” asked Yash. Fairy then took his hand and asked him to say, “Oooh, gili, gili, gili!” three times. Yash closed his eyes and said, “oooh, gili, gili, gili!” three times. As he said this he started flying with fairy in the sky. He got scared initially but fairy was holding his hand tightly. They reached fairyland in no time.

It was on a big, white, fluffy cloud. It looked so beautiful! Yash could not believe his eyes. There was a river of milk flowing. As he went further, he saw that the houses were made of gingerbread and pastries and there were chocolates hanging from the trees. Everything was so colourful! He had not seen anything like this before.
Then fairy asked him, “Will you come here everyday to play with me?” Yash was so overwhelmed that he couldn’t answer, he just nodded. Suddenly he realized that it was getting late and his mother would be worried about him. He asked fairy to take him back and he promised to come back the next day again. But how will he come? Fairy told him to say “oooh, gili, gili, gili!” three times with his eyes closed and he would reach here in no time. Fairy took him back to his home and said good bye! She turned into butterfly again and flew away.

After that Yash never felt alone. He went to fairyland everyday to meet his new friend.

Oooh, gili, gili, gili!”

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