Sakhi's Laghukatha


Posted on: January 16, 2008

Everywhere there was hallagulla and masti. Aarti was getting married and her family was waiting for the baraat to come. Everything was looking so vibrant and colourful. Aarti was also looking so graceful in her panetar, a traditional Gujarati wedding dress in white and maroon. Baraat came and the marriage commenced with all the pomp. Saat phere and all! Everything went well. Her bidaai was a heart wrenching event with everybody crying to let go of their dilkatookda. Poor groom! Didn’t know what to do…cry with new wife or be happy as he has got a new wife!
One year passed in the dreamy world and everything seemed so rosy to the newly wed (!) couple. Everything was perfect!
One day as they came home from the late night movie Aaryan fainted. He was rushed to the hospital. With the preliminary treatment he regained consciousness but a lot of investigations followed. Aaryan was diagnosed to have brain tumour, which on further investigation turned out to be malignant. How could God do this? He was just 25 years old. And Aarti? She had just completed 23 years a few days back. Everything crashed around Aaryan and Aarti. Aarti vouched to be there for him always.

Time passed. It was six months now. Aaryan had a surgery to remove the tumour but there still were satellite lesions in the brain. His fainting spells had increased and he was on chemotherapy and radiotherapy so that the tumour would not spread further. All these treatment had changed Aaryan so much. He looked so handsome when he got married. Now due to the cancer therapy he lost all his hair, bloated up due to steroids and also had become so irritable. Whenever Aarti wanted to tell something it was either misunderstood or he would rebuff. Not his fault, though!

Things between Aaryan and Aarti changed over a period of time. Aaryan felt guilty for ruining Aarti’s life. These things were taking toll on Aarti too! Life was getting difficult with each other. Aarti was now forced to think of divorce from her parents’ side. Aarti on other hand couldn’t even think of this as she still loved Aaryan. But as time went by, she couldn’t take it anymore and they got separated legally, mutually!

After all these, Aarti never kept contact with her old friends. She felt too guilty to leave Aaryan midway and when he needed her the most. She just disappeared from the face of the earth.

And Aaryan? After three years he is still alive, better than before and has resumed work. Doesn’t have any complaints towards anybody. He wishes the best to Aarti.


2 Responses to "Why?"

even the master psychologists have failed to understand the relationship between male and female , whether a physical or emotional one.


Emotions are quite complicated…better accept them rather than analyze them.


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