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Posted on: January 19, 2008

Hrim was sitting on the one seated swing in her balcony. She had come from the hostel only two days back. She had come home so that she can get engaged to her long-time boyfriend Harsh. Harsh’s parents had already talked to her parents and they were to come here in a week. She should be happy, but somehow there was this nagging feeling of unease. She was not happy.
She went back to her courtship period and tried to remember the best time with Harsh. And she could only see those days when he had made her look like an idiot. The memories of hurtful words came rushing to her. Her eyes welled up. She did not realise when her mother came. She couldn’t control herself and burst into tears. Her mother stood there with her sooothing words and gave a beary hug. She waited for Hrim to settle down and very lovingly asked, “What happened?”
Hrim told about her unrest. She started telling her mother about the emotional abuse Harsh used to carry out by insulting her in front of their friends, his dictation in what to wear and what not to, whether she should behave in certain ways in front of others and what was expected of her once she is accepted in his family. Compromise was expected to be from her side only! What subject she should choose for her postgraduate was also to be decided by him. This was going on since three years now. Whenever she tried to break off their relationship he used to come with all the apologies and promise of a better behaviour. But scenario never changed. There was a lot of peer pressure too! She felt lonely in hostel and didn’t know whom to talk to.

After listening to all, her mother asked her a few important questions and asked her to answer them honestly to herself with out any external pressure. “Whether what she feels about Harsh is love? And even if it is, whether this love is enough to last for the rest of their life? Being an extrovert and an outgoing person, will she be able to live in the confinement of this claustrophobic relationship? And what about her career? Is she willing to take whatever crap that comes her way?”

With this her mother left her to think.
That night the ultimate insult came from Harsh when he called and asked about her whereabouts the previous night and called her names! He challenged her character. She didn’t try to explain. She ended the conversation. Put the handle on the craddle and sighed the relief. He had helped her to take the decision.She smiled her natural smile after a long long time. She ran to her mother and hugged her.

She was free again!


14 Responses to "Freedom"



Thanx! Freedom is very sweet!


wonderful story. ending is awesome. i like the end. she didnt give in to the turbulant rlationship n she had the courage also 🙂 keep it up!!!


Thanks sweetheart…keep reading!


beautiful story…
u should be a writer rather mam..


Hey thanx!


Good one.As i always say”If you really love some one set him free”!! Love is not asking questions its sheer trust and blind faith.


binding each other always weakens the bonding , every one loves freedom, so why not the female?? These all seems inspiration. It happens in the world around us.. good going, keep it up


Good one dear!! nostalgic I can say…yeah guys tell you what to do always…not leave Delhi to go to other city for course of your own choice,embarass you!

I am so angry my nails are digging in my palms now


yeah it was nostalgic to read your post too! I remembered her days, but i am glad and proud of what she is today!! Absolutely happy and Free!


This is indeed a very touching story. So many of us silently live a caged life.

Good that she could come out of it.

Thanks for sharing.


Welcome to my blog and keep coming!! 🙂 🙂


Very nice story, finally Hrim made the right decision. What I liked is that she gave Harsh ample chance to get his act together & treat her like a person & not a slave & finally when he didn’t she let it go as a relationship can’t be a one sided thing, otherwise it no longer remains a relationship but becomes a burden! What I also liked is that Hrim didn’t break off at the 1st sign of trouble, you can’t bail out like this in a relation, have to give time to make things work but pity Harsh continued to be a jerk!


Somehow i knew you would understand 🙂


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