Sakhi's Laghukatha

Red light area

Posted on: January 22, 2008

It was one of my friends’ bachelor’s party that day. Everyone of us was having a ball. It was not very often that we doctors get time to freak out due to our hectic working hours. But today it was different. Our friend was getting shahid in a week and we were taking full advantage of it. Party was in full swing with beer flowing and music floating in the air.

It was getting late and most of the colleagues had already gone off. Only three of us who were really close to Ansh were left. Suddenly, out of blue, krish floated the idea of visiting the red light area as it was the last aazaad night for Ansh. We tried to protest but he didn’t give heed. And we were all novice in this area. We mustered the courage and went along with krish. He said he knew somebody who can take us to the place. Some how I was not feeling good about the whole idea but went along.

As we went to the place I realized that it was just another neighbourhood and nothing sort of “red light area”. I had an impression from the movies with all the women hanging around, with lousy makeup and revealing clothes and loose comments. But nothing was like that. The man who had accompanied us was also nothing what I had expected him to be. He was a well dressed man with smooth behaviour. We were taken to one apartment and he disappeared somewhere, came with girls and demanded the payment beforehand.

But I was already out of my mind. Was sweating heavily and my mouth was dry. And when I saw those girls I felt worse. They might not be more than 15-16 years and looked so dove-like. I looked at my friends and saw the same feelings on their faces. Without another word we got up and left the place. We didn’t talk while coming back. Probably all of us were feeling lousy.

Thank God we came away that day but till date innocent eyes of those girls still haunt me.

Life is so unfair to so many people and we keep on cribbing about trivial things in life!


2 Responses to "Red light area"

This is the most shocking truth of today, we think that we have developed a lot but lots of materialistic development have brought all this harmful things to society with it. Many house wives and students are involved in the business , some of them are just for fun, some do it to satisfy the needs, or some even to earn so that they can walk with the high society… In this men`s world female is expoited by many means, lets stop it.
I even feel from the story that the boy who was going to marry was not having any moral responsibilty to his to be spouse. Just think, what happens if he goes to red light area and he will found his to be spouse as the prostitute ( and even when she has come for the same purpose , to celebrate last azaad night ) !!!!

Save the girl, save the future…


So true!


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