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Posted on: January 28, 2008

Kush preffered to go to office by walk as it gave him the opportunity to exercise and his office was not very far. It took only 15 minutes by walk. On his way, he saw this empty bungalow everyday. But today there was a lot of activity going on. “Good, some family has moved to this place. It was such a shame to keep this beautiful place empty,” he thought.







Suddenly he saw a very beautiful girl sitting at the first floor window. She looked so refreshing, with her sharp features and long flowing hair. She looked almost like an angel. He stood there transfixed. Suddenly a car honked and he came back to reality. He went to office, but he kept on thinking about that girl. He couldn’t wait for the office to get over. At last it was 6:00 pm and he almost ran to that place. There she was, looking as beautiful as he had remembered. That means, she was not just in his imagination!
Now it became a ritual to have her glimpse while going to and coming from the office. She had noticed him too. He mustered up the courage and smiled at her and to his surprise, she smiled back. This went on for quite sometime. One day as Kush came to the bungalow, her servant came and handed him a small envelop. His heart went into a somersault. It was a pink envelop and smelled heavenly. He opened it up immediately and found an endearing note inside. That day he came to know her name for the first time. Vrinda! He repeated it in his mind again and again the whole day. That day he wrote first love letter of his life . They started exchanging notes and letters everyday and becamefriends and later, soul mates. Both could not imagine their lives without each other.
One day along with Vrinda, he saw an old lady at the window. There was no note for him that day. He just looked up and went on his way even with out a smile. He was restless the whole day. He couldn’t see her even in the evening as he got late at the office.
He was impatient to see Vrinda on the next day. As he reached her place, to his shock, the window was closed. He was surprised as Vrinda had not said anything about her going anywhere the day before in her note. The window never opened again. He didn’t know what to do. He was going crazy. Wanted to go into the house and ask but the security man would not allow him to even enter the gate. He waited for her everyday.
It was almost a year since he last saw her. He took the same route even now and the bungalow is still there with the same family residing but he never saw her again. He never knew what happened.
And Vrinda? What happened to Vrinda?
That day when she was waiting for Kush to come with her note ready, her grandma suddenly came and as soon as she saw Kush and the look on Vrinda’s face she got everything. She asked Vrinda whether she loved him and in turn whether he loved her too. When Vrinda answered in affirmation, she asked her, “Does he know that you cannot walk without support? Does he know that you have lost both your legs in accident?” When Vrinda didn’t answer, grandma left her to think.
She thought and never opened the window again!


6 Responses to "Window"

oh! poor girl. sometimes it does happen in ones life. though u love somebody with wholeheart u cannot just tell the person coz of some or the other reason. very touchy story indeed.


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See you are getting professional advices too!About the story” Love is not perfect and its the imperfections of a person which gets accepted and taken in stride by the lover.Whats the fun when you have a perfect mate!!


Well, I think so too, but Vrinda didn’t think that way and also she did not give Kush a chance to show his side, which may be anything. He might have accepted or rejected! who knows?


but come on,would vrinda take such a long time to decide ?!one year !


@ more

i think i couldn’t communicate properly… The last para talks of the time vrinda first closed the window!


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