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Posted on: February 1, 2008

There was a little girl whose name was ‘Cookie’. Her actual name was Annaa but her nanny called her ‘Chocolate Cookie’.

‘Cookie’ had a cherubic face with two pig tails. She looked absolutely adourable. But she was very sad. Why? Because her parents were always busy with work and there was nobody to play with her.

Then one day her mother brought Mrs. Dime to take care of her. She liked her at once. Mrs. Dime had the softest eyes Annaa had seen. Mrs. Dime also liked Annaa at once. As time passed Annaa and Mrs. Dime became best friends. Mrs. Dime always called her ‘chocolate cookie’ as Annaa was a sweet girl with brown eyes. As soon as ‘Cookie’ came from the school, she would fly in the waiting arms of Mrs. Dime. They would talk about her school, what she did at school and would do homework together. They became inseperable.

One day as ‘Cookie’ came from school, she didn’t find Mrs. Dime on the front porch waiting for her. As she went inside the house she found her mother there. She was even more surprised as her mother never came so early from work. Then her mother told her that Mrs. Dime was ill and was taken to the hospital. ‘Cookie’s’ heart sank. She started crying. Her mother soothed her and promised to take her to the hospital the next day. But ‘Cookie’ was inconsolable. She did not have dinner and every now and then her eyes would brim with tears. She was missing her nanny very much. As she went to sleep she started wishing that somehow if she would just fly to her nanny. And with that thought she fell asleep.

Suddenly she felt that somebody was calling her, as she opened her eyes she saw a beautiful fairy standing in front of her. She looked sooooooo beautiful. Fairy asked ‘Cookie’ why she was so sad. ‘Cookie’ told her about her nanny and her wish to visit her. When fairy heard this she granted her a boon that if ‘Cookie’ would close her eyes and pray to God with full faith she would be taken to her nanny’s room but she would have to come back within an hour. If she fails to do that she will be stuck there and will not be able to come back on her on. This boon will work for as many days as her nanny is in the hospital. After that the boon will loose its effect. And she can go there only once in a day after school. With that the fairy flew off. ‘Cookie’ started rubbing her eyes thinking she had just seen a dream. Nonetheless, she closed her eyes and prayed to God to take her to her nanny as she was missing her tooooo much.

And what happened? “Poof” she was transported to her nanny’s room. She saw that her nanny was fast asleep. She slowly went to her and kissed her lightly on her forhead, sat with her for an hour and came back. She promised herself to come here again the next day when her nanny would be awake. Now back at her home she slept peacefully. She could not wait for the next day. As soon as she came from the school the next day she prayed to God and “Poof” she was in the hospital with her nanny. Mrs. Dime was so surprised to see her beloved ‘coockie’ here. ‘Cookie’ told her everything and they both sat there holding hand and chatting. ‘Cookie’ went to the hospital eveyday till her nanny came back home.

Today, ‘Cookie’ was happy again as she saw her nanny waiting for her at the front porch.

At night they both knelt in front of the God and thank Him. Also they did not tell this to anybody as it was their little secret. Shhhhhhhhh!

After so many days there was a smile on ‘Cookie’s’ face when she slept holding Mrs. Dime’s hand.

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Gooooodnight …


To you too, sweetheart! 🙂


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