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A trip to future!

Posted on: February 4, 2008

My daughter was very excited that day.She got up early on her own and woke me up too (wish this would occur everyday when she has to go to school!). We were taking her to “Mahudi”, a religious place for Jains. She is just six, so for her it more of an outing rather than anything else. She was very chirpy and settled in car with her eyes wide open to take everything in.

The morning was crisp and clean. As the car went on, we transited from the buildings and cars to trees and carts!

Suddenly my daughter asked me, “what are these fields for?”

“We get food from these fields,” I replied simply for her to understand.

“But we get food from the supermarket!,” she said. (How simple!)

With a smile on my face I explained her about grains, fruits and vegetables; how they are grown and how they reach the super markets and stores.

She sat there taking it all in and probably comtemplating everything in her young mind. I felt proud about the way I explained everything to her.

After some time she asked, “Mamma, what happen when all these fields will be gone?”

“Were would all these fields go, sweet heart?”

“No, mamma, when we build houses and malls all over the place, how will we get food?” She asked sadly.

I tried to reason with her and put her at ease by telling her that such thing will never occur and we will always get food. She was satisfied with my answer.

But I sat there thinking, she was right…where will we get food if we go on building our concrete jungles?


5 Responses to "A trip to future!"

The day is not far to see people of villages leave them and run to the cities in search of comfortable job and urban lifestyle. How easily they get carried away by the endorsements of media.
But just imagining the fields and greenery of villages along with the closeness to nature will be refreshing to us – the urban dwellers! I just hope that i dont see a multiplex or a mall upon a piece of land which is best suited to produce food.

God save us!


hey su, welcome to my blog.

how true…in our city also we really have to strain the eyes to see green colour. specially downtown. 😦


Thank God! At least she has got brains πŸ˜›


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