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Little bundle of love!

Posted on: May 9, 2008

After three generations a baby girl was born in the family. There was an atmosphere of elation around. Everybody was jubilant. And Khushi’s mother-in-law was already planning to distribute sweets and a memorabilia to family and friends once the child came home.

Suddenly something snapped inside Khushi. She remembered her younger days when a particular uncle’s touch she never used to like. He always tried to kiss her; but his kiss was not same as other relatives’. She could not understand why she was uncomfortablewith his touch. She was young and innocent. As she grew older she could dodge him. But her parents never knew anything. She never told them. She felt quite embarrassed to discuss it with them. Later as she got married with Ankush, the bad memories faded with his love. But she never told any of these to him either.

With the yesterday’s incident and her memories surging, Khushi looked at her young child. How blissfully she was sleeping.

“Poor girl, she doesn’t yet know what it is to be a girl,” thought Khushi; “and, I would not let her know.”

When Khushi’s mother-in-law came to visit her later that day, she found Khushi sitting by the window staring outside blankly. When she called her, she didn’t respond.

She went to the crib to hold her newly born granddaughter. As she picked up the little bundle of love, colour drained from her face.

She ran for the doctor screaming.

Her granddaughter had stopped breathing!

But there was a shadow on Khushi’s face. No, no, it was not that she did not like a girl child. How could that be? She herself was brought up with much love and care. She remembered her daddy making all sorts of pranks just to put that little smile on her face when she hurt herself playing. And her mother did everything to make her happy. They educated her well. After all she was the only child of her parents …!

But somehow there was this nagging feeling of unease since her daughter was born. She couldn’t put a name to that feeling. She attributed that to exhaustion of labor and the hospital environment. It was just yesterday since she had delivered.

It was 12 midnight and Khushi had just slept after feeding her child. Suddenly she heard a lot of commotion outside her room. She got up from the sleep with a jolt. There was a lady screaming at the top of her voice and there was anger and grief in her cry. Khushi got scared. She didn’t know what had happened. After sometime everything was silent. As she peered out of her room she felt a hushed silence. There were people gathered in the waiting room of the hospital and the lady who was screaming earlier was now crying softlty. She was inconsolable. Khushi went inside her room and tried to sleep. She couldn’t.

Next day when the sweeper came to clean the room she told Khushi that yesterday night a six year old (!) girl was brought to the hospital, who passed away due to severe trauma and bleeding. The little girl was raped!

25 Responses to "Little bundle of love!"

i wonder why such a harsh step she took for the little angel??


Probably she was too distort due to her own experiences in the past and when she heard the news in the hospital she could not handle it…probably!

thanks for passing by!


such an extreme step for a little angel.


she killed her own child ???? 😮


yeah, imagine what she might have undergone in her childhood days. Probably that’s the reason she thought death would be better gift for her baby than the life itself.



@Saks – Whatever she has gone through in her life was sad. Agreed. But how could a mother take such a harsh step! Not at all done – its sad!

Btw, I hav fallen in love with your stories – keep them coming along!


@ All,

I know it is sad, but different people react to stress differently. If not so, we would not find so many crimes in today’s world!

@ RJ
Thanks again… dont know what to say! 🙂


This is a very, very sad story. But I will never blame Khushi. I view her as a victim of a notorious patriarchal society. I can understand that it is a very difficult thing to be a woman on Mother Earth, more so in Mother India. I’m not a medical person, but I know that mothers of newly born infants can experience severe post partum depression, so no one should blame the mother. I pray for the soul of the little one and for her mother. I pray that there should be no internal torment inside her. I hope Khushi becomes “khushi” again!


@ Raj, “Amen” to “khushi” for khushi…


i think the ending is really too harsh….i know being a girl child is always looked upon with a lot of hesitation by parents but i dont think anybody would kill their own child….pretty unacceptable


btw r u really a doctor ?boy,you should take up story telling as some form of therapy for ur patients,amazing !


@ More

i think after i finished writing this story i also felt ki meine thoda zyada hi sad ending likh diya… but that what i thought at that time!


story telling as a therapy! wow, that’s a cool idea! 🙂


oh thats a sad ending.
This is happening in India, and I always wonder how a mother can do that.


sometimes people do certain things which are beyond our comprehension!


and you say you dont like sad endings..

the ending was horrible, one could never dream off…

uffff 😦 😦 😦

but its true a girl child has to face so many issues..

my 2 very very very close friends had gone thru what khushi had… but I cant think of them doing what khushi did toher baby… god forbid…


i really dont like sad endings but as i mentioned somewhere else, life is full of both.. happy as well as sad things.. can’t ignore the both!


Hmm…I sincerely wish this remains fiction!!

I know things like this happen….and sometimes a girl really feels, Ufff….Men are Men , whatever!!!!

Its soo sad….and its nt only in our country!!

But,the decision she took, tells us, how much trauma she must have felt!! A bold decision to make!


a bold decision but a traumatic one! 😦


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when I started to read this story I never thought of this kind of ending.. but people taking decisions based on their experiences..
Hope everybody will forget their bad experiences. If it is forgotten means here we would have a beautiful little angel.

Nice one.. A ending I didn’t expected..


Wish the life was not so harsh for many people!!

Glad you liked the story!


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Nerve chilling, I could never understand what a man sees in a 6-7 years old girl that can produce carnal desires in him?

Whenever, I used to look at children, they all look me same, cute and happy, irrespective of their gender…

it’s very disheartening to read the news from all places about child rape or sexual harassment… ohh God, please give wisdom to these people and teach them to respect woman…


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sad story 😦
but what if she had given birth to a baby boy?
Had she not heard of boys being abused?
there r all sort of mamajis n uncles in families
sadly 80% Of physical abuse perpetators r close family members


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