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Mere desh ka kya hoga!

Posted on: June 6, 2008

When I was an intern doctor, I was posted in a rural region (rural internship is a must if you want an internship completion certificate!!!). I was posted under a Medical officer there. He was quite reputed in this village and was serving for quite some years. Since I had joined in the morning only, he was asking questions (relevant as well as irrelevant!) and talking and checking patients simultaneously.

“So, you cleared with first attempt?” Asking me, he gestured to the compounder to send another patient.

“Yes, sir.” I answered meekly, wondering “did I look like a chronic to him?”

“Hun… what are your parents doing?” Now, what has that to do with my internship? But that’s the way conversation progress in India, I guess!

At that particular time a very thin lady entered with a child of say, 1-1 ½ years entered the cabin. The doctor gestured her to sit. His bombardment of questions was still on and directed towards me.

In between he asked the lady what the problem was and she murmured something, which I perceived as fever.

“Bhar re…” he shouted in the direction of the compounder, asking him to fill up the syringe with the usual medicine.

As the compounder handed over the syringe, doctor gave the shot. The lady screamed with pain.

“Why are you screaming?” he asked

“Dacter sa’ab, bukhar humka naahi hai, bachua ka hai,” she complained.
(Sir, the boy has got the fever, not me!)

(The dumb doctor had given the medicine to the mother instead of the child! Shit!)

But the doctor was unflinched. Without batting an eyelid he asked her sternly,

“Doctor kaun hai, mein ya tum?”
(Who is the doctor here, me or you?)

“Aap, Sa’ab”
(You sir!)

“To davaai kaun dega?”
(Then who will decide the treatment)

“Aap, Sa’ab”
(You sir!)

“Yeh tera dudh pita hai ki nahi?”
(Is this child on your milk?)

“Pita hai Sa’ab”
(Yes sir!)

“To davaai tujhe hi pehle deni padegi na!’
(Then, of course, you will be treated first, isn’t it?)

“Bhar re….” he shouted at compounder to fill another syringe of the medicine, which he then gave to the child.



29 Responses to "Mere desh ka kya hoga!"

@Saks – Is this a true story?


yes it is, unfortunately!


@Saks – Thats really unfortunate! More so, coz you are working under him! Phew! It’s scary!


am not working under him…was doing so when i was an intern.. long time back. Thank God!




Funny but unfortunate!


Hey good one!!! But a sad state of affairs… Are you a trained Med by any chance?

Waise, I am from Abad too. Where exactly is this flea market you talked about in Nita’s post?


@ world…

yes, i am a trained doctor.

and this flea market takes place near ellisbridge every sunday from morning to evening. do go till the river shore which is bit inside but the experience is great…

and yes, thanks for your visit


Hi Sakhi. Just came to see you blog and it’s very nice and I have linked you too. I am so happy to hear that you took your rural posting. I know someone who pulled strings to get out of it…in fact I know two people like that. Tell me is it really that difficult to do a rural posting…why can’t people tolerate it even for a year??


@ Nita

Thanks for linking me.

Rural postings are not a choice but a compulsion. But it is definately difficult as most of the rural areas do not have basic facilities like pure drinking water or there are a lot of mosquitoes which can actually lead you to either malaria or dengue and there are many other issues for which this comment section is really inappropriate. But I think you get the crux of the matter.

Thanks again.


and here I thought I thought only IT people had egos inflated to this degree.

I thought the story was pretty amusing tho!

Have a great day!


So u r paediatrician..good! I used to hear such stories from my sister too during her internship and one yr as medical officer in rural area before PG. In fact once I went on a tour with her to check kids in 5-6 rural schools. She is an ophthalmologist.


@ Canopener

Thanks… though i have made this story look amusing, it also shows what a sorry state is our rural (and sometimes urban) medical scene!

@ Reema

No I am not a paediatrician.. I am a pharmacologist (Medical).


hey but u have written in ur post “My Uncle’s Death” earlier //Since I am a medical person I am always expected to “rush” whenever there is any health related issues in our family. Being a paediatrician, what will I do in a case of fracture? You have to take the patient to an orthopedician.//


@ Reema, Laghukatha is a collection of my thoughts. I sometimes take the real situation but it is not autobiographical. I am sorry if i have misled you. But one thing is sure, i am a medical person with a post graduate degree 🙂 so there i have not lied to you ! sorry again, if i have misled you or anybody in anyway


sakhi, dont feel bad, I went to the hospital here a few years back because I had a piece of sand or fiberglass or something in my eye, I sat there for 3 hours while some “doctor”, and I use the term losely, poked me in the eye to try and get it out, meanwhile squirting water in my eye. By the end I was screaming at him that my hurt worse now than when I first came in. And I stomped out, if all he was going to do was poke me in the eye and squirt water in it then I was quite sure I could have done that myself.

And yeah he just made things worse.

Then to top it all off the hospital sends me a bill for 300 dollars! I sent it back and said I wasnt paying it because they hadnt fixed my problem, they took me to court and I tried to tell the judge what happened but he wasnt too interested and he said I had to pay them the 300 bucks even if they didnt fix my problem.

I still refused to pay it and they eventually garnished my wages.

So now I try not to see the doctor unless absolutely needed.


I understand how you feel. I dont know what to say, but i feel bad for you! but please don’t judge the whole community of doctors with the same contempt… hope your eyes get well soon. Do take care of the precious organs, we have only two gems and we can’t do anything without it.

Take care, again!


what a shame..

nice blog btw love the snippets keep up the good work






whew.. i can’t believe this is a true story!!
i’m wary of doctors already.. and this makes it worse!


In India we just dont have to be wary of doctors but so-called doctors who are not lisenced but still are in medicine business… so next time you go to a doctor be sure that he/she is a DOCTOR in first place! 😦

Daraa diya na? hai na? 🙂

but you know what, i am not joking!


Ohh I’m not angry dear! not at all. And no need to be sorry…it was just a misunderstanding from the language of ur post. Keep blogging!!


OH !. please let me know where this doc is now. I dont want to visit him accidently or take anyone in my family ! 😀




@ reema
since i sometimes write in “first person” people tend to see my stories as autobiographical, and hence you thought probably what you thought… good that the misunderstanding is missing. 🙂

@ crapbook

God knows where he is now… and frankly i don’t even want to know! 🙂

@ bhav

yeah it is!




Ha ha. Funny. But pathetic.
Once I had a job in a small town. The town had only one pediatrician. He had an assistant, who ran away with many medicines and stuff one fine day. Later it was heard that he had gone back to his village and started practice as bachchon ka doctor (specialist quack, eh?). One day the specialist quack got a severely malnourished kid with some complaints. He thought oral nutrition would take a lot of time to cure him. So he gave him I.V. milk (TRUE). The kid died.


Shit! I really feel pity on the villagers. i came to know once chronic second year students who cant even pass, having practice in the perifferal areas! Really, hamare yahaan log zinda hai yeh saboot hai ki bhagavaan hai!! 😦

My husband’s errand boy (10th pass)started his own pathology lab once we left the place! and i know many labs in that area which are run by similar peole… They just put the needle in one patient and then take it out, jab another patient with the same needle. Probably they have never even heard of disposable things or HIV or nothing!!! 😦

i try not to think such things, it leaves me very very sad!


funny incident 🙂
on serious note, if people with “MD”s dont go n settle in rural areas or small towns, then smone wil hv to fill in for them.
this is how health system works here


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