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That Smile!

Posted on: June 16, 2008

It was 4 in the after noon and I had time for myself. In fact, I had taken time off for myself from work just to relax. I took a deep breath and sat on my favourite rocking chair with a mug full of coffee. The atmosphere was mesmeric. As I sat on the chair and took a sip of coffee, I looked at the sky. The clouds were getting darker. And the air was cool with a light breeze. It had just started drizzling. I felt mushy. A lot of memories resurfaced!I remembered the first love letter I had received. How old was I? Probably 11-12 years old. It was an amateurish attempt by a classmate. It had landed in my mother’s hand and I never got to read it. I remember myself crying so hard, speculating what my parents would think. They never even mentioned it once!

“What are you doing here?” I asked, bewildered. Aren’t you supposed to be at your office?”

He smiled his usual smile. I started melting once again. Even after 10 years of our marriage he still has this effect on me.

Apart from this small incidence of puppy-love (that too from my classmate’s side!) my school years were uneventful as far as my love-life was concerned.

But when I went to college I fell hard for my best friend. But as fate would have it, he never showed any interest beyond friendship….

“Why was I thinking about it now, after 10 years?” Probably the atmosphere was making me romantic.

He never went beyond a buddy-back-slap or a friendly hug. We were best friends and that was all! At least for him!

My legs would melt even if he so much as smile at me…

College years flew by (in slow motion for me!) and it was the last day of college. The whole group of friends was melancholic. Now that we will be going to the real world we will not be able to meet each other the same way. Everybody will have their own responsibilities and career plans.

I looked at him. As usual he smiled at me. But the smile was a bit sad. Or was it my imagination? Whatever, I decided that if I didn’t tell him today, I will never be able to. To hell with lady-like shyness and such crap!

But at the same time I was scared of his rejection. So, I poured all my feelings on the letter that I held. I went to him slowly and gave him the love-letter (Calligraphic and scented!). I almost ran back to my room. Didn’t want to face him in-case he felt otherwise…

Ting-Tong… the bell rang!

I came back to the reality. There was still a small smile playing on my lips when I went to open the door. I was surprised to see him standing there with a big bouquet of flowers and hair studded with dew-like rain drops! Even after so many years he still looked so gorgeous! My heart skipped a beat looking at his handsome face.

44 Responses to "That Smile!"


If its a true story, then its really a fantastic one.

Voracious Blog Reader


very nice!! The ending was cool! I’d received my 1st love letter in class 8. stupid boy who used to sit on desk behind mine. He had quoted that song “badi mushkhil hai khoya mera dil hai” from movie starring SRK n Madhuri…i dont remember the name n no interest to google now 🙂


HAHA! I didnt realize you were a girl until I read this post!

its a very nice story tho. It would make a wonderful chick flick(meaning I wouldnt want to watch it but my probably would make me anyway)!


but my wife^

ugh…Why am I always so rushed!?


hey ! u have so many sides to u-the romantic girl,the caring mother,the avid story teller,in each post a new side of u is revealed 🙂

n u telling me nobody to gift u elf gloss !! come on 🙂 😉


@Saks – Damn! Your best friend is your husband! How cool can that get!! Wonderful write-up!!

Hey always wanted to tell you – your stories have something in them. It wants me to keep reading them with a feeling something like this, “Hmmm…what next? what next? whoa! what next? whoa!..lovely..damn that was superbb” & yes I am talking about your stories 😀 😛

Buddy as always you have an effect on me! And its a good effect! lol – tera wala 🙂

Doc you rock!


@ Voracious

And if it is not a true story, then? 🙂

@ Reema

I think boys are generally speaking precocious in everything 😉

@ robert

Now that you know, i am a female, will your out look change? 😉 (towards my blog, silly!)

@ Meg


@ RJ

dont know what can i say… “blush, blush”

@ All

Pleeeeaaase don’t consider all my stories to be autobiographical. Man! can’t you guyz accept me as a writer! A fiction write! 🙂 😛


no, my outlook prolly wont change. what I do like is consistent and often updating. You havent let me down yet.

I am always asking/yelling at the american bloggers to update more, indians seem much more active, however I also notice all the blogs are “younger” than the blogs from the american folks. Hopefully you guys can keep up this frantic pace, and its not just a fad.



As u said, robert, Indian blogs are younger and probably thats why we are so regular in updating, PROBABLY! Can’t say for anybody else. But I know myself, and I am sure to get bored of blogging in a couple of years. Again, Probably!

But as of now, I am enjoying it throughly.

So be ready to get bowled… or so to speak! 😉


Sakhi, this was just amazing !!

Honestly speaking, this is one of the best posts I have read in my entire life .. Great beginning, interesting mid-part and exceptional climax…

In my case, my best friend in college is my wife today .. We both did not fall for each other but after our close friendship, it was mere a mutual understanding that we cannot live without each other and we decided to tie a knot..

But truly a great great post !!


Thanks soham, thanks a lot… and Welcome to my blog!

I am happy that you could find somebody who understands you. In life, mutual understanding is more important than only love. Initial attraction fades away as time passes, but understanding and mutual respect anchors the relationship.


@Sakhi: Ooooooo!!!! Lovely post!!! Brought a smile to my face! 🙂 Oh now I know how to answer your tag 🙂


Brilliant !!!!
real or fiction notwithstanding … it is purely Brilliant !!!

PS:- I have blogrolled you too 🙂


@ Nova

Thanks. 🙂 Answere my tag? what’s that… am waiting.

@ Daroga

Thanks for the compliment and welcome to my blog. Hey it should be other way around, na! firt the welcome and then thanking!



fiction or not 🙂 keep it coming :X


Sure buddy! 🙂


Even I thank first and then welcome. Thanking is in itself a way to welcome…isn’t it ?


@ Daroga



aww.. awesome!!

Smiling 🙂

*wondering what took me so long to read this post*

*cursing my job*

Smiling again 🙂

I hate fiction though.


was wondering how lucky one should be to write such autobiographical post!?


@ San

Why should you hate fiction.. you know what, most of the emotional, so called fiction are somewhere autobiographical. so don’t hate it much.

and yeah, one should be really lucky to have such incidents in their own life.

🙂 🙂


wow 🙂 you really are very lucky .. i envy you


keep your fingers crossed! 🙂


why? do you anticipate things to change from here? 😉


@Sakhi: Your story is same as mine only it ended differently. I fell hard too for my best friend, he only thought of me as friend. Even now. He always had that special corner for another one, even now. Though now I am happily plus-1, my school years had seen me with that heartache.

Is this a true story of yours? If yes, lucky you! 🙂


@ rukna, no silly, so that things would not change from here! 🙂


well more or less, it does reflect my story barring a few things here or there. But if you feel that this is not your story try reading “best friends” which i posted a few weeks ago. probably you would relate it to more.

and hey, welcome to my blog!






Hey Sakhi, nice story. And my *you-know-who* will most probably think this as her own story, her own and only love story 🙂



Hey dat was really kooool….
Is dat true ???
If it is, u’re really lucky !! 🙂
very well written post ..
Ur stories keep me engrossed till the end..
Keep writing byeeeeeeeeeee


Btw, i finally added a blog roll to my page.. added u !! 🙂


@ Suda,

every love story is unique in its own way.. so let your *u know who* think its her special one! 🙂

@ Anubha…. thanks! i was worried when i never found these words in yur comments *i have also added you to my blog roll* 😉 😀 😛


Beautifully written. 🙂


thanks !


hey first time here !!

like your story ..soft roamnce !! 🙂


thanks and welcome to my blog! am sure u will enjoy the previous as well as the upcoming posts. 🙂

keep coming!


very nicely written indeed!


thanks anamika! 🙂


Hey thank you for adding me to your blogroll, you are now on my blogroll too!


Wah wah waaaah…that was oh-so-sweet…though i’d be the last one tu be termed a “romantic” in this world, i loved this!

BTW, thanks for adding me to your blogroll; you’d be honoured tu kno yu’re in mine too 😉 😀


i am indeed honoured! 😀



You are very good writer also (adding one more point to moregyan4u.

Keep it up.
Why can’t you go for novel???
just a suggestion.


Hi. Thanks for leaving the link. Well, our stories are quite similar. Its just that mine was an imagined one. 😉 Nice story.


🙂 🙂 wish you the actual love-life of this kind! 😉


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