Sakhi's Laghukatha


Posted on: June 21, 2008

Name and certain charcters are changed to protect privacy!

Name and certain characters are changed to protect privacy!

I don’t know why but that day I was missing Shuchi a lot. It was almost three years since I last saw her or talked to her.I went back three and half years back in my thoughts when I had received a call from my sister. She wanted me to find a suitable job for Shuchi as she had already completed her post graduation. I was more than happy to help my beloved niece. She was the “Jaan” of our family. Very intelligent, helpful, polite and always smiling. She was the apple of everyone’s eye. Shuchi was warm heartedly welcomed in our home. Within a short period she got a good job in a prestigious company. (Everybody thinks that I helped her, but she never needed any help. She was bright enough to get through on her own.)

Time passed and she got settled in her new job. Because of her good nature she became favourite with her colleagues, too! Her mother was now after me to find a suitable boy for Shuchi. When I told her this, she shyly mentioned about Ishwar.

Somehow, Ishwar gave not-so-good vibes!

Against our wishes, she got married to Ishwar (not one trait of his was anywhere near to his name!). She was so happy about the marriage that we all kept our doubts aside but still kept our fingers crossed. Suddenly after one month of the marriage, she called one day and told me that I should not keep any contact with her! She said this and “thuk” the line went dead. She never tried to contact us and I couldn’t as her number was no longer available. I got her news from my sister time to time. I tried to get her contact number or address from my sister but mysteriously she always denied stating that was what shuchi wanted. My sister was also worried but never told anything (I am not sure whether she knew anything herself!).

This was three years back. I never knew what happened to Shuchi or why she never kept contact, nothing!

That night I couldn’t sleep properly. Shuchi occupied my thoughts for no apparent reason.

At 6 in the morning the bell rang. I was sure it was Shuchi (don’t ask why, I myself don’t know!). I almost ran to open the door. As I opened the door, I got rooted. I was shocked to see Shuchi. I couldn’t recognize her. Her once beautiful face was scarred; she was so thin that even toothpick would look healthy! I asked her to come inside, almost as an after thought. She limped inside!

“I am not going to that hell again!” she said without any emotion.

I wanted to kill that bastard who did what I saw to my beloved child.

There were so many questions in my mind. What actually happened? Why did she keep up to this brutality for so long? When did all these start? Why she never informed any of these to us? Why she never ran away before?

But looking at her, I did not have heart to ask her anything. I slowly inched towards her and gave a hug. She started crying. Slowly initially, and then copiously, relentlessly! I let her cry…

She needed medical attention immediately for her physical as well as psychological trauma.

As weeks passed she started showing some colour on her face.

Today I am very happy. Shuchi gave her first smile today! Ah, that lovely smile!

I wanted to know many things which are still unanswered, but I am in no hurry.

P.S. Have not told Shuchi that I and her mother have filed a case against her husband. He is in police custody and the case is in the court. The court has agreed to call Shuchi as a witness only when her condition stabilizes.


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OMG !! I dont know what to say. It is good that she learnt to smile. Wishing loads of good luck and wishes to Suchi. 🙂


O My GOD !!!!!
May GOD give her the courage to stand against that *********
I can never understand how one can do such things to anyone, more so in the 21st century !!
That ********* (and his family, if they are involved) will surely go to hell.


@ bluemist

Yeah, good thing that she learned to smile again! Time is a great healer. Imagine if she had had a baby! it waould have been worse…

@ Adarsh

Not only this, many a things occur in this 21st century which sometimes goes beyond our comprehension. Sometimes i feel we are not evoluting but going back to stone age! (who knows, stone age would have been better!)


Yes such men exist, and they are not necessarily the economically low earning class. The rich, foriegn educated jerks also dont think twice before raising thier hand at thier wives.
That was really good thing that you did, reporting to the police. Often times the girl’s family or the girl herself are in so much shock or emotional turmoil that they dont go to the police immediately. And this is what the man uses to go scot free… that if the problem was so bad, why did the grl or her family not report it immediately. I hope and pray that the man in this case gets what the justice in this country can.
And I know with a strong family Shuchi will survive, and be stronger than ever before. It must have taken a lot of strength for her to break the cycle of beatings and step out of the house… to reach out for help. That is the best sign… that she is willing to make the effort…


It’s great that Shuchi wore that lovely smile on her face again !!

That bastard should rotten in hell for ruininga a life of GOD’s own little beautiful angel..

convey my ‘Get Well Soon’ wishes to her and will be extremely happy to see her running,smiling and laughing once again ..

God bless us all !!


One of our family friend’s daughter did something similar. The guy had totally brainwashed her but the diff is she hasnt come back home yet. Her parents just keep tabs on her using detective. Physical and emotional abuse is quite common but women usually dont raise their voices against it.


Wow! great writing and I’m glad for Shuchi.

This story was almost like I had read one before. Well, almost similar incident. It’s from a Gujarati book called “maanavtaa no madhpuDo” by Late Shri K. K. Jani (who happens to be my grandpa :)). Very inspirational short stories in that book.

You write really well. Best wishes.


My mother and father were married quite young.

By the time I forced my mother to leave my father when I was 13 she had had her jaw broken at least 16 times. Been shot in the face and lost some vision in her one eye because of it, been picked up and thrown accross the room, or ckicked down the stairs goodness knows how many times, many of these horrible things and more I witnessed as a child.

To this day she still says she loves my father and will always love him but at least I have her convinced she cant ever see him again.

I have spoken to him once in the past 19 years, he called me to apologize and then started asking how the weather was. I told him I accepted his apology and that he was my father and that I would always love him no matter what things he had done and the weather was nice, then I started to cry.

The next day I had my phone number changed. I do forgive him for the things he did, and I do love him because he is my father but I can never ever ever let him be around my kids or any of the rest of my family because he is just a mean and crazy person. This is not to punish him. Its just to be safe.

Shuchi did not stay as long as some might have, and that is for the better. I will pray for her and the rest of your family because this is very painful stuff.

Im sorry.


@Robert I’m terribly shocked to learn about ur parents. U r a big hearted n generous man. I wouldn’t have forgiven or felt any love for such a man.I know all this happens and seen in so many movies..but to know a frnd who actually went thru all this feels so different. We r frnds right? Be happy.


reema, yeah we are friends! I think we are anyway! And dont worry Im planty happy!

When I was a kid I always knew that the stuff going on in my house wasnt right and it didnt need to be that way. At the time I was going to catholic school and they talked alot about jesus. I began to compare my suffering to his, and all of a sudden my unanswered midnight prayers made alot more sense. Alot can be gained from suffering, I couldnt be the person I am today without all that junk that happened when I was a kid. My dad is still my dad, and he wasnt bad all the time, he still took us fishing and bought me a bicycle on my birthday and did alot of the things a “good father” should do.

BUT he has alot of problems, from what I understand his dad used to get violent with my grandmother when my father was growing up, he saw that sort of thing when he was a kid and I guess it really messed him up. Not everyone is capable of learning from the bad things that happen to them and using those bad things to help make them into better people. Some people just get eaten up by all the badness they see and let it make them bad too.

Its not a crazy person’s fault they are crazy. Its just the way things are.

But I try and be crazy NICE!

Mostly because I think the alternative is a bunch of bullcrap. So me and my wife’s kids will never have to see that sort of thing. The cycle is broken. And I do credit Jesus for it. Without him I prolly couldve never done it.

The bad stuff like what sakhi is talking about here is over for me and my family. And hopefully for shuchi too. I pray for a speedy recovery both mentally and physically for her!!!

:^) -send hugs to shuchi for me sakhi!


if it is really fiction, it was really v.Good.

Think for my suggestion.


This is shocking . . . why did Shuchi tolerate that notorious scoundrel for so long? . . . but better late than never!


@ Anamika & soham


@ Kanan

I have not read much of Gujarati stuff since i left school. And somehow gujarati novels dont attract me much [hough my friends tell me that the writing have improved much! :)]
But will sure try and read “maanavtaa no madhpudo”. Is it available in the stores?


@ Robert

I am indeed shocked to learn about your parents. And after so much your mother loves him! Love is really blind… no deaf and dumb too!

And as reema mentions, you are a very generous man.. i would never have forgiven my father had he done this to my mother! u are simply great! I am glad i came across you… 🙂

*The bad stuff like what sakhi is talking about here is over for me and my family. * I am happy for you and your family…


@ Raj

Don’t know why people do what they do! Atleast Shuchi came back for help, there are many girls don’t dare come back as they had chosen the guy themselves! they are scared, ashamed and what not! But women should know that they are not doormates and are not there to fulfill the male’s ego! And certainly not punch bags… They need to get more aware of their rights! What say?


@ Robert, I forgot to mention earlier.. i am glad that you have broken the chain. Your kids and wife are lucky to have you.


ahhh shucks! Thanks Sakhi! But I am just trying to do the right thing!



@Saks – This is cruel! Shuchi’s smile at the end mattered! And let that loser husband of hers get a life!

Keep them coming!


@ RJ thanks 🙂


@ robert

keep up the right thing … 🙂


its so sad to hear of these bastards tormenting such tender ,lovely women who give everything to them to keep em happy 😦


and there no derth of such people. And i am sure you are aware that this scenario is not unique to India… !


I agree with you, Sakhi. Women need to become aware of their rights and demand them!




Hi there,
Not sure where the book is available in stores now. I will find out and let you know. I think the local library might have it. Just out of curiosity, is it because of the English writings that the liking for Gujarati reduced or because of the quality?


@ Kanan

i have studied in gujarati medium so have immense liking for the language. But somehow, i have felt that the research that goes on in making an English novels are lacking in Gujarati one… so i left reading them a long time ago. Thoiugh my hubby is a avid reader of gujarati “sahitya” and he tells me to go back to gujarati once again, sice the writing has improved.

but somehow i find it difficult.


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