Sakhi's Laghukatha


Posted on: July 5, 2008

It was Friday afternoon and the lectures were very boring. So Tina and her gang thought of bunking the classes. They decided to go on a long drive to Gandhinagar.


They thought of going to a famous restaurant, which was on the way, for a cup of coffee. As Tina entered the restaurant she got shocked! She didn’t know what to do. She just wanted to turn around and run. And that’s exactly what she did!


Rahul came after her too, confused.


“What happened suddenly? Why are you crying?, he asked.


“Nothing, please take me home.”


“Arey, but WHAT HAPPENED?” he asked with exasperation.


“Girls!!!!!” he thought


Tina was crying relentlessly now. She just wanted to go home.


No, she didn’t want to go home… never!


“How could she! How could she!”


“What was she doing here? Why? How?”


So many questions! She couldn’t think properly.


She again asked Rahul to take her somewhere, anywhere but home!


Now Rahul was also worried. He took her to his place and made coffee for both of them. He waited for her to come around. Tina had stopped crying but her eyes brimmed with tears every now and then.


“Something is seriously wrong!” he talked to himself.


He waited for her to say something on her own. He knew her moods too well; after all they were friends since as long as he remembered.


“I saw mom with somebody, some man, at the restaurant. How could she do this?” she said without a preamble.


“Arey, what’s there to get so upset about? It might be a business meeting or they might be good friends.” Rahul didn’t understand the fuss.


“But the way they were sitting… there has to be something! Her eyes watered again. “How could she do this to me and dad?”


“Dad? Tina, it’s been 12 years since your dad passed away! Don’t be unreasonable!”


“But still…” she didn’t want to give up.


“Look Tina, first of all there are all the chances that it was purely a friendly meet. And in-case it was not, if your mom was having ‘something’, as you put it, doesn’t she deserve to be happy?”


“But how could she? She is a mother, my mother!”


“She is a woman too! She is the best mom anybody could have. You agree to that, don’t you?”


Tina nodded meekly.


“She has given her best years of her life to you and your sister. Do you think it was easy for her with your dad not around?”


Tina was looking at Rahul with a new perception.


“Did she ever failed in any of her duties? Be it being a mother, a bread earner, your friend or even, at times, a father? She has done everything for you guys so that you two should not face any problems.


When your dad died you were of not more than 5 years and your sister was just of two. Have you ever imagined what it would have been for her to be widowed at the age of 29?


She didn’t remarry so you two should not get compromised…


Why should she be deprived of a simple emotion which is called happiness? Doesn’t she deserve it? And if that happiness comes from her being close to somebody, why should you make such hue and cry?


And, all said and done, you don’t even know whether her meeting with that man was professional or otherwise. Don’t jump to the conclusions…


Think Tina, think!”


Tina just stared in the oblivion…




Ting tong… Ting Tong


As her mother opened the door, Tina simply hugged her tight and started crying.


“I love you, mom. I love you”


27 Responses to "Life!"

Good one but it was obvious one. I really want to read stories that has substance from you. You have the potential. Am i expecting too much ?

Hey thanks, but sorry to spoil your suspence… Idon’t konw much about my potential.. but will definately try to improve! 🙂


Excellent!! and u have raised a very good point with the story.

Yeah, its the need of the day! Our seniors are getting lonelier and we are not bothered about it!


@Saks – Nice post again! You should be a relationships Guru – and you know why 😉

All in all, excellent story! Keep them coming!

Thanks buddy.. if i stay with you for a longer period my ego is going to get burst 🙂 😀 LOL


great story.
But in real life children find it hard when their single parents want company. I can understand when they are kids, but once the kids are all settled, I think they should show some justice to them.
Recently an old uncle I know who wife passed away years ago wanted to get married. His children all settled abroad wouldn’t agree. I think that is bad.

Yeah i know what you want to say! We think that its only us who need the and care of a spouse. But i think, as the person goes old the need of companionship increases.One of relatives also faced the same problem. His daughters didn’t “allow” him to re-marry and now both of them have settled in US and uncle is lonely here! 😦

Its really sad!


nice post 🙂

Thanks 🙂


Great story and that too put it in a fabulous way !! Felt nice after reading it .. A thought provoking too..

Thanks soham, the need of our senior citizens has to be addressed! 🙂


I think it would be hard for children to accept such things initially. But its happiness that matters the most.
Tina’s mom too has the right to be happy.

Good post! Kinda made me think.

yeah its hard to see one of our parents replaced by somebady else, but why consider the other one as a parent, why not a friend? its kinda difficult but not impossible. 🙂 especially when you love your parent a lot!


You do manage to get into people’s minds! We would like to have part 2 of the story.

Thanks Nita 🙂 Will definately try and get the part 2 of this! hope you like that too! 🙂


replace urself with the girl and seriously its a nice fun to analyse own true feeling…!

awesome story with good point made in end!!!

good work man.

Hey abhi, i did try and put myself in Tina’s position and i was happy with my reaction!:)

Thanks for the compliment! 🙂


speechless! so mirror?


I read this yesterday but I got company and couldnt comment.


im glad tina didnt stay mad tho.



hey i have read quite a few stories frm ur blog n loved all of them .so happy blogging[:)]


@ Vishu

u and speechless? thats some achievement for me! 😛 😛


yeah its good! but you know its not so simple and taken in stride in India.. The culture and values here are different than the western world. Though i would not vouch for them all!


Thanks.. and welcome to my blog. See you around 🙂


@ sakhi, yeah I wouldnt vouch for all the values we have over here either.

But love for ones mother is a good one that it seems we both uphold.



nice one.
at the same time it’s very true.

knowingly or unknowingly we tend to become possessive for our loved ones.

once again you proved it that we can’t resist not to get involved in yr story (as it is fiction)!!!! 🙂


yr story always touches heart like yr smile (yr photo in orkut).
keep it up.


@ robert 🙂

@ James Thanks, LOL 🙂


@Saks – I see you added a a fiction sign! LOL 😀 😛


Nice story. Its hard for children to accept such a relationship but its a matter of convincing them that its a matter of somebody’s life and there are many roles to play for all of us.


Hey you always tend to write on such different situations that exist in reality .. I love ur stories a lot
Its really difficult for children to cope up with these things, but as they mature, they do understand that though they might be parents, all grown up and mature, but after all they are human and they too need someone.

(finally tera blog visit kiyaa idhar!!! 🙂 )
Muaaahhh ! byeeeeeee 🙂


@ RJ

🙂 actually this was because i got so many comments on my marital status for “Net life” i thought i should clarify now on! 😛 😛

@ Amit

Yes, specially in our society we tend to forget that our parents are also humans and not GODs. They also have their needs. But emotional, physical and all those which we also have! but we chose to conveniently ignore or probably our up bringing is such that we always forget that our parents are not only parents!

@ Anu

Muaaah to you too! welcome sweetie, here too!

Thanks for the compliments! *but after all they are human and they too need someone.* ditto! 🙂 🙂


Superb…!! true love can sense other’s happiness and sorrow by instinct… it couldn’t have been clearer than this! in spite of rebuking her mom all the while, and when she was about to start to hate her mom, she made the best possible decision she cud ever have…
u r into my blogroll, and i am happy abt it.. 🙂


thanks harsha! 🙂


The story really has gotten into my head…hats Off to you….I dont know how you put across such sensitive issues so gracefully…


I agree with the message in story, I wish we would get rid of such taboos.


@ Bhav

🙂 Thanks buddy

@ Poo

Yeah but easier said then done!


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