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Smiley Flower

Posted on: July 21, 2008


Aaryaa was known in her family for being chirpy and was fondly known as “smiley flower” by one and all. But lately she seemed very distant and lost. Sudha was getting worried about her. Aaryaa had just turned 15 last month. Usually Aaryaa chatted away to glory with her friends and hanged out with them often. Lately, Sudha didn’t see her doing that either. Sudha was sincerely worried.


Sudha thought initially that its just a phase. But When Aarya rejected a chocolate truffle cake for desert, Sudha had to talk to her.


“What’s the matter, sweetie?” asked Sudha when she went to Aaryaa’s room to say good night and saw her starring out of the window in oblivion.


“What? Nothing mom.”


“Is something bothering you? You know, we are friends and you can tell me anything that you want, isn’t it!”




“So what is it?”


Aaryaa looked in her mother’s eyes and wondered whether to tell her or not. She was her best friend but she was her mom too. Will she understand her?


She thought for a while and decided to tell her mother, she didn’t have to lose anything anyways!


“I don’t know how to say this…! Aaryaa’s eyes started brimming with tears.


Sudha was getting increasingly agitated, thinking the worse! But she knew she had to control her emotions.


“Its okay, sweetie, take your time. Will you prefer to talk some other time?”


“NO!” Aaryaa now wanted to tell to her mother everything that she was experiencing lately. She was too confused and all her friends were even more stupid than her!


“Mom, you know Ishmeet, hai na!”


Of course she knew Ishmeet. He was Aaryaa’s friend since they were in first grade.


“So, what about him? Has he done something to Aaryaa? Has he misbehaved? If he has, then I swear, I am going to make him suffer for the rest of his life!“ thought Sudha vehemently. But she just sat there patiently waiting for Aarya to go on, never once showing her impatience.


“Mom, hun…. he…. hun…. I mean, I ….” Aaryaa was finding it difficult and Sudha was getting increasingly impatient, thinking the worse.


“Mom, I think I love Ishmeet!” Aarya ultimately blurted out.


Sudha didn’t know what to do. She wanted to laugh aloud with relief. She was relieved that everything was fine.


But she didn’t allow the grin to spread over her face. She solemnly looked at Aarya as if it was the most important topic in the world and asked,


“Okay, but why are you so sad these days? And what does Ishmeet has to say about this?”


“Well he doesn’t know it yet! Oh mom, guys are so dumb!” Aaryaa smiled a little. Sudha felt warm to the core looking at her daughter smile after almost a fortnight.


“Yeah I know what you mean. But sweetie, let this be our little secret for a while. You study hard and let him also do the same. You two are such good friends and keep it this way till you are mature enough to discuss it out. Since you don’t know how he feels, why jeopardize the friendship?”


Aaryaa thought for a while.


“But mom, I feel horrible. I don’t want to feel this way for him or anybody. I want to study hard, play tennis and dance. The usual things I do. But these days I don’t feel like doing them at all. All that I like doing is, think about Ishmeet!”


Sudha slid a bit towards her teenage daughter and gave a warm hug.


“It’s okay, sweetie pie, to have these feelings. Everybody have them. Some accept it, some don’t. Some can acknowledge it, some can’t. But, baby, this is a growing up process and we all pass through it. It’s okay. Cherish it.


And as I said earlier, this is our little secret… We won’t tell this to anybody.” Sudha winked at her daughter and they both giggled like old friends and had their chocolate truffle.


Sudha knew the matter didn’t end here and some serious thoughts also had to be planted in Aaryaa’s mind so that she doesn’t take her advice too lightly. But she knew she has done a good job today not reprimanding or preaching Aaryaa. She won her daughter’s confidence which was more important at the moment.

She didn’t want to push Aaryaa away from her by giving her the lecture on morality.


The way her mother had done!


39 Responses to "Smiley Flower"

Hey!!!! Really nice. I wish all mothers were like this. Being a boy, I wish harder!!!
Also, I guess, you are looking in to future, don’t you? 🙂


hey dat was awesome.. !!! your stories have a charm to them, once i start reading i really cant stop .. well my mom is also coool enough and understands what i feel, infact she keeps askin me who my latest crush is, I don’t really know if she would approve of me having a boyfriend so soon,she tells me first become independent and then seriously look for someone, wait till then. 🙂
But what I dont understand is why Aarya was sad, i mean you feel so happy normally when something like this happens, you cant resist the smile on your face !
Anyways nice post .. as always ! 🙂
Consider writing a boook seriously..


lol boys are dumb? can’t girls tell us? i mean if a guy likes a girl he goes behind and it becomes too obvious…but girls…*sigh it will be more encouraging to know some girl likes you 🙂


btw check out the review of the book 🙂


@ Suda

I wish i can be as understanding a mother as Sudha is! 🙂 🙂

@ Anu

🙂 tu mujhe chane ke jhaad pe chada rahi hai na! LOL And your mom is absolutely right, this is the age to study and chill out with friends. Boy friends can wait! 🙂

@ Vishu

I do agree that girls can definitely tell their feelings. But some how we expect you guyz to read our minds and get the message. 🙂 😉

so next time you get a particular look… try to read those gorgeous eyes! 🙂

and i am going to read the review as soon as finish replying to you. 🙂


And also wish you get a son-in-law like Suda 😀


good one.
Many parents lose it and create a big mess. They lose their kids as a result. The way Sudha did is the right way.


Blogosphere’s best story teller. 😀 Short yet meaningful!! I m sure u will be as understanding as Sudha is. After all Sudha is a creation of ur emotional intelligence.


This story is the desperate need of confused parents seeing their children discovering things like love, infatuation, etc., wch are quite natural. Hats off! i’m sure your daughter will be as lucky as Aaryaa, even though its an intriguing situation.


another brilliantly written post !!
it is every teenager’s dream to have such parents.. isn’t it?


@ Suda

😛 😛

@ Xylene

There are a few parents who can accept their kids as individuals. Most of the parents think of them as their properties… and properties don’t have emotions! Hope things change with our generation becoming parents! 🙂

@ Reema

I wish too that i can be as understanding as Sudha. I really wish! 🙂 And Thanks for the compliments 🙂

@ Harsha

I wish my daughter still stays friends with me even then the way she is right now. Yesterday only she told me that i am her bestest friend! 🙂

@ Aadarsh

Gee, Thanks! 🙂 Yeah, hope we make this dream come true when its our turn to become parents! 🙂


lol…now,i am going to keep my eyes open…lol 🙂


@Sakhi : that must be the sweetest moment 🙂 i felt so happy when my brother hugged me and said “Thank you so much” when i wished for his birthday on the midnight 🙂
I believe the love between individuals is what keeps life ticking…


@ Vishu

😉 🙂 LOL

@ Harsha

definately so… If it was not for love, this world would have ended long back 🙂


wonderful writing… Maturity and strength all mothers need… I am not even daring to tackle what am I supposed to tell my son about birds and bees when he grows up… He is young enough to not even know his ABCDs yet 🙂


I know what you are feeling! 🙂 But seriously, its for our kids’own benefit that they get the information from us rather than some wierd source and get all mixed up! So brace yourself for the questions! 🙂


Wow…wish all mthers are like your protagonist!!! awesome story….u always write such sweet stuff with great message intact…pls write regularly….


Thanks Mahak 🙂 keep visiting regularly! 🙂 🙂


The wonderful thing about this story is that each one of us can so easily connect to it. Sakhi, I also read some othr stories of yours. All these stories are brought out from th simplest, yet the strongest, relations that we all have in our daily lives. Keep writing in the same way! 🙂


Hey welcome to my blog and thanks for the compliments.. i hope i can really go on writing on the human relations and the psyche that works behind it. Its a very vast subject and very deep too! sometimes its difficult to tap the whole of it! 🙂


I’m wondering what would be the title of your series… “Sakhi’s Soup for life”… “Sakhi’s soup on Parenting” or “Sakhi’s Saakhya”

Nice one… I think this kind of maturity and understanding is common in majority of today’s generation (Parents)… that’s the change our society has almost seen… I’m wondering what would be reaction of Sudha if Aarya tells her that she thinks she loves Krupa?

Just a point to ponder…


@ Anonymous

Thanks for boosting up my morale to write even more… if you find me a publisher i will write a series for sure! 😛 🙂

I think i will touch upon the “aarya – krupa” love sometime in my stories.. one can’t ignore the fact in today’s life that these relations do exist and these people are also humans, one amongst us and they need understanding.


“Oh mom, guys are so dumb!” 😯 😕 😐


@ Scietech

welcome to my blog.

The line in particular is not a derogatory one! Its just that “Aaryaa” felt her friend doesn’t understand her feelings! 🙂



I didn’t think it was derogatory. I guess girls blame guys for all their woes 😦 We guys may be dumb afterall 😐


“I guess girls blame guys for all their woes We guys may be dumb afterall ”
— agree absolutely to Scietech

when child enters in 15, pareting becomes very tricky. you really have to behave & tackle d situations with all d maturity.

As sudha is a creation of ur emotional intelligence. u r going to be good mother.

i hope i also can be like tht when it ie reqd d most.


@ James



@ Scietech

No, i don’t think you guys are dumb… its just that such emotions and to take care of them aren’t guyz’ priorities.. 😛



“No, i don’t think you guys are dumb…”

Phew . . . it’s such a relief to read that 😐

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus . . . but we have to co-exist on Mother Earth who has gifted the planet to her daughters . . . 😛


@ Scietech

😛 😛


This post is also keeping with thte times, we all hope to be friends with parents, not to be judged by them. You gonna be fabulous mother! 🙂


how true poonam, parents are suppose to be friends with the kids and not judge them… i sincerely wish that i can be what i ought to! 🙂


Awwww I am sure u will be a great mother to your daughter, Sakhi 🙂

And then ill come to u for advice when I have one of my own 😉


@ Nova, you will be always welcome! 🙂 🙂 😉


@Saks – I had so many of these feelings in school and college but never had the guts to tell me parents. Out of curiosity, I would end up telling the girl and once the girl even told the principal. 😦 My parents knew about it and it was worse!! 😀 That girl was super cute. Maybe she is cute even now 🙂

Again, nice post! Magnetic!:)


I am sure that girl is still cute and this time she might not tell principal 😉 u can try again! 🙂


Very nice!

But When Aarya rejected a chocolate truffle cake for desert, Sudha had to talk to her. —> Liked this one 🙂


@ Rahul

🙂 🙂


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