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To My Busy Friends….

Posted on: July 23, 2008

Though these days you keep busy


And its not that I don’t know about it


But my dear friend


Always remember




There’s somebody who


Still cares for you


Waits for you


Misses you 


So, dear, keep in touch!



These days I am missing my friends a bit too much! They all seem to be busy with life, family and career. This is my amateur way of letting them know I miss them.


33 Responses to "To My Busy Friends…."

Aahhh .. Nice one !! ..

I am suffering from the same problem .. My friends are also busy with their daily lives !!



Awww!!!! You know what? I too am going thru the same phase.

Yesterday I had free time in my hand so thought lemme call someone and I realised that I have no one to call because everyone is tooooo busy 😦 and I also realised that Lately I too have been busy…sigh!!!! phases my dear phases…


i miss my friends back in Delhi!



nice way to express your feelings… i have holz now and ‘m missing all the hanging out in college addas (Backstreet, canteen, Hut, etc…)


guess one day i might write about my friends…..


Do ur friends read ur blog? I miss my friends too.


@ All

I think we are all sailing in the same boat.

@ Vishu

Do think of a good post on friends.. everybody can identify with it! 🙂


Not regularly… but i make sure to send them links when i write about them in particular. 🙂


sweet thoughts sakhi! i miss my friends a lot too!


hmmm yeah me too yaar miss my engg dayz
but the shw must go on


yeah me too yaar miss ma engg dayz
but the shw must go on


Awww… adorable thought! Guess there wouldnt be a single blogger who doesnt feel the same, and cant relate to this post. Clap clap 🙂


Well, an other being here who misses his friends 😦 Wondeful thoughts of a true friendship!! 🙂


There’s something in this msg that gives me a compulsive feeling to write…

call me / ping me whenever you are not busy 🙂 and I’m free now 😉


@ Nita, sanjay, priya and Manoj\

I sincerely miss friends and that prompted me to write a message to them.. 🙂

@ Anonymous

I know that i am suppose to know you and prolly i do, but sincerely, if you dont come out of the closet i will not be able to “call or ping” you! 😉


He..he..he… 🙂 We usually talk and ping eachother with different names though… just think that “Anonymous” is my “takhalloos” like “Sakhi”


If i already know you, then why dont you let me know who are you! i am confused!


sure…lol will write abt them soon…:)


Will wait 🙂


Everyone is missing everyone now a days. The only thing not missing is “being busy”.
I am also missing my personal time and my friends. 😦


awww, I feel like you wrote that for me.

Very sweet!


awww.. cheer up 🙂


hey nice one … well i don’t really miss my friends , cuz they haven’t yet lost touch wid me.. i’ll surely miss em once they go away

no, there IS one blogger who doesn’t feel this way, and that’s RJ .. cuz he just disappeared widout informing neone and left everyone worried, and didnt bother about that at all !! x-(


@ Amit




@ San

🙂 see, cheeeeeese!

@ Anu

Chill baby, let him be!
He might be really busy! 🙂


@ Hodekin

and now that i know who you are.. yes we were missing you in action! 🙂




Hey! Thanks really sweet !!

Even I’m missing friends my old school a lot !! I hardly get to meet all of them !


@ James


@ Priya

i think we all are! 🙂


Oh thats so sweet!! M sure they will appreciate it 🙂


yes they did! i made sure they read this 😉 🙂


@Saks – Aww that’s sweet! 🙂 Story teller is also writing cute poems now. Am I getting more addicted or what? 🙂


@ RJ



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