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Heart ‘n’ body, mind ‘n’ soul!

Posted on: July 28, 2008

Siddhartha was busy listening to radio when he heard the news of serial blasts in his city. He jumped and ran to get his apron and within no time he was at the trauma center. He was not on-call today but he was compelled by his conscious to help the blast victims in these trying times. After all, he was a doctor!


Injured were pouring in and there was a scene of chaos in the ward with so many patients and so less resources. Siddhartha was busy attending the patients in the corridor when he saw something blue flashed from his side vision. And before he could make out anything, the “blue light” erupted in a fire ball. Yet another bomb blasted in the ward of the trauma ward.


This was the last thing Siddhartha remembered of that fateful evening. As he opened his eyes he could see familiar faces of his mother, father and Snigdha. He looked around and came to know that he was in a hospital. He tried to smile and speak but words failed him. His parents were trying to be brave for him. Snigdha was holding his hand in hers. There were no tears in her eyes but they were full of love for him. She smiled at him. The very smile which used to make Siddhartha’s legs go weak.


Later he came to know that he was unconscious for about a month now after the bomb had exploded in the trauma center. And Snigdha was always with him. In spite of her parents cajoling her to go home and take rest, she would not take heed. She had not slept a wink in these 30 days! She got a bouquet of flowers everyday for Siddhartha thinking he might open his eyes!


It was a week now since Siddhartha had opened his eyes. He was tired of lying in the bed the whole day. He wanted to get up and move around. See the sky, hear the birds chirp and he wanted to hold Snigdha in his arms and give her a tight hug. He wanted to do much more but that could wait till they got married. He smiled to himself at the thought. Snigdha caught him smiling and he winked at her. He could see colour rising in her cheeks. When he told her his thoughts Snigdha didn’t answer and said,


“What’s the hurry? First you get better.”


“What better? I am fine now. I am not out of this hospital is because of these doctors who would not let me get up! I don’t understand why? I know I have a fracture but I can walk with the help of the stick, can’t I?”


Snigdha just looked away. She didn’t know how to tell him that he had lost the control of the lower portion of his body.


Siddhartha sensed that something was wrong. He wanted to know. First time after the blast Snigdha lost control. Tears started streaming down her cheeks.


Siddhartha didn’t know what to do, how to react. He was totally numb. Snigdha wanted to hug him, wanted to take away all his pain. She wished that this could have happened to her instead of her beloved Siddhartha!


Siddhartha was discharged after a fortnight. He was lost. He didn’t know what to do with his life!


With no legs to stand on, Siddhartha had a thousand questions.


“How will I complete my MS? What life will I be giving to Snigdha?”, and many more.



Today when he saw the news of serial blasts in his city once again after 5 years, the memories resurfaced. He called out for Snigdha, now his wife and partner in his multi-speciality hospital.


Their duty was calling them…


43 Responses to "Heart ‘n’ body, mind ‘n’ soul!"

YOu might have labelled this story as fiction but it might have happened to someone somewhere who was affected by the serial blasts ..


2 honorary doctors, 2 resident doctors also killed in blast at trauma center in civil hospital, ahmedabad just one day back…..

they got death for their humanly attitude towards society….

what to do with TERRORISTS???
we just can’t do anything excpet cursing them – such an impotent feeling/anger????


Hey, this really brought tears to my eyes by the end of it ..
U know what, on 11th July.. I read about the 11/7 blasts after-effects, and some people are still in coma, they’ve become vegetables… and their family is still in hopes of them recovering..
Its all very sad, this should be put an end to..
Whoever’s doing all this should be punished by God..!!


Yes, I feel its not fiction. Not that you know this has happened but as Soham says, it might….

Nice one, Sakhi…… I love it when people in love get married at any cost 🙂

P.S> Plz turn off the snap preview, its not needed on your blog.


@ soham

I have labelled this as fiction but all of us know that i got the idea from the recent blasts that rock banglore and ahmedabad. I wanted to show that whatever the evils try to do, we will fight back in our own way. And get our lives back on tracks. No matter what!

And i am glad that your parents are safe 🙂

@ James

*2 honorary doctors, 2 resident doctors also killed in blast at trauma center in civil hospital, ahmedabad just one day back…..

they got death for their humanly attitude towards society….*

And i am sure that, God forbid, if this happens again, more of these doctors and others will be ready to help. A few terrorists can’t break our soul. We will be there for each other, Not matter what!

@ Anu

*Whoever’s doing all this should be punished by God..!!*

i hope God is listening to us!

@ Suda

*I love it when people in love get married at any cost*

Marriage is not the destination of love. Love shall prevail even after highs and lows in life!

p.s. I need the snap review for my blog roll.


I completely agree ..

Yesterday after spending a day at LG hospital serving injured people, myparents went to eat outside .. My friend circle went to watch a movie evn though there hv been rumours of blasts in multiplexes .. Our spirits cant be torn off .. We will and we should move on .. It’s a sad world but u hv to adopt it as it is ..

‘If u cant change the world, change urself ‘ is the motto in the recent world !


I didnt mean its the * final destination* but still I like it 🙂
I thought you know what I mean!!! 😛


a very beautiful story…if you hadn’t put that fiction mark,i would have it was real…

service to man,is service to god..


Good story though the ending seems an ideal one not practical one. Its not relevant to actual moral of the story yet I cant help but recall a post by a blogger about such a couple in which a girl marries a handicapped soldier (back from war) and earn laurels but they soon start to have problems and get divorced. In contrast in another story the girl breaks off the engagement and it was in the view that she saved a lot of people from mental and emotional trauma.


If any one of the terrorists reads your story, i’m surer than ever that the very little humanity they posses will move them to an extent that they’ll be filled with endless remorse…
I cant stop feeling bad for siddhartha, but the character deserves a standing ovation for his ideals and the same goes to snigdha…

PS:I wanted to have ‘Snigdha’ as my daughter’s name if i have one. 🙂


A very moving story sakhi and it was difficult for me to get through it because all the images from television started swimming before my eyes.


A touching story but am sure same might have happened to someone somewhere but in a different way.

What I loved about it is the optimism with which you have finished the story…It was so difficult for me to say finished…because that’s a begining no???


@ Soham

Yes soham life moves on.. and it should move on!

@ Suda


@ Vishu

yeah and this feelings rise when the need arise…

@ Reema

i know that the end is idealistic and not very practical, but i feel, from within that it is difficult to get these kind of relationship but not impossible! I believe, where there is a will there is a way! 🙂

@ Harsha

🙂 nice name, na! I wish God give us the courage when the time arise and we also shall win in the game called “life” like siddhartha-snigdha did!


@ Nita

I know its difficult times and those images on the TV prompted me to write this. There might be some real heroes there! Wanted to salute them in my own way! 🙂

@ S

Yeah, a new beginning with a life full of promises, never to say no to “life”!


A story which could be someone’s life story. A very touching story. We are living through some really tough times. God bless us all.


Another very beautiful story, very close to reality.
Our spirits won’t die, We’ll continue to live but something needs to be done soon. No more innocent lives should be lost just because our government spent its entire term playing number game.
I don’t know what they are waiting for. One terror strike should have been enough to hunt down those damn terrorists like dogs.


I forgot to say it in my previous comment – Sakhi, I like the emotions and thoughts that you bring out in all your stories. They are noble thoughts and all you stories have a lesson in them.


@ Amit

yes, God bless us all. 🙂

@ Adarsh

I really don’t know which party to choose for the government.. they are all the same! 😦 power and money hungry jackals! And franckly speaking i really don’t have a answer, how and what we, as people, can do about the terrorism… we all want to “do” something but atleast i am lost here! 😦

@ Nita

Thanks buddy… these are just my thoughts. I never write to preach or anything and secondly i am a die hard optimist. so probably at the end of each story you find the message! i believe in “light at the end of every tunnel”… 🙂

And thanks for the compliments 🙂


This is such a moving story. The barbarians who bombed the trauma ward are the lowliest creatures on Earth!


Very touching! How many lives would have changed after the blasts! The question in your story:

With no legs to stand on, Siddhartha had a thousand questions.

“How will I complete my MS? What life will I be giving to Snigdha?”, and many more.

Well, nothing is impossible in life! And ofcourse, Siddhartha and Snigdha proved that.

Tears rolled after I heard about the bomb blasts 😦 May peace prevail all over!


Hey, this is very apt story keeping news in mind. I like happy and optimistic endings. 🙂


That is a very moving story, and I can well imagine it must be somebody’s life story 😦 😦 But as Poonam says, I like the optimistic ending too! I like their resilience, and their desire to help others..


its sad that even in fiction bad things happen to good people.

art imitates life tho huh?


@ Raj

how i agree with you! Surely they can’t be called as humans!

@ Manoj

I, too, cried when i saw the plight of fellow humans. And not only humans, a few birds also got burnt in the blast. The worst part is, they didnt die! Just burnt, but severely! May god help them.

@ Poo

🙂 I like happy ending too! But for a lot of people affected by the recent bomb blasts, the ending might not be very happy! 😦

@ Lekhni

Welcome to my blog. As i said earlier, i like happy endings too, not only in my stories but in real life as well. But all are not as lucky.

@ hodekin

Though i have depicted this story as fiction, it was inspired form the recent bomb blast that rocked my city. 😦 So it is not fully fiction, only the characters! The back drop is real.


hmmm well i m glad thingz were nt repeated in surat.The story was really touching.


I know I am very late in commenting here, but I am so glad I did.. This was such a beautiful and touching tale… As always, I admire your writing! 🙂
It’s such a sad situation over there, and I can’t say that we in bangalore are in the same boat as you are in A’bad… I am glad to know you’re safe and sound… I hope you haven’t lost any friends and family in this terrible tragedy…


amazing… it skirts the thin line between fact & fiction… it could very easily have been real & may not have the same kind of positive spin… but its good to see the positive amidst all the cruelty & chaos thats going around these days


@ Sanjay

I am glad too about surat! So many innocent lives would have derranged!

@ Niks

Hey, buddy, better late then never! 🙂 and i am glad that you could find time to read the story. And thank for the concern, we are all well and thank God no body whom i know has been hurt!

@ Zoe

yes, it might have happened to somebody in, probably some other ways. And it might not have had a rosy end but what’s the life if there is no optimism! 🙂

And welcome, zoe, to my blog! 🙂


I am not allowed to go out of my house…everyday ehrn my parents leave for work there is something which worries me…bangalore,they say,is not going to be affected now but everybody is still struck by the incident…
You take care…
THis story is a masterpiece..


Three cheers to the couple! 🙂


bomb blast suck. Why would someone ever do something so horrible, evil and thoughtless? its completely beyond me.



@ Shruthi

I know what your parent might thinking! But how long can we sit at home and be scared! Life has to go on!

@ Harsha

🙂 🙂

@ Hodekin

Its beyond me too and i think its beyond any decent person on earth! Don’t know what can be achieved by taking innocent lives?


Hey have you addressed me as Shruthi?


Such a touching story Sakhi!!! U really rock when it comes to story telling!!! 🙂


@ Bhav

I thought you were bhavna, but when i saw your email add, i thought i might have made mistake… 🙂 🙂 sorry… (kaan pakadke!)

@ Nova

Gee… thanks! 🙂


Hey no prob..shruthi is my nick name…


Awesome… “Call of duty” I wish we all get this sense even during normal circumstances too and this world would change… Amen!


ur narration skills r commendable !

i like d way u ended this one-on a very positive note.. so does it mean that life went on for siddartha but how ?


@ Ano


@ Megs

Yes, life did went on for siddhartha and how? well, by being a surgeon and having his own hospital and a very understanding life partner! and much more… having satisfaction in what he does! 🙂


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