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Happy Friendship Day!

Posted on: August 2, 2008

 KK looked again where he thought he saw Bets! He thought he might have been mistaken… so he looked again, but there was nobody there. Somebody honked from behind and he realized that he was in middle of the road.

Since he saw her (or thought that he saw her!) in the morning Bets had occupied his thoughts completely.

Bets… actually she was Bharati but when did she became ‘Bets’ nobody remembered!

All of them had nick names in their group. Sandeep was “San”, Ayushi was “kitty” (because she looked like a cute little kitten, always with a smile!) and Sameer was “Sam”!

He got his name “KK” for “Kishore Kumar”, as he sung well! A smile came on KK’s lips as he remembered his friends. And his thoughts again went back to Bets… the most beautiful girl of their college and his best friend!

How many years had passed since he met any of his friends? 12? No, 15. 15 long years! And not only had he not met them, he didn’t keep in touch with any of them. Actually he had run away from them, from Bets!

He looked around himself and measured his success. He had been very successful! Why, last year only he received “the best young entrepreneur of the year” award! But somehow, these days, his success seemed empty! And today, seeing Bets made him feel worse.

 He went back to the last day of the college…

Everybody was happy to have finished the college and at the same time all of them were a little sad since they will not be meeting each other the same way again. But they promised to keep in touch.

Bets was behaving very oddly that day. She came to him and told him that she wanted to talk to him about something and it’s very urgent. KK didn’t understand. What could it be? She wanted to talk to him alone.

 “Where will we meet now on?” she asked.

“Arey, you can come down to my place whenever you feel like and then we have each others’ numbers. We can always call to catch up!”

“No, but it will not be the same, will it?” she had tears in her eyes.

 KK wanted to give her a bear hug but he refrained from it.

“Don’t worry, Bets, we will definitely meet! And you know what, you will not even have much time after a few months when your parents will find a great guy for you!’” he tried to make her smile.

But now, her tears were flowing freely.

“But I love YOU, KK!” she exclaimed.

It was like a bomb hitting him in the face. He had never considered her to be anything other that a friend. Yes, they were best friends! Chatting, joking, monkeying around, gossiping and doing everything best friends do! But love? Now, where did that come from?

KK didn’t answer her. He didn’t want to upset her but at the same time he was not ready for this relationship, any relationship for that matter!

That was the last day that they met. Bets tried to contact him many times but he just disappeared. And he severed the ties with all his friends. He went to Mumbai to set up his business and the rest is history. Today, he was the most sought after bachelor and a great businessman.

Bachelor? Why?

He was unable to answer this but the truth was that he didn’t like anybody enough to make her his wife. At times he missed Bets and wondered about her!

Way to his home back, at the same junction he looked around hoping to find her! He parked his car and went to the beach to take a stroll, in-case she is there! And there he saw her again… yes, it WAS Bets! No doubt about it!

He was in a dilemma whether to go and talk, but suddenly she looked in his direction and their eyes met! Surprise, shock and hundred different emotions flickered on Bets face. She stood rooted there!

KK went to her and both of them didn’t know what to say. Then a small smile came on their faces and the ice was broken.

Bets had come to Mumbai for a couple of days to a conference. She still looked beautiful. She had put on a bit of weight, but it suited her perfectly. The years had been kind on her body. Nobody would tell that she had completed 38 years! She looked downright sexy in her tight jeans and T-shirt!

Beautiful, sexy… What was he thinking! He had never felt this way about anybody before!

He invited her to his place for dinner and she agreed! He saw the same softness for him in her eyes. He felt as if he has found the right woman! It felt like home-coming!

They caught up with the lost time and KK was jubilant to know that Bets had not married!

After dinner as they sat down with a cup of coffee, he held out his hand to her… he wanted to make up for the lost time! He wanted her in his life! Back!

As his wife, his best friend!

She looked at his out stretched hand and then into his eyes….

“It is too late now! I think I should be going. It was nice meeting you and hey, thanks for the dinner. Catch you sometime

And hey, happy friendship day!” 

She gave a peck on his cheek, took her purse and left… without looking back!


36 Responses to "Happy Friendship Day!"

*EVIL GRIN* Am glad with the ending 🙂

And no niether am I a feminist nor am I a saddist 🙂

But yes lovely -2 story, loved the way you have narrated it 🙂

Happy Friendships Day to you too 🙂

Glad u like it! i liked the end myself! It was really too late! 🙂


lol,fiction? 🙂

happy friendship day in advance 🙂

Yes, it is a Fiction! 😛 🙂


Happy friendship day in advance….

nice story once again, as usual.
“boys r like tht only. almost always not able to take decision when it is req d most. surprising BUT true.”

I think it has nothing to do with gender… sometimes one doesn’t realise that what he/she is missing and later regret!


Happy friendship day in advance!

Well-written…as always!

gee….. thanks! 🙂


as Reema said : “Best Storyteller” !!!
very nicely narrated.
And yeah… Happy Friendship Day to you too !!!

You guys are too kind with your words, but thanks! 🙂 🙂


Great story! I agree with the girl in the previous story that we guys are so dumb.

Happy Friendship Day! 🙂

I never wanted it to come out with the message that guys are dumb! 😛 🙂


That was beautiful.He should not have let her go in the first place.

Happy Friendship Day 🙂

hey welcome to my blog! and yes, he shouldn’t have let her go in the first place! Guys!!!! *rolling my eyes* 🙂 🙂


Watta Dumb KK! He could not understand the importance of having the friend as a life partner until he was 38? if i had a friend like that, prolly we wud have been the best parents by this time!
Wishing you with all colors, music, and an extravaganza fit for a grand celebration – Happy Friendship Day!

i am sure you willbe a great spouce! 🙂 🙂 😉


KK is an idiot,
the ending serves him right.

Hpy Frshp Dy.

i completely agree! 🙂


poor kk!

Bets must reconsider!

And what is friendship day?

why “poor kk?” And why reconsider! they might have grown to be diffrent persons by now… prolly the chemistry is not the same!

Its the first sunday of August… and friends wish each other and show how they feel about each other, and i thought we adapted this from west only…! 🙂 🙂 how come you are not aware!!


Nice story. Opportunity doesnt knock twice and one should always listen to one’s heart before letting a person go. Sometimes in life its really too late.

yeah, sometimes it is really late!! to get a spouse who is your best friend is god sent… some peole don’t understand till it is too late!


Have you started writing a book?If not,please do it…soon!
Felt a little bad at the end…
Happy friendship day!

hey thanks bhav, but i think it is too early to think of a book. 🙂 it takes alot of research when you have to come up with a book…

and the end was to let KK know that people grow differently and not necessarily always brood on life… nothing vindictive! 🙂


Again, you have brought out an important lesson in your story!
Happy friendship day Sakhi!

Thanks budds! 🙂


@ All

Hope you all had a gread weekend and a great friendship day! hope you have told your best friends how much they mean to you! 🙂 🙂


She should have forgotten her purse at his home. 😉

Happy Friendships day…


Happy friendship day!

Its nice story. The thing I like in your stories is that they are simple and honest, you know where your heart is. 🙂


thank you for the compliment! is there any way in which you judged how i’ll behave as a spouse in future…?


@ Anshul

That’s a good idea!! 🙂 🙂

@ Poo

Thanks, and wish you a very haapy friendships day too!

@ Harsha

😛 😛 no, idea but i guessed by your comments! 🙂 😛 hope you prove me right!


You are a wonderful storyteller 🙂


🙂 thanks!


Poor KK because he is “out in the cold” as we say! And bets too! I think people need each other to be happy.

Ill go look up friendship day right now.

Hmmmm Hmmmm, it says it started in the US in 1935, but nobody I know has celebrated this holiday in the 32 years Ive been alive…

I guess Im going to have to bring it back.

Thanks for letting me in on it!


ending was amazing 🙂 serves KK right?


@ hodekin

Bets might be happy with somebody else or without anybody! Who knows! 🙂

And, happy friendship day to you! i am sure your friends will appreciate your gesture when you wish them! 🙂

@ Megs

🙂 🙂


Woww..your stories are always simple ad yet striking!! Waiting for more! 🙂 I think both KK ans Bets are so easy-going…First, when KK was not interested in having a “relationship” with her…and then at the end when Bets wished him a happy friendship day…Somewhere in the odds, may be thay are made for each other :D….like Vishesh in his blog said “detachment in attachment”..:)


As Reema should think before letting someone go…. nice story Sakhi, really touching. I will not comment on Bet’s decision.

Sometimes, we never understand what is better option, to let go or not. We never know it beforehand.


@ Manoj

Hey thanks!

I didn’t understand the vishesh’s concept of “detachment in attachment”! 🙂

@ Suda

*one should think before letting someone go* yeah, True!


@Sakhi : I will, for sure.


well y r we guyz so dumb?????
But itz really difficult to make a decision specially when u r juzz starting to think abt ur career.
Nice story yaar


hey happy frdship day 🙂


@ Sanjay

LOL… 🙂


wonderful story ..
belated freindship day 🙂


Welcome back, Arvind! 🙂


Wonderful! Wish you a happy friendship day to u too! Belated, of course! 😀


Oops… sorry for the stupid obvious grammatical error! 😀
Forgive a diseased mind! 😀


he deserved it, I dare say!!

amazing bunch of laghu-katha’s you have here sakhi…

BTW…is your name a pun on Saki (Munro)?


Thanks harish for such a compliment! 🙂

And i can’t be compared with great H.H. Munro (Saki). He is a legend. I chose to be Sakhi as i like being friends! 🙂 🙂


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