Sakhi's Laghukatha

Lull before the storm?

Posted on: August 11, 2008

Everybody was congratulating them today for successfully completing 10 years and they were considered the best couple amongst their friends.


Best couple! Ahhhh!


They had started their life together by choice! Theirs was a love marriage and a happy one too!


But these days something was amiss. Krutika wasn’t sure what!


She didn’t have any complaints towards her husband and they had great kids too. Everything was picture perfect.


But again, something was missing!


She was trying to sort things out when her mobile rang and she saw an unknown number. She picked it up wondering who it could be!


She was in for a pleasant surprise. It was Dhruv! It was about a year since she last talked to him. Both of them had got quite busy in their respective lives that they had not been able to keep in touch.


Her heart warmed at talking to her long lost friend. And this time they promised to keep in touch.


And keep in touch they did!


It had now become customary to talk or sms or chat at least once a day!


Initially this was only to keep in touch and be friends, but as time passed the things changed.


Now, Krutika would look forward to this chitchat or at least a sms. She would get irritated if she didn’t talk to Dhruv once a day. A single sms would put a smile on her already pretty face and make it even more beautiful.


No, she never wavered from her duties as a wife or a mother. And she still loved her husband from the bottom of her heart. She never ever thought of cheating on her husband….In fact, she felt that the zest was back in her married life too!


But at the same time she longed to talk to Dhruv, to know more about his day, his life…


This was not an extra marital affair nor was this just a friendship.


Then what was it?


She didn’t have the answer and right now she was not willing to find it out either.


48 Responses to "Lull before the storm?"

Quite a quandary! I think she should just go with the flow! 😀
I think she likes Dhruv better only because he brings something different than what her husband does. Being with him for so long, she’s probably used to all his pick-up lines and all his jokes and knows him inside out… She’s just looking for a change… No, she shouldn’t go and sleep with Dhruv, just go out, have a coffee, meet for lunch, etc. Because if Dhruv is half a decent guy, he’d treat her with some deference because she’s married! 😀


Emotional affair ofcourse and as long as her husband is fully aware its fine. Also she too should be okay if her husband has an emotional affair. One doesn’t feel this type of attachment to someone of the same sex.


Maybe Dhruv represents what is missing in her relationship with her husband! That could be taken as a cue to rekindle that friendly passion.

and I would not judge her on her friendship with Dhruv, only suggest not to be emotionally dependent so as to protect herself from any heartache in future.

I agree with Nita when she says that one does not find that kind of attachment with same sex.


@ Niks

I think so too! that she should go with the flow.. but why a male – female friendship has to end with sleeping together! And with all probabilities, dhruv himself might be married! hai na! 🙂

@ Nita

Don’t know whether this kind of attachement is not there to the same gender or its our myopic eyes that we don’t see it! We, as society, usually give much attention to any relationship when it is between the opposite gender! But, i might be exagerating it!

I have term for emotional affair,”mental infidelity”! Can we call it a mental infidility?

Just curious about your response!

@ Poo

*only suggest not to be emotionally dependent so as to protect herself from any heartache in future*

Good suggestion.. but if heart would follow mind, such things would not happen in the first place! 🙂


I have same feeling as Poonam said, may be its what she need now and she is probably *bored* with old things (not person)


In above comment *she* means Krutika , the lady in the story.
🙂 Just in case 🙂


The toughest thing on the earth is to understand human emotions. Relationships are names given to some of them, and they are just a small part of what it is.
So it is not always possible to understand every bit of our feelings. We understand something so easily, some of them take a life’s time and some remain still a mystery.


Hey i’ve been through the same thing..
Mostly its just addiction, u get so used to talking to the person everyday, that the attachment increases, and u want that satisfaction everyday.. Your day stays incomplete if u dont get it.. This kind of a relationship cant be defined.. It cant be called love or friendship.. Its not wrong either. Dunno what it is !! Do we need to know? I agree with Nikhil when he said she should just go with the flow.
Nice post again.. 🙂
Take care..


hmm….lol have had times when i w8ed for an sms 😉


I agree with Nikhil. But not sure many husbands would agree to it. But then if she wants to keep this frienship (or whatever) a secret, then she is into trouble.



She is tired of a perfect life and may be this is a way to prove herself that she can do something which is not her real self & may be is a bit imprefect too.
But I strongly believe that it will be a pure friendship only because it is entirely possible as against the general myth.


I too agree with Nikhil but only about the change thing. Its the same thing that would draw a man to some old friend (girl) or some new girl in office. Its all about a married life getting too much predictable. But I would agree more with Nita on the view that its ok if the husband knows (is ok with it) and she is ready to bear it if its vice versa. Personally speaking I believe do not do unto others what u would not have them done unto u. And I think why start something which may not but yet may lead to disastrous consequences.
And I believe the zest in her married life is back due to efforts put as compensation by her as an reply to her sub conscious inner guilt.
This post reminds me of a post made on similar topic by Nita..What kills a marriage-physical affair vs emotional affair.


Did kruthika lose interest in her married life only after Dhruv left her an year back? if yes, there could be a void in kruthika’s life that is constantly being filled by dhruv… it need not be an extra-marital affair and in true friendship, it never should. when she’s able to enjoy the completeness of her life, then dhruv poses no threat to her marriage, that too after 10 happy years!
this must be a very intimidating situation to face for any woman. Many will benefit from this post if they find their way here…


The story raised a very good point. Well, if Krutika has an iota of common sense she would respect her husband by not hiding this “emotional” relationship from him. And if Dhruv has a sense he would be a family friend rathe than Krutika’s friend. Ideally, irrespective of Gender, it is ideal for a couple to emotionally depend on each other, rather than someone from outside.


yes, if husband accepts there is no big deal about it. Its ok. But I do know few men who do believe in thing called “emotional infidelity”


@ Suda

🙂 😛

@ Tara

Absolutely agree with you.. there are many human emotions which are beyond our comprehension but because society has put some norms we generally follow those and most of the times are scared to come out in open.

Welcome to my blog! 🙂 🙂

@ Anu

hmmmm… 🙂

@ Vishu



@ Xylene

I don’t think today’s generation is so narrow minded where a spouce would object to opposite gender ‘friendship’! But yes, if she is feeling guilty and is keeping this friendship from her husband, danger bells’ ringing!

@ Smita

Yeah, but probably she is not tired of the perfect life but needs a “friend” who understands her and be just that, a “friend”! Probably after a few years of marriage life, a spouce, however friendly, does become more of a spouce than a friend! Probably!

@ Reema

*And I believe the zest in her married life is back due to efforts put as compensation by her as an reply to her sub conscious inner guilt.*

yes that might be the case, but it might be that now she enjoys her life also and thats how she enjoys everything else more! Why think its only because of guitly!

And can we really call this an emotional affaire? I remember distinctly about Nita’s post on the subject that in emotonal affair usually the people in question have sexual desire for each other too, whether they indulge in it or not is not always true!

So, my point here is, whether can we call this an emotional affaire just because two friends who happen to be of opposite gender enjoy each others’ company?


@ Harsha

I really don’t think she lost interest in her married life one Dhruv left her life. It just so happened that Dhruv came again in her life like a fresh breez when she needed a friend desperately… I think 🙂

@ Manoj

hmmm… here, in this story i have shown only one part of their lives… we would not know whether krutika and Dhruv are keeping their friendship a secret from their respective spouces (in case Dhruv is married) or whether they are also family friends but two of them are more close to each other than to each others’ spouces! 🙂

*it is ideal for a couple to emotionally depend on each other, rather than someone from outside*

Ideal things rarely occur in real life. With those whom it occurs, they are really lucky! 🙂

@ Poo

yeah probably those husbands are those who themselves have emotionally swayed! but would they accept if there is role reversal with their wives?

just a question? 🙂 😉


@ All

Kisine mera naya photo notice nahi kiya! 😦 😦 boo…hooo… hoooo…!


Wow nice pic……just one eye! Umm pretty hawt!!

it takes to understand various layers of human emotion to write a story like this dear! It is very heart rendering. It was certainly not love nor it can be rubbishedas an infatuation. It is something we call- soulmate. It is not necessary that we all get married to our soul mates. There are things which are better left unsaid and those unsaid things are understood by your soulmate. Krutika is missing this essence in her life. Dhruv makes her complete, he relaxes her.
Its a beauiful relationship and too pristine to be labelled as extra marital


//I don’t think today’s generation is so narrow minded // although they claim, they are not, they are !!!!.
Do you remember a recent case of a software engg (around 30yrs old) killing his wife and then suicided? In blore.
He suspected his wife of infidelity with a colleague of hers. Well we don’t know if he was right, but still the case threw shockwaves among the young ppl around here.


@ Mahak

Thanks, ek tu hi hai, jis ne avatar notice kiya! 🙂

LOL 🙂 🙂

@ Xylene

yeah i remember that! and read much more in news papers but since those articles are on lower or middle class people they are not glamorised! 😦

*although they claim, they are not, they are !!!!.*



wowwwwwwwwwww good one… m curious to know… what will happen next…

Thanks 🙂 I was actually afraid to give this story an end! and also wanted to know my blogger friends views on what they think of these kind of relatinships!


It’s a special kind of relationship, a friendship that gives her the something, whatever it is, that she was missing. Her husband and kids have become an inseparable part of her life and I believe she would always be devoted to them. There lies the something that was missing – in the word devoted. Though she loves her husband, she herself has made the word duties a part of that love. Her relationship with Dhruv does not involve any duty and that is why the friendship has grown . It is a friendship between their free spirits.

I loved your view.. i think that is the case to be precise! wah wah, what thinking!! 🙂


It is always impossible to understand female (i.e. their emotions)!!!!

Even god has not understood them after making them (acc to indian myths), then who r v??

😛 😛


Kidding in last comment.

But why v need to give shape to everything whatever comes to us???
Sometimes it is better not to do so.

Okay 🙂


Apart of this post, this photo (I hope that it’s yours) dosen’t suit to yr “LAGHUKATHA” heading.

Just a suggestion.

suggestion taken into consideration. 🙂 😛


As Sakhi means, close friend. So it should be friendly hug or that sort of photograph.


Very nice story, Sakhi…
hav experienced this…actually, am experiencing it…but not tu th extent of getting irritated and all that…so, guess i can give a climax…this is just a very good friendship…the kind that comes into your life like a welcome guests…and always remains a guest…thrs nothing physical about it. Its not that life with the husband/partner has become boring…its just another friend…

and i guess the reason such a relation nvr happens btwn 2 ppl of the same sex is because that way, things are more predictable…a girl might know wot the other girl goes thru; a guy might kno wot the other guy goes thru; but btwn a girl and a guy, thrs an element of surprise at all times 😀 🙂

hehehe…sorry fr the stupid insight; if this makes no sense, please read PG Wodehouse’s ‘Summer Lightning’ (hilarious book…and makes perfect sense 😀 😀 😀 )

By far, the longestestest comment i ever wrote 😀

Actually i am honoured t have a longest comment from you 🙂 and thanks for the insight… its more than welcome! 🙂 🙂 i will try to get a copy of the book adn read it too! 😉


I have commented about yr photo truly b4 i read yr comment regarding it.


firstly ,your display pic is realllly good !

🙂 love it !

your title -“LULL Before d storm ” gives me the impression or rather leaves me with d idea that there is gonna be a storm after she began speaking to Dhruv ..SO on those lines maybe this relationship gets unhealthy in the future ?

I gave that heading to see the views from my friends and thats why there’s a question mark there! 🙂 i wanted to know wht other give an end to this story, i myself was a bit scared to do it! 🙂


The eye sees far into world. so much so, that the small eye in your pic, coupled with your mind’s eye is able to think of so much fiction without leaving traces of struggle of mind. 🙂 hats off!

PS:I took just another opportunity to give credit to your work. The eye is good.

Thanks harsha! *bow, bow*! 🙂 🙂


1st u forgot to write my name.
2nd If this is so -“So, my point here is, whether can we call this an emotional affaire just because two friends who happen to be of opposite gender enjoy each others’ company?” Then u r contradicting ur sentence “This was not an extra marital affair nor was this just a friendship.”
The protagonist herself thinks it isnt just a friendship!!
Infact in ur reply to other commenters I notice u keep referring it to as friendship. So u gotta change that line in story i guess.

sorry madam for forgetting to mention your name ther… mistake rectified! 🙂 Yeah you ae right there about my protagonist herself thinking differently.. but she is confused! like me! 🙂 😛

But, still i maintain that it is not an affair!! a special friendship, probably, thats all!


May be she can start blogging, if she doesn’t do that already. 😉 hahaha… j/k…

May be Krutika should take a class to learn something new… like pottery, painting, or anything else she likes that will make the oh-so-exciting-perfect life little different. This is not the right way to get rid of boredom. I mean if she continues this, how will it end? It has to end some day else the ship’s gonna get into bad shape when the storm comes.

Don’t know yaar, but why would a special friedship sink a ship!


Continuity needs changes….

And looks like poonam’s avatar has animated version of ‘your eye avatar’. 🙂 cool


yup anshul! 🙂 i am so glad that you have started commenting! 🙂


Very true… But somehow this Dhruv seems to be the sneaky kind! 😀
I don’t trust him!


I’ve a doubt. why do you have a ‘0’ in between ‘laghukatha’ and ‘shortstories’ in the address?


I read this post a day before, commented next day… 🙂

Anyway, I think its temporary phase…of commenting 😉 and at the same time comments on other people’s blogs are also getting sacrificed. :mrgreen:


very nice story..
I agree with mahak that we all have soulmates.. & not necessarily marry them… they could be friends throught our lives… & that soulmate can be of same sex too…. few relationships just dont have a name as they do not fall into the society-driven categories… but they r beatiful & fulfilling all the same… they make ur life whole…


Got me thinking :I was just wandering….who sends more Sms’s & who calls more? Dhruv Or Krutika?

By the way: isn’t there love in friendship & friendship in love always & Is it necessary to give names to all relationships?

P.S. Very nice story.


@ Niks

hmmmm… 😛 🙂

@ Harsha

Arey yaar, wordpress never accepted a dash (-) in the url so had to write something between hindi and english words to seperate them,…hence the ‘0’ ! 🙂

@ Anshul

ha…ha..ha… 🙂

@ Zoe

Ditto! 🙂 we think so much alike 😉

@ Rahul

i agree too! there’s no need to give a name to every relationship! 🙂

p.s. thanks 🙂


“… because society has put some norms we generally follow those and most of the times are scared to come out in open”

– truely said Sakhi. Thank u for the warm welcome.


anytime, anytime! 🙂


hmmm…. 🙂 thanks for answering my curiosity… 🙂


sometimes human nature is quite intriguing… and you plotted it very well..



Yeah, you are right vinz! And thanks! 🙂


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