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Posted on: August 14, 2008

Nobody knew how Sahil felt or thought. He kept to himself. Kavita was exactly opposite to him. She was chirpy, bubbly and very talkative! If she was like waves of the ocean he was like an anchor, firmly rooted to the ocean-bed. Though Kavita had accepted him she missed sharing his thoughts. But whenever she had these kinds of thoughts, Sahil would do something very sweet and all her anger and disappointment will evaporate.


But these days Sahil was very happy and for a change, it showed in his behaviour too. In their marriage of two years, this was the first time Kavita heard him whistle! Well, she was happy too!


She was pregnant!


Kavita was pampered silly in those nine months. Sahil would drop her to her office and was always there to pick her up, he would see to it that kavita got the best of everything! This was to say the least…


Today was the D-day and Kavita was very scared. Her labour was induced in the morning at 7 but somehow the drugs were taking all the time in the world to act. Sahil was there besides her like a rock. She was writhing in pain and was totally exhausted. After a very difficult labour she delivered her child at 5 in the evening.


She looked at Sahil for the sign of happiness or any sign, for that matter! But she was not prepared for what she saw! She saw the veil coming down on his face, he grew completely rigid and then she lost him! He left the room without a second glance.


Kavita got scared. She didn’t understand what happened! She looked at her mother and saw tears streaming down her face.


She wanted to scream….


“Can somebody tell me, what’s going on here? Where is my baby?”


Nobody said anything. She was cleaned and taken to the recovery room. Her mind was about to explode.


Then the nurse entered with a little bundle in white. She could see the baby’s face. The baby looked absolutely cute and adorable. But as the nurse placed the baby in her arms she knew that something was wrong.


Not something, everything was wrong!


Her son was a stillborn!


She just looked at her son, kissed his forehead and caressed him lovingly. She asked for forgiveness for letting him down and not been able to take care of him. She just stared at him.


When the nurse came again to pick him up, she didn’t even protest!


But then all hell broke loose and tears would not stop.


She longed to be held by Sahil.




He was nowhere in sight.


“He had completed the formality and went straight home. To prepare for her arrival!” her mother told.


Kavita was discharged within two days and these two days were the toughest of her life.


She saw Sahil after two days when he came to pick her up.


When she entered her home she was in for a second shock. Her home, no now it can’t be called a home, the house was stripped off everything that bore any sign of their child’s arrival.


She saw Sahil drift from her and everything else, day after day. He had retreated in a cocoon.


They no longer communicated, in any sense!


She tried her level best but couldn’t cross the invisible wall that Sahil had erected around his heart. Now, it was getting difficult to bear the silence. She felt as if it was her fault that their son had not survived.


Last year on this date Sahil had lost his son.


Today he is going to lose his wife. For good!


33 Responses to "Why?"

Moral of the story, don’t drown in your own grief, offer support to others, and as for loved ones, you need to! Strange, but I was thinking of this just today, as to how needy some people are, always wanting support and sympathy but are never there for others.


There was no fault of Kavita .. What she had done ?? .. It’s all GOD’s wishes and that has what happened ..

This Sahil is a dumb a** .. He should be thrown in a boling oil to fry ..




hmmmm..good story..
this really happens and as a doctor u would have witnessed it …


@ Nita

There are some people who are just self centered. They don’t men harm t others as long as they are being taken care of.

@ Soham

Probably he was not such an a**, it might be the case that Sahil didn’t actually blame Kavita but as he basically was an introvert and never tried sharing his own feelings and he shut Kavita out! He needed an psychiatrist ….Probably they could have salvaged their marriage!

@ Nova

…. What do i say!

@ Arvind

No i have not witnessed this particular incidence, but yes have been styding human psyche for quite sometime now (though i am not a psychiatrist!)

Things are not always what meet out eyes!


😦 😦 😦


awww thats a sad one.


did sahil marry kavitha just to have a child and for the sake of having a spouse? in that case he didnt deserve a wife like that. the ability to give him a child is not the only thing that a man should look for in his wife.


I’ve read about the effect of loss of child on marriage. Its a known problem and what must be strictly avoided is alienation of oneself and playing the blame game. There are 2 good articles on it.


This is a sad story 😦

“Today he is going to lose his wife. For good!”

What does that mean? Is Kavita going to kill herself? If that is the case, Sahil should be put in jail for driving a person to commit suicide! Or, if he is mentally unsound, he should be treated for that.

If Kavita is going to divorce him, I feel it would be the best step. There is no hope for Kavita as long as she is married to an idiot with a primitive, feudal mindset who views his wife as a “baby making machine”! Even if she cannot find another person to marry her, she would be better off living as a divorcee than to live with someone who thinks the only function of women is to act as “child-bearers”.


hey thats really sad .. sahil’s a jerk, she does not deserve him !!!!


This Sahil is a moron! He’s a jackass! Fuckin dipshit he is! 😀
Wonderfully moving story! Hats off! 🙂


This happened to someone in my family. Twice. Thankfully, the husband and wife stood by each other.


This was a very Sad story.I liked your writing but I don’t like sad stories.

Please write a Happy one next time 🙂


@ All

i know this is a sad story, but thats how it came out… i just write, going with the flow! this time it was sad!

sorry to have spoiled all your mood!

@ Harsha

see, thats why i say, you are going to be a great spouce! 😉 🙂


@ Reema

will check out the links ASAP

@ Raj

I think kavita is a strong lady… she will not kill herself but is going to separate! Good for her!

Roz marne se achchha hai ki alag ho jao!

@ Anu


@ Niks


@ Amit

I am glad that they did. Such situations need each other the most!

@ Rahul

I am glad you like my writing.. i will try to be more optimistic next time and get a happy ending 🙂 🙂


This is a strong issue that harangues a relationship. I have read so many novels, stories where couple broke up after death of their child. In some case, couples were too young to deal with this.


uh ohh! Stupidest reason for a marriage to break! actually this should be the best reason for the couple to strengthen their bond. Please inform Sahil to take a psychiatrist’s help!! He is a jerk!! btw, are you a doctor? one of the greatest professions!! Kudos to you all the doctors in this world!


I also agree that a bond should strengthen when such tragedy befalls, but different people react differently!

And yes, i am a doctor! Thanks for the kudos! 🙂


@ poonam

a lot of literature is available on human relationship. Rather than the age of a person it is the maturity that decides the fate of any relationship and more so in trying times!


Kavitha, here take a scale, beat Sahil up

Now feed him only soup and crackers three times a day

And throw all his suits on the ground and trample it and trample it and trample it..GRRRRRRRR

But don’t leave him 😦 😦 :(..Poor man, he is hurting 😦 😦 😦



Hope it wasn’t a love marriage!!!

U know i think Sahil is a kinda person who is emotionally self sufficient, for that he never felt the need of sharing his feelings with Kavita. In general when we face some difficulty, hundreds of thoughts pop up in our mind and we speak to someone whom we are comfortable with. Doing so we try to sooth the emotional anxiety within us. I think Sahil didn’t need that… he found the anodyne within himself rather than in Kavita…and thats the irony !
As u r a doctor i would like to know,in the world of medicine do u call it a kind of psychiatric disorder … as a human being i believe it is !


@ mystiquedew

yeah, he is definately hurting and i liked the solution too, //beat Sahil up, Now feed him only soup and crackers three times a day, And throw all his suits on the ground and trample it and trample it and trample it..GRRRRRRRR//

too good!

And welcome to my blog! 🙂 🙂

@ Tara

It can’t be called as disorder per se, but when it goes to extreme can lead to severe depression and other psychiatric problems! But to search within and get an answer is definately not a psychiatric problem!! 🙂



Sad story, guess not all have the strength to come out of pits and when we are down we forget that our biggest strength is in giving support to eachother taking support from eachother.

Sorrow does strange things…


its sad.. but… Every1 has their own way of dealing with emotions… sahil may be 1 of those people who find it difficult to express emotions… he could also be dealing with guilt.. mayb he mite also be blaming himself for not doing anything for kavita & their child???

hey im a die hard romantic :)… so my suggestion for kavita would be lock sahil in a room & talk it out… either way bring a closure…. it would be relation worth fighting for… & if they still feel its not going anywhere then end the relationship… & ya.. take some kind of vacation [:) always a good idea]& some professional help…


@ Smita

i do agree, sorrow does strange things to people and it is unfathomable too!

@ Zoe

I am a die hard romantic too! 🙂 😉 But don’t you think that one year is more than enough time to be given to somebody? and yes, professional help is always welcome, but somehow in India even to this day, going to a psychiatrist is not one of the foremost idea!


loved the concept….
its wonderful to see what a new life can bring changes in human beings..

but you twisted the end..!!
nice read..!! poor characters..!!


I am glad you liked it!! 🙂


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this post reflects two things
1. the stupidity of sahil
2.your gr8 writing skill


@ Ashish

Awwwww… thanks.. thats sweet of you! 🙂

And hey, Welcome to my blog!!


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