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May God bless him!

Posted on: August 22, 2008

 Kriti was falling more and more in love with Krishna. She longed to see his cherubic face every morning. His smile melted her heart like hot chocolate fudge!!


But today she couldn’t find him. She asked around but nobody seemed to know! What the ****! A patient is not on the bed and the staff doesn’t even know!!! She wanted to shout at the ward boy and the nurse, but knew that it would be of no use. After all, this was a Govt. run hospital where hundreds of patients are admitted and the man power is always in short supply!


She tried in the toys room and saw him sitting on the mini ‘jhulaa’! He was clutching a battered doll with his face down. She could make out from his face that he had been crying.


But his eyes lit up as soon as he saw Kriti. But he still did not smile at her. He was angry with her for being late. She went and held her ear lobes and said sorry and gave him his favourite candy which he took immediately. And then he started talking to her animatedly.


As he was talking with her, Kriti’s heart got a tug looking at this 6 year old child who was having a brain tumour and was left alone by his family members in this hospital, probably because now he couldn’t help them earn (!) and on top of that his treatment would be a burden.


When Kriti came to the paediatric oncology department as an intern for the first time 3 months back, she immediately connected to Krishna. She came here everyday even now when her posting was in some other department. She always had some or the other treats for him. But these days the symptoms were worsening and doctors couldn’t take him ‘on-table’ as there was nobody with him as guardian to sign the necessary papers and to deposit money!


She wanted to ask God a thousand questions. If He was really there, then how come He left such a young child to this fate! But she also knew that nothing was going to change if she just sat there and cursed Him.


She and her friends joined hands and collected enough money to cover Krishna’s operation cost! Also, the superintendent of the hospital had given permission to take Krishna ‘on-table’, even without his parents’ or guardian’s permission, as operation was the only option left for him.



Tomorrow would be the D-day and kriti was keeping her fingers crossed. She knew that the operation was tough though Krishna was under the care of the best neurosurgeons of the hospital. But neurosurgery was neurosurgery!


But she didn’t want to dwell on such depressing thoughts today. She wanted to give Krishna the best day he ever had in his life. She took permission from the superintendent to take Krishna to the zoo and other places he liked. Also she presented him with new clothes and shoes. She took him around the city and they went where ever Krishna’s heart desired.


When they came back to the ward, Krishna slept almost immediately after hitting the bed. But a small smile still played on his lips… a smile of satisfaction, a smile of happiness!


“This smile is worth anything”, Kriti thought when she saw her empty purse and realized that she had spent her entire stipend on Krishna that day!


38 Responses to "May God bless him!"

I remembered a Marathi Movie which reached Oscars.
Shwas. (breath)
It made me smile even though I was sad.
Funny feeling. Being sad and happy at same time.


yeah it is a funny feeling but hey, are you telling me i am plagiarising? Nooooo, this was my original idea.. and don’t say anything remotely about plagiarism, varna Nita mujhe maar dalengi! 🙂 🙂


Beautiful story !!

Keep up the good work sakhi !!


wow …. a beautiful and a touching story …
simple short yet so emotional and expressive..
awesome. . 😀
what about the end ?? 😛
they had a successful surgery and they both lived happily ever after 😛


Wonderful and touching…and i hate it when u leave the ending what happens after surgery. but thats ur style. love it.


A very sweet and touching thought. Looks like you have felt these thoughts too…


anything forthe smile thousand times over 😛


Very very touching…amazing! was driven to tears…and wasnt embarrassed to let them flow…so touching!


@ Soham

Thanks 🙂

@ Arvind

If you are an optimist, surgery was good; if you are a pessimist surgery wasn’t successful! 😛 🙂

@ Reema

I like teasing your brains 🙂

@ Nita

At one point of time in medical stream person do feel such things, some are able to help some are not so lucky!

@ Vishu


@ Scorpria

This is the best compliment i have ever received! The best for any author!!! thanks! 🙂


hey awesome story .. i wonder why parents would leave their child in da hospital cuz he couldn’t earn, i mean he was only 6 yrs old right…
and its sad that they didnt even come to visit him..
Kudos to Kriti !! 😉

and like reema said.. ur ends are normally abrupt, but its actually a good thing.. it leaves the reader to think what could have happened.. 🙂

keep writin.. tc!!


Touching story… But how often does this actually happen in Indian hospitals? Do hospitals actually carry out an expensive surgery (forget tumors, even a simple appendicitis operation) when the patient can’t afford it? I don’t think so.. But then, you should know better… Is there like a fund for these kind of cases? And who decides who gets the operation and who doesn’t?


Nice story. I liked the ending 🙂


i got the same sort of feeling by reading this story only one other time… at the climax of Taare Zameen Par… after all these days of waiting for ur post, i’ll go back light headed today… 🙂


@ Anu

There are many human emotions we don’t understand and we usually take our parents and the things that we get, for granted… haven’t you seen 3 – 4 years old begging? Its really disheartening!

@ Niks

Nope, doesn’t happen actually. And hence i depicted here the same thing.. It was Kriti and her friends who collected money. The superintendent only gave permission which is required for legal purpose!

@ Manasa

Thanks 🙂 🙂

@ Harsha

Awwwww….. i am humbled! 🙂 🙂 Thanks 🙂


“Very very touching…amazing! was driven to tears…and wasnt embarrassed to let them flow…so touching!”- SAME FEELING

KEEP IT UP, sakhi……


Touching as usual!! 🙂 But why the unfinished ending? Is it because nothing ever ends?


Hmmm… Interesting… But shouldn’t there be something like this? Say, an “Angel Fund” or something… on second thoughts, no.. not in our country… 😀
People would just love another cookie jar to steal from!


God bless Kriti……she has a beautiful soul.
Liked the story 🙂


@ James

Thanks james 🙂

@ Amit

I really didnt know how to end it and then i was scared of my own thoughts…

@ Niks

you are right, in our country when you give a finger of help, people tend to grab the wrist! But there should be some provision for such poor patients, but some how we can’t strike the balance…

@ Rahul

🙂 Thanks


A touching & sweet story 🙂

What I loved the most was the underlying message of enjoying the moments which are with us & sometimes it is satisfying to see anyone passing on happiness 🙂

lovely story


Hi Sakhi, Thanks a lot for visiting the blog.


@ smita

🙂 Thanks. we could do it more often! 🙂

@ Abhijeet

🙂 hope to see you around. Liked your worli wala post also!


touching story…


“This smile is worth anything”, Kriti thought when she saw her empty purse and realized that she had spent her entire stipend on Krishna that day!

WONDERFUL I SAY!! Frankly, during all these 10 hectic days of my work being away rom blogging world, I missed your short stories. Your stories have a warmth of relationships! BTW, at the beginning of the story…fell in love with Krishna, cherubic face, chocolate fudge…and then an immediate expression of “What the ****!” ha ha ha..didn’t go well!! Changed the tone almost immediately 😀


@ Xylene


@ Manoj

😀 😀 ha…ha..ha… After you said that i realised it but i dont have liberty to subtly change the scene!! But point well taken. 🙂

I was kind of wondering where were you! And thanks for the compliments, ur comment is the first thing that i read today (haven’t even read the newspaper yet!!!) and a broad smile spread on my face!!! 🙂 🙂


Nice touching story…Smile can change everything…its the first best thing one can do with our lips 🙂


Thats a beautiful story!
Keep writing… Glad to have run into your blog!


@ Jemal

Yeah, smile is the lest expensive ornament that we can have on out face and it brightens it like anything! 🙂

welcome to my blog!

@ Prarthana

Thanks 🙂 hope to see you around. Am going to check your blog next 🙂


Somehow, I missed that you are a doctor… 🙂

May be thats why in your Kathas you send atleast one character to the hospital… 😉

Anyway, what do you specialize in… ?


Have you seen the movie Madagascar ?

In ref. to ‘heebiedabajeebies’.


except for “But neurosurgery was neurosurgery” the stories were great esp. the 1st one


@ anshul

😀 😀 ha… ha.. ha… i think i should stop revolving around hospitals. 🙂 but i have already posted yet another hospital incidence… i promise my next one will not have ‘hospital’ in it! 🙂 😀

And i have seen madagaskar but don’t have slightest idea about the word! 😦

@ Burf

Thanks for the compliments and also the suggestion. I will try to be more refined hence forth 🙂

welcome to my blog!


From Madagascar:
Maurice: What if Mr. Alex is even worse then the Foosa? I’m tellin’ you, that dude just gives me the heebiedabajeebies!

Julian: Maurice, you did not raise your hand. Therefore, your heinous comment will be stricken from the record. Does anyone else have the heebie-jeebies for Mr. Alex? No? Good. So shut up.

Heebidabajeebies just mean heebidabajeebies something similar to what Ace Ventura used to get from the bat ‘Shikaka’ in ‘When Nature Calls’


🙂 😀

thanks yaar!! 😀 😀


This is a moving story, Doc! . . .


Thanks buddy! 🙂


that was a nice story made..!!
enjoyed..the pain too absorbed..!!



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