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Posted on: September 12, 2008

Hey guys, I never imagined this would happen! But it did, I was on WordPress front page! And I am soooo… excited about it that I don’t even know how to express it in words!

I would have never come to know if Dinesh Babu would not have told me and this post would not have been possible if Nikhil would not have sent me the screen shot..

I should be thanking all my blog readers for the encouragement and everything but I really feel stupid doing that! You all know my blog would not have survived, leave alone coming on the front page, had you guys not been there!!

Thanks one and all! 🙂

Me there "In Cars"

Me there "In Cars"

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48 Responses to "Unimaginable!!"

Oh wow sakhi!! 🙂

Thats great news buddy 😀


Congrats !!

You might have reched wordpress homepage but my blog and few of last posts were missing u and ur comments just like Nikhil .. Where hv u been??



Nikhil i thought were very busy 😉


Oh! wow! Great going dear 🙂 congrats….


@ Neha

Thanks buddy!! 🙂

@ Soham

Thanks yaar, but how come i never recieved updates of your blog on my feed? 😦 i am a regular reader (and commentor!!) U know that, hai na!! 🙂

will jump from here directly to your blog… 🙂

@ Adarsh

Thanks 🙂

@ Vishu

hmmm…. 🙂 LOL

@ smita

thanks yaar 🙂


Hey, congratulations! Attagirl!


Got ur comments .. Will reply to them sooon ..

How come u never received updates on ur feed about my blog?? .. I think it happens sometimes .. Never mind ..

Yup, I know that u r a frequent visitor and commentor that is the sole reason why I wondered what happened to you suddenly??

Nikhil was busy in his work so he could not contribue .. I also made him to comment on my blog .. ha ha ha .. I just cant live without the comments from u all .. It makes me restless ..


Why should it be unimaginable? You wrote an interesting story, and there you are!


Don’t jump Sakhi, Soham don’t want his blog to break 😀

Congrats…….. BTW, someone convinced you to switch top WP in first place……………….


Hey It wouldn’t have been in the front page if you didn’t deserve it. Keep up the good work and do post more such great stuff 🙂 You are welcome 🙂



Sakhi really jumbed hard and broke my blog ..

U can come to my blog and see that .. LOL !!


congrats mam!!

one of the best teacher turning out to be the best writer!!!

party party!!

ha ha ha!!!


congrats dear!!!!!! Blog on!


I don’t see why it should be unimaginable either. Good going and congrats!


Congratulations. It is unimaginable by no means. its a well deserved reward, but late. 😛 good going… 🙂


hey hieee.. congo !!!! i got ur mail .. saw it thr.. really lucky ya.. keep bloggin.. byeeeeee

(btw, u’re nt to be seen online much these days… :-s)


i too updated my blog .. wrote 2 new posts .. seems lik u’ve been busy ! 😦


Congrats! 🙂


Nothing unimaginable. yOu deserve it ! congrats.


You’re welcome! 😀

And congrats, you deserve it! Good things come to those who wait, and great things come to those who blog! Remember that! 😀


Congrats !!!
I got you through the main page actually.


May your blog be permanently there. 😀 😛


congrats!!!! 🙂


congratz ..
u can make it next time too ..
make the heading unique … and post in categoreis like cars ,travle ,technology ,life..
u are sure to get it too wordpress home page..
this is my personal experience …


Congratulations!! We wish to see more and more intresting short stories!


@arvind, now they are great tips 😉


@ Nomad

Thanks buddy! 🙂

@ Soham

I am always there to read your blog and comment … 🙂 🙂

@ Doc

Thanks! 🙂 🙂

@ Suda

Ha…ha…ha… so i think credit goes to you and reems… and others who almost dragged me here!! Thanks, thanks for doing me that favour 😛 😛

And did you go and check out soham’s blog? it has cracks on it from myu jumping!! 😛 😛

@ Dinesh


@ Soham

LOL 😀 😀


@ Bindu

Thanks.. i am humbled! 🙂 and hey i am waiting for your blog to be updated… you need to clean cob webs from it!! Do it as soon as possible!

@ Reems and Nita

Thanks sweeties! 🙂

@ Harsha

Late? ah… you are good for my morale!! 🙂 😀

@ Anu

Hey thanks sweets… and i am sorry that i cant see your blog regularly since it has been blocked from the office and from home it is almost impossible for me to come on line

and also am busy at office so cant come online to chat… sorry, yaar… will try to make it ASAP!

@ Kanan

thanks.. and hey, your blog has been blocked at my office 😦 so pardon me if u cant regularly see my commnets on your blog!!

@ Xylene

thanks.. 🙂

@ Niks

will surely remember these golden words 🙂 😛


@ Tarun

Welcome to my blog… and i hope now wont need to come here only through front page!! 🙂 🙂

@ Amit

thanks, thanks… what a futuristic thought… i like the feel of it 🙂 😀

@ San

Thanks 🙂

@ Arvind

wah wah, great words! i will imbibe them to the core!! 🙂 🙂

and hey, thanks 🙂

@ Manoj

thanks and hope not to disappoint you guys! 🙂 🙂


congrats dear!!!!!! Blog on!
btw, u deserve it.


Congrats, Sakhi! It was well deserved as Two Cartoons was a great post!!

(And I guess someone at WordPress wanted to get the reward that was promised by the police for giving information that would lead to the arrest of the car-bombers 😛 😉 😀 )

But as we all know, those cowardly scoundrels 😡 have moved to New Delhi now and are still at large 😯


Arey… for this!!!????….. for this small thing????…… This is nothing compared to what you’ll achieve ….

Enjoy…. 😉 with joy that fills every bit of your heart…. Rejoice… 🙂


Yey !! Congrats! Yu deserve it, dear!
And tht post…it was destined to be on homepage! Otherwise WP doesnt deserve to be blogged in 😉

Congratsssss again!

Yu’re one of my fav bloggers! 🙂


@ James

LOL 🙂 Thanks sweetie!

@ Raj

😛 😀 😀 LOL

And it is unfortunate what happened in Delhi! 😦

@ Satish

Welcome to my blog and thanks for the encouragement1 🙂

@ Priya

Thanks buddy 🙂 and liking is mutual! 🙂


Congraats !!! I am happy and its my good fate that I am ur friend.


you deserve it story-machine!


Waiting for next one………


Congrats!! gr8 going!! 🙂 🙂


@ Jemal

🙂 LOL, as i have already mentioned earlier… your name is not linked with your blog… i cant visit your site… do something about it!

@ Harish

Story telling machiene!!!! 😯

LOL 😀 😀

@ James

Hope to come up with something real soon!

@ Sharad

Thanks 🙂 🙂


Oi you are on blaaagspot!!!!!!!!!!
And I think I already explained why I am unable to comment on Blogspot blogs. 😦

Plz convey my message to Soham just in case he missed this comment.


Hi, this is Anwin from the indiblogger team. I was wondering if you will be there at the kolkata bloggers meet on Sep 21. It would be great to meet you and other bloggers from Kolkata.

More details and to sign up visit

Anwin (Indiblogger)


Two Cartoons “In Cars” … nice! 🙂


You’ve been tagged, with love! Check


You’ve been tagged! 😀


@ Suda

Will surely let soham know!! 🙂 uske liye, lekin, ek chocolate lagega!! 😛

@ Anwin

Welcome to my blog… I would be really happy to be at the bloggers meet but I don’t think I would be able to come this time! 😦

@ Ashul


@ Pria

Did the tag, with love!! 🙂 😀


U absolutely deserve it ….uniquely Brilliant Blog 😛


gee… thanks! 🙂


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