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Mutual Admiration Club!!

Posted on: September 23, 2008

Amit awarded me with this awesome award! Thank you, thank you 😳 *bowing, bowing*

And I think i should continue with the tradition of awarding it to other bloggers whom I think who deserve it and have not received it yet from others for some reasons!!

So I award this to Mahak, Sharad, Anshul, Anubha, Anamika and Xylene

And now to be really honest ( now that I have already got the certificate, can’t say otherwise!!), I am stuck with no plots or stories these days… Totally blank!! ❓ God Knows where my creative juices have flowed away!! 🙄

Hope to be back soon! In-fact I am desperate to write something, anything which can make sense but alas… 😥


47 Responses to "Mutual Admiration Club!!"

Hey, Thanks for the award, really honored 🙂

Although for a moment I thought, I would have to physically collect the award from you in some award ceremony etc. 😉


mubarak ho !!

and about the block it will go off soon.

that’s why you should write abt silly things like me 😀


Thank you so much for the award! 🙂
I am truly honoured 🙂


congratulations and celebrations!!!!
well well I am also desperate to read frm you, checking daily….
please write soon….


And Story, i have one,

Guy 1 to another: My Dad can beat up your dad.
Guy 2 to Guy1:My dad is already dead.
Guy1: Thats victory by default….

🙂 Foolish, I know :mrgreen:


[…] by Sharad Bapat on September 23, 2008 I got awarded as an “Honest Blogger” by Sakhi. I am […]


@ Anshul

I did apologise for the late clicking of the “publish” button! 😳

@ Bluemist

I hope this “block” is unblocked real soon!! 🙂

@ Anamika

You deserve it! 🙂

@ Bindu

Thanks sweetz!! 🙂 🙂 And hey, add the link to your name so that when we click on your name we can go to your blog!!

@ Anshul (again)

😆 Loved it!! 🙂 I need such silly things in my life!! 😆


Congratulations on the award sweetie and I hope your lean phase is over soon!!! Missing ur short stories or as u like to call it, laghu katha 🙂

Come back soon 🙂

And thanks for teaching me those smileys… m gonna use it soon 😀


Hey thanks Neha… I was always wondering how others did it.. didnt want everybody else to do just that, wondering!! 🙂 🙂

Hope i can write something real soon!


Take your time.. the berry is ripe when seasoned 😀


and the sweetest of the berries are the riped ones 😀 😀


Who is Neha? 😛
And I have some story idea for you. I was going to write them myself but it seems you need them more than me.
You know where to find me!!
And congrats! You really deserve that award!!
Wait a minute, that means people who don’t get the award are not Honest?


Thats a cool thought, San!! 🙂 🙂


Suda 🙄 i know where to find you but will not be able to till tomorrow!! 😦

And no, that just means that, who ever have not received the award will be awarded by other bloggers!! 😛 😛


congrats and be back soon…:P


You are welcome. 🙂 And why are you sounding so sad sad? Cheer up!


Thanks for the award. I am honoured and very very happy.

Waiting for your inspirational laghu kathas….


congrats dear!!! Waiting for ur next story and on gtalk for next chat.


Congratulations on the award Sakhi. My advice would be to empty your mind and think about absolutely nothing and sit in silence. Sparks fly! It works this way for me most of the times.


Congratulations 🙂

Should I do some black magic to remove your block??? 😀


Congrats sakhi!
And dont worry too much about ur creativity jam. This writers block thing is like a rat. Its small, apparently harmless but just the thought of it can make us nailed to the ground. 😛


Oh… i forgot….

Congratulations… 🙂


Congratulationsssss !!!!


Give us a Happy Story!

How about : A girl named Ms. Namata gets married to a guy named Mr. Rata & they go on Honeymoon in a Car named ‘MANO’ 😛


Congrats! 🙂

And you already wrote something.


Congratulations Sakhi ..

Well, we got some kind of blogopathy .. I wrote a post on the same topic ..

By the way, you truely deserve the award .. U r an honest soul .. I can at least say that from ur stories and writings !!


Congratulations for the award! Hey, shake your head and bring out your thoughts. Do it NOW! Come on, do it! It’s simple! Did you? See how you got an other idea! Now write the story!


Congratulations, Sakhi! 🙂

I like your honest stories very much! 🙂

I’m waiting for the next one!!!


@ Vishu

Thanks and will try to be back ASAP.. even i am feeling odd and out of place by not writing anything!!

@ Amit

With you guys around how can anybody feel down 🙂 🙂

@ Sharad

you are most welcome! shal be back ASAP

@ Reems

Thanks sweets… shall catch you on gtalk real soon!

@ Dinesh

I hardly have anything in my skull to empty 😉 😆 But will try as you have said! 🙂


@ Smita

You know black magic!! 😯 mera kuchh kar, yaar!! 🙂 😆

@ Harsha

Thanks for the understanding!! 🙂

@ Anshul

😀 Thanks!!

@ Vimal

Thankssssssssss!! 🙂 🙂

@ Rahul

😆 I better come up with something now or else you will literally blow away whatever creativity i am left with by your stories!! 😆 😛

@ Kanan

🙂 😀

@ Soham

“blogopathy!” 😆 Thanks! And i am off to your blog as soon as i finish replying! 🙂

@ Manoj

Am in the office so can’t really shake my head right now!! 🙂 😛 People will think i have gone crazy ;lol:

@ Raj

Thanks! 🙂 shall come up with something real soon!! 🙂


Congraaaaaattsss !

Hey! Pucker up, and write !

Hehe…searching for the creativity? I stole it ! 😛
I’v mentioned tht in my latest post! 😀


Thanks sweety!! 🙂


congrats!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

used to check daily for yr new stories…. really got addicted to yr ‘laghukathas’ ….
so waiting eagarly for u to come out from this mind-block & write something as usual…… 😦 😦

congrats once again 🙂


hey congrats to u .. u really deserve it, i love readin ur stories 🙂

n thanks a lottttt for awarding it to me.. m so happy 🙂 muaaaahhhh !!

n ya .. dnt worry abt the block , u’ll get out of it soon m sure..!! chillax.. tc !!!


Hope you are back soon with more of your kathas!
And congrats on the award! 🙂


@ Priya

I read your story and now i am convinced that you have indeed stolen my creativity!! 🙂

@ Mahak

You are welcome, sweetie!

@ James

I am honoured! Thanks 🙂

@ Anu

I am glad to make you happy! 🙂

@ Prarthana

Thanks, and i am also itching to come back.. i need words for that!! 🙂


congratz to u and all the others who got the award from you 🙂


Hi Sweet Heart !!! I missed u very much….My periodical exams were there and for a change I decided to study a little….u know…now I have shifted to wordpress from blogspot…just saying. Congrats and all the best wishes to u for the Award.


@ Arvind

Hey thanks! 🙂 From all of us 😛 😛

@ Jemal

Thanks! And good that you have shifted to wordpress, a lot of people here act as brand ambassador of WP!! They will be very very happy!! 🙂

Why don’t you leave your url here.. we will not know where your blog is!!

And I am happy you studied for your exams!


Congratulations & Celebrations… 😀


Hi Sakhi, how is that I can click on ur name and go to ur homepage whereas its not possible from my name ? Almost from everybody’s name its possible except mine ? I realised it now when u asked for my url….anyway it is

bye & tc


@ Aparna

Thanks and welcome! 🙂

@ Smita

Hey thanks and let me check yet another tag!! 🙂

@ Jemal

It is because you have not linked your web page to your name.. youcan go to your settings page and add it there! 🙂


Thankx for guidance but it is a paid thing and I am not a regular blogger so later…thankx


arey baba, its not a paid thing.. do you think we all here are professional bloggers and pay for our blog!! 🙄 😛


cONGRATS !!! 🙂

N mutual admiration club …. LOL hahaha 😆


@ Rekha

Thanks 🙂 😆


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