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That cute guy…

Posted on: September 29, 2008

Khyaati woke up feeling strange. She was feeling dizzy and nauseated. She had had a late night yesterday with friends. After all it was Navratri and she loved Garba. And this time her parents were also not there to chaperon her!


She had gone to Garba organized at a club with some other colleagues and planned to enjoy thoroughly. After a few rounds Saket offered Khyaati a drink which initially she declined but she saw that she was the only one not drinking and she didn’t want to offend her new colleagues. She took a bottle of beer. She hated the taste and smell of it and couldn’t understand how people tolerated and even enjoyed such a horrible stuff!


But as the night passed and with more rounds of Garba she was offered some more alcohol and she went on obliging her so-called friends. She kind of liked that ‘cute guy’ who had joined them. Exhilarating music, colourful environment, seducing earthy smell and the effect of beer… Khyaati was having the best Navaratri of her life.


That is all she remembered!


She looked around and felt strange. Where was Ketki? With hurting head she got up and went to the living room. She saw the ‘cute guy’ sitting and watching TV. Was she hallucinating? She rubbed her eyes and looked again. He was still there.


“What is he doing here and where was Ketki?” She thought bewilderedly.


She stood there dumb founded and all sorts of thoughts passed through her mind in a fraction of second. Suddenly he turned towards her and gave a smile.


She would have died then and there looking at that handsome face and oh-so-sexy smile!


But suddenly she realized that he was in her house and her room-mate was nowhere in sight.


“What are you doing here? Where is Ketki?” She tried to sound stern.


“Ketki left yesterday with Saket and you were not in a position to come home alone, so I obliged!


Has anybody told you that you look like a princess when you sleep?


And you smell fabulous!” He said with a lopsided smile.


Was he teasing her, making fun of her? She was now really scared. She didn’t remember anything about last night. She was alone the whole night with him and ….


She didn’t want to think more.


She looked at him again. He looked decent. Nothing seemed amiss. She smiled tentatively.


He asked her to freshen up. She obeyed as if she was in a trance.


When she came out of the shower, he was ready with a big mug of coffee for her.


He was so ‘at-home’ as if she was at his place. He chattered non-stop and she instantly felt at ease. She forgot that they were meeting for the first time or she had to leave for the office or anything else existed!


She wished the time would stop here!


This is how a love-at-first-sight feels? She didn’t want to know, at least not now!


56 Responses to "That cute guy…"

Nice one…

Sakhi: Thank you! 🙂 And welcome to my blog!


I wish you would have elaborated a little further…… but it seems the guy is clone of me (not in looks, I know I know)

Sweet side of Navratri… and rare 😀

You know what I mean!! 😛


Sakhi:you know my blog, its about short stories, so can’t eloborate 😛 😛 And no, the sweet side of Navaratri is not so RARE!! 😛 😛


I second Suda 😛 My mind was wandering on those dark paths with the description of Navratri and Garba nights 😀

Sakhi: Arey yaar, Why do we always see the dark side? 🙂 Garba is full of colours and brightness, though it is done in nights… so don’t wander anywhere! 😆


and glad that your block is over 🙂

Sakhi: I am glad too! 🙂 I was actually itching to write something but nothing came to my mind 🙂 🙂


Another gem 🙂

U totally rock Sakhi! 🙂

Sakhi: Awwwwwwwww!! 😳 thanks!! thanks!! 🙂


what an end… love at first sight 🙂

“Ketki left yesterday with saket” wondering what for 😛

Garba and beer.. deadly combo.. but in this case “LOVEly combo”.

Sakhi: 🙂 don’t wonder too much, it is obvious for what she left!! 😛 😛 and yeah it is a deadly combo… Though in Gujarat it is not easy. We are a dry state.. alcolhol not allowed!!


And no sex? Tut, tut!
Nice story, Sakhi!

Sakhi: Who said there was no sex… but i believe that sensuality is more arousing than sexuality!!


Seriously all the time i was thinking ki ab kuch hoga ….but it turned out to a sweet post about some probable good side of Navratri or rather drunken night.

sakhi: Kya hona chahiye tha? 😛 😛 And Navratri has good side only, with probable dark side… I think the potrayal of it outside Gujarat is no proper!!


Nice stuff

sakhi: Thanks and welcome! 🙂


Awww!!!! sweet story 🙂

Like Reema I too was thinking something wrong is gonna happen and thankfully nothing happened 🙂

Cheers to happy endings & to Love @ first sight 🙂

Sakhi: Arey reema kuchh wrong hone ka thodi na soch rahi thi!! 😉 😆 And I too like happy endings! 🙂


now, since this is a story, I can understand the fiction behind it. But do you think this would ever happen as sweet as this in real life ????

Cute-wala dulhaniya le jaayenge!!! 🙂

Sakhi: I do believe that nicer things than this happens in real life but sadly our media has created an enviornment where we see only bad things happening around us!! I am a die hard optimist! 🙂 🙂

And why do you think that this should end in marriage only? See, you are also optimist in real life.. i can bet!! 🙂 Am i wrong?


Nice story. I liked it that you left the ending open and for readers to finish it up the way they think. Short and Sweet.

Sakhi: 🙂 I prefer for my reader to conclude on their own! And I have seen that by doing that i get a lot of ending to one story! 🙂 Its fun to know eveybody’s point of view 🙂


Strange way to fall in love at first sight 😐

Good story but what is a Garba?

Sakhi: Life itself is strange, hai na! 🙂

Garba is folk dance of Gujarat and is played during the nine nights of NAVARATRI with the tradtional dressing. It is also played before the wedding. It is fun! Very colourful and full of music and masti. Check out the following wiki link.


😛 lol 😛

Sakhi: LOL 🙂


“Seriously all the time i was thinking ki ab kuch hoga ……”

like Reema i also thought same way.

BUT as usual, typical of SAKHI 🙂 🙂

—–left the ending open and for readers.

Anyways, nice one. keep IT UP…

BTW, Congratulations for cmng back… & with usual stuff.

Sakhi: Thanks 🙂 And as i asked Reema, I ask you too! “kya hona chahiye tha?” 😛 😉


a crisp short story indeed 🙂
i really enjoyed reading it….but i feel you left it open ended and left it on your readers to end it as per their imagination……nice post 😀

i am visiting your blog for the first time and surely after this read i hope to visit it again! 😀

Sakhi: As the other readers have already said, it seems, it is “typical” of me to leave the end open!! 🙂 I don’t know whether i should continue doing it or change the style? ❓

I hope to see you around… and i am off to your blog as soon as i finish answering the comments 🙂 🙂


😛 😛 😛 Liked It very much.

There are lots of cute girls in Garba & also in Durga Puja Pandals 🙂

Sakhi: 🙂 Yeah there are a lot of cute girls there but it is said that most of them look entirely different once the make up and lights are gone!! So beware 😛 😛


i am starting liking your posts…
nice ones…


Sakhi: 🙂 🙂 I am glad


Nice one sakhi ..

From the first two sentences, I felt that it will be a usual story of girl getting pregnant during Navratri but then I forgot that it is written by you, the genius Sakhi ..

I loved it to the core .. U truly are a pious soul, I must say that ..

Sakhi: Awwww… I am humbled. 🙂 I am sure you are nostalgic about navaratri… Are you gong to go to play garba? Mumbai or Ahmedabad?


“the best Navaratri of her life”? I think not. But that’s just me.

Reminded me of that DDLJ scene.

Why did she have to drink for others? I don’t get people like Khyaati who think they need to drink or smoke to fit in.

Very well written, I must say.

Sakhi: There are very few individuals who can resist the peer pressure! Really!! 🙂

am glad you like the story 🙂


hah …. a different side of Navratri 🙂

Sakhi: 🙂 🙂 BTW where are you these days, no post for soooooooo long!! 🙂



Yeah, I go to Garba but I never play it coz I dont know how to do it .. Ha ha ha .. This time I might give garba a miss .. I’m not coming to A’bad this weekend and I dont know whether I will be attending one in Mumbai ..

So what r ur plans for Navratri?? .. All set for rajpath-karnavati-friends garba??

Sakhi: hmmm… If you don’t know, better give it a miss for other people’s toes and heads! 😛 😀

I don’t like to go to clubs.. there’s hardly any place to actually do garba.. its more of flauting dresses and chill out with friends. I prefer sheri garba with orchestra and all. Our colony will be organising garba so will dance to my heart’s content!! 🙂 I simply love garba! 🙂 (typical Gujju, hai na!! )


Hi Sakhi, I shall be looking for ‘Khyaati’ this Garba…u never mentioned her age ….don’t tell me she is elder to me lol … but by prob is I don’t take or offer alcohol …is there any other idea to give the same effect and land up at her place? lol 🙂 nice story & wish u happy Garba night outs…


am pretty late here it seems. your stories are getting popular sakhi. this one did hold me till the end although the mystery was not solved for me. I am not sure why she should be in love with that guy though as one doesn’t know what actually happened.


hehehhe 😀
i agree wid reema.. even i was thinkin.. abhi kuch hoga, abhi kuch hoga.. but it was good in d end .. ur posts always have me engrossed till the end.. i’m so glad u’re out of the block !!! 🙂


@ Jemal

hmmm… atyaare bhanavaa maa dhyaan rakho bachchu!! 🙂 Khyaati to malti rehshe! 🙂

Wish you a great navratri too!

@ Nita

And i thought you forgot me!! 🙂 Good to see you! 🙂

And “LOVE” is different for different people of differet age.. i remember myself being at 16 then later around 26 and now… the perception has changed a lot!! 🙂 I don’t know what i want to say has been conveyed properly 🙂

@ Anu

😆 I am glad too.. now i can bore you guys again! 🙂


forget you? come on now! i would have tagged you but i thought you were shy of revealing your face.


arey i thought my eyes are more expressive and they look awesome!! 🙂 🙂 (have you even seen anybody praising herself so much 🙂 )

But i didn’t think that you forgot me because you didn’t tag me… i simply felt that way, nothing to do with the tag per se! 🙂


I still remember the pretty girl, I use to watch garba for……

I wish I had a similar navratri…

I don’t know if Pune has some nice Garba’s and even if it wife will kill me if I even mentioned about it. 🙂

Good old days are gone now.


Sakhi, now you MUST watch “Roman Holiday”. Okay?


no, i would suggest you to leave the end open…….let the readers push the boundaries of their imagination 😀
and i have replied to your comments …thanks 🙂


swee story well written 🙂


@ Sharad

😆 Why should she kill you for just watching? 😉 Its natural human reaction!! 😛 😛

@ Swaps

🙂 I will definitely try… Thanks for the suggestion

@ Arpit

🙂 lol

@ Arvind

Thanks 🙂

And hey, i read your blog regularly but somehow when i go to comment my window shuts down so am not able to comment regularly. Sorry!! 😦


Nice story….am glad you out of your mood!!
mera still on hai!


thats ok..
i dont know whats the problem with my blog…
but as long as u read it i dont have any problem .. 😛


@ Mahak

Awwwwwwww… I hopw you come out of your block real fast.. waiting eagerly! 🙂

@ Arvind



Hi Sakhi,

A nicely written story. Keeping it open ended and making our brains also to work 🙂 . Anyway great job.

But I couldn’t relate to the story much as I don’t know about Garba and we will not celebrate navatri much.

I also got to know a new set of english words helps in improving my vocabluary. Thanks for that.

I am blogrolling you 🙂


Thanks Kanagu for blog roling… See you around… shall catch you on your blog too! 🙂


I am so late here! I am sorry! 😀
And wow, nice comeback after the self-imposed exile! The date-rape drug incident… I think I read something similar in the papers today morning…


@ Niks

Better late than never!! 🙂 And these incidences are increasing way too much! 😦 😡


So…! its a happy ending after all. 🙂 i wish khyaati a very good life after the love at first sight.


awww thats an amazing story! You are a great story teller sakhi!!!


@ Su

🙂 i love happy endings…

@ Anamika

🙂 Thanks but not better than you as a poet… 🙂 🙂


Hey….just happened to read your blog…I really liked your description of love at first sight…..reminded me of one of my own experiences 🙂 ….keep ’em coming! 🙂


Welcome nick!! 🙂 am glad that you could relate it to your own life… 🙂


Hi, I am back after a long time. Nice story with good suspense. You are so creative!


Welcome back!! 😀 😀


First of all, Khyaati is such a nice name 🙂

Nice story…:)

But I do not tend to agree with obliging with friends in such cases….and even here mystery is still not solved na!!


@ Sahaja

🙂 Thanks… And no the mystery is not solved ! 😉

And do agree with you that one should not oblige these kind of “friends”! but at a certain age, it is more important to belong to a group than what is right or wrong! hai na! 🙂


Aaah….somehow, quite unlike your kinda stories…
scary, i must say! what IS she thinking?? 😀
I’m soooo late here and i have much to read in your blog!!!


🙂 good to see you back after a long hiatus! 🙂 I think LOVE is what she is thinking but am really not sure whether this can be termed as LOVE or lust!! 😉

Whatever it is, she is enjoying the present and that’s what is important for her at the moment. 🙂


yup, u r right…love ur stories, read that other 2 categorized under death too, last night. Say, Sakhi, Sharad said u r from Ahmedabad, r u here right now?


@ Rolling

Thanks 🙂

Yes I am from Ahmedabad. And I guess you belong to ahmedabad since you asked “Are you HERE right now?”

hai na!! 🙂

I Am HERE! 🙂


posted the bloggers meet picture since nobdy else wd do it.



Why did you leave the story in the middle? The story line seemed so intriguing. By the way, did some one tell you, you are a good writer? You really are.. 😀


Thanks for the compliments! 🙂

And of course, welcome to my blog! see you around 🙂


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