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Oh, you are so beautiful!

Posted on: October 7, 2008

Ritu opened the drawer fifth time since morning and sighed again. A long, big sigh!! She remembered her neighbour’s comments and she backed off. Her eyes glistened. She knew she was over reacting but she couldn’t help but feel down.


She was the most beautiful girl of her batch when she was in college. And her beauty was even more endearing for she was totally oblivious to the fact that she stole a lot many hearts on the campus when she smiled and jerked her head back to keep her hair in place. Not surprisingly, she was the most sought after girl!


When she got “attached” to Kartik a lot of alcohol flowed in the boy’s hostel…


After 5 years of marriage to Kartik and a baby later now when she looked at in the mirror she couldn’t recognize herself. Well, almost!! She has put on at least 15 Kgs post delivery! She still looked charming and beautiful with that sweet smile and cherubic face. It was just that she had filled up a bit on her curves.


She had become a woman!


But every now and then somebody would comment on how she used to look in her college days and how she has changed now. Most of the time she would just smile but sometimes she felt bad, sometimes she felt enraged and sometimes she went into depression.


Kartik was always on her side. If he was around he would shoot his favourite dialogue,


“If you want a wife, your children’s mother, a best friend, a professional, a girl-friend, a cook; all wrapped into one and still expect her to be toothpick thin then probably you are asking for too much from a human being!”


But it was not always possible to make others understand how one feels when they talk without thinking.


Today was one such day. Ritu loved chocolates and she was gifted one by her best friend today. As she was about to open it, her nosy neighbour came and commented on how much weight she has put on and how it is not good for her to have chocolates and other high calorie food! She pushed the chocolate in the drawer but couldn’t push the thoughts which were rummaging through her mind!


“Was it her fault that she was genetically prone to put on weight?


Was it her fault that she was suffering from Hypothyroidism?


Was it her fault that even after taking regular treatment she was unable to shed weight?


Was it her fault that she hardly got time to exercise on a regular basis from her multiple duties of being a wife, a mother and a working professional?


Was it her fault that she could not diet as she needed those calories to keep her going?


Was it her fault that Indian females were made to be a bit voluptuous compared to their western and eastern counterparts?


Was it her fault that media was wrongly portraying toothpick thin models and showing that was the way Indian ladies are suppose to look?”


As she stood in front of her drawer, looking at her bar of chocolate longingly, warmth enveloped her from behind. Kartik had come home early with a gift for her – a beautiful skirt and a T-shirt from the “All size” store… He knew she would look beautiful, as always, in those floral clothes!


72 Responses to "Oh, you are so beautiful!"

ek kaan se sunne ka dusre se nikaalne ka!! when the couple is happy and when she is trying her best then let the nosy neighbors go to hell. Anyway she should do weight control not for people or even her husband but for her own health.

Good story!


Nice one !! 🙂

You know it is very easy to tell someone else to do diet/exercise/yoga/parhej as long as you can hog all !! 😐

A good health is more important than anything else.


I admire Kartik as much as I do Ritu ..

Husbands these days want zero-size figure wives even if they are suffering from hyper obesity and their tummy is on the verge of turning into a tea stand ..

I hate such husbands who dont care of their health but will not miss a single opportunity to taunt or to insult or to humiliate their wives for their bodies ..

All in all, a good story .. a great relationship u hv shown .. Learning experience for every married couple and for the going-to-be married couples too ..


Nice one….


That reminded me mu hubby’s comment when i HAD put on weight. He said, ” I will have more of you to love…”



Wow .. That was so nice and kind of ur husband .. I just loved it !!!


Aha!!! If you take the kiddo part out this looks like my story 🙂

Though I can not control the food part the way I want to (am too much of a foodie :D) I have joined aerobics and am enjoying it 🙂

Lovely -2 story and so very true to times…I to believe that we should try to stay fit, weight kam ho ya na ho yeh baad ki baat hai…right???


@ Reema

I also think that way, ki ek kaan se suno and dusre se nikalo but sometimes it gets to your nerve!

And yes, to reduce weight the motivation should be her own health and not the comments from others! 🙂

@ Bluemist

I had friends doing that to me till they were not pregnant or had their own children… its been a while since i have heard any such comments from them…

Jab apne sir pe aati hai to baat alag ho jaati hai! 😉

@ soham

I am sure your wife is proud of you! 🙂 I sincerely think so!

@ Anu

🙂 Thanks

And “I will have more of you to love…” is the best one liner I have ever heard!! Give a jadoo ki jhappi to your hubby on my behalf… 🙂

@ soham (again 🙂 though the comment was not directed towards me!!)

Meeeeee too 🙂


@ Smita

Its not only your story, its our generation story.. with too much of multi-tasking we hardly get time for our selves! also our white collar jobs keep us mainly sedentary!

But i do agree that staying fit is much more important than anything else but if a person tries to be fit, the weigth automatically decreases (in most of the cases!)

P.S. I am a vegeterian Foodie too! 🙂



** I am sure your wife is proud of you! I sincerely think so! **

I’m blushing !! .. U hv to ask that to my wife though !! .. I’m trying my best to be a perfect husband ..


I don’t understand why ppl give so much importance to the way they look.. she should have realised Kartik married her for the person dat she was, and not for how she looked from the outside..
all of us are gonna grow old one day.. no matter how much we try to look young,fit and beautiful.. no one can defy nature.. we should rather concentrate more on being good human beings than worry about being over-weight or ugly !


The eternal complaint of fat people… 😀
I’m around 200 Kgs overweight myself, and my excuse is always this, “I’m not fat, I’m big-boned!”
Nice story! Welcome back! How was your writers’ block? Enjoyed it? 😀


thats a nice story how a girl feels when after marriage and also the questions thrown before the readers 🙂

But now-a-days looking good is given so much importance thats makes the people to go through extreme of dieting.


talk of weight and food… and i’m back to my voracious eating self… no matter wt my size is(its not a ton either), i never cheated my tongue and stomach… so i suggest the same thing to ritu too… and let her be comforted by a hubby who thinks she cud be cute in a skirt even after putting weight… 🙂


nice 🙂

” Was it her fault that media was wrongly portraying toothpick thin models and showing that was the way Indian ladies are suppose to look?”

Hmm…you mean sticks with clothes on? They look really really dumb…


Very nice story. But the picture is not all rosy in the super models section. They suffer from eating disorders and other psychological effects from extreme exercise and dieting. It is enough if one stays healthy and reasonably within the weight limit.


Lovely story…

A long big sigh… and opening the drawer for the fifth time…. I thought there must be something really really fishy in the drawer..

maybe Ritu is too tensed over her neighbour’s remark and is going to consume poison or may b a lot of sleeping pills… but lol…. I had a big smile when I found out what was hiding in ritu’s drawer 🙂

Hog On would be my message to Ritu.. life is too small to worry about things like eating choc…and getting tensed over it may make ur life more smaller.

Anu’s comment reminded me of my friend, he had this uncanny liking towards fat girls, so once when he questioned him about his habits he said “Dude I will have more space to love”

I never got a witty reply than that…. it was superb…

and its not Ritu’s fault the question to all ritu’s answer is NO.. God made it that way.. what can she do 😛

it was so sweet of kartik to bring her a t-shirt and skirt..

it was sweet of you to name him Kartik and not Karthik or Karthikh.. I am so tired of readin south Indian names and seeing t and h together…

I guess the comment is getting a bit too long… Sorry…


wow …that was a beautiful story …
someone plz tell me how to gain weight . 😛 i am just 65kgs ..
@ nikhil
help me dude 😀


Oh I have these kind of people always around every time with a new piece of advice. 😐

Before marriage they were worried abt my marriage; now they worry about me having kids !!

I have outsourced all of my worries to them 😆

and I am happy being myself 🙂


whats the matter?? alcohol was flowing in this post and the last post too???


@ Soham


@ Anu

Yes, I think so too! But i know from my own and my friends’ experience that it is easier said than done! Every one want to look good… But the definition isn’t decided on! And everybody gets upset at one time or other on the remarks that they get.. however level headed that person might be!!

@ Niks

😆 hippo will feel bad to look at you if you say you are 200 kg overweight 😛 😛

BTW this is my third post after my declaration of “writer’s block” :mrgreen:

@ Kanagu

Its soooooooo unhealthy to crash diet! But size zero is in vogue, God knows why??? What happened to the sexy curves of female species? 🙂

@ Su

I think she is just a few kgs over weight and this can’t be called exactly fat (read obese!) and chubby girls do look cute in skirts!! 😛 😛

BTW happy hogging!!


@ Vishu

“Hmm…you mean sticks with clothes on?” 😆 that was a good one!!

@ Dinesh

“But the picture is not all rosy in the super models section. They suffer from eating disorders and other psychological effects from extreme exercise and dieting. It is enough if one stays healthy and reasonably within the weight limit.”

I completely agree! Recently Kareena Kappor fainted on the sets due to hypoglycaemia and malnutrition due to extreme dieting to acquire size zero!!

Certain countries have banned “toothpick” models as they have negative influence on their youth!


@ Sharad

First let me tell you the your new avatar snap is cool! 🙂

Secaondly, i got the idea of putting the chocolate in the drawer after i kept my own chocolate back in the drawer for umteeth time .. though not because somebody passed a comment … but i felt guilty of having it. I gave it to my daughter today 😀

Thirdly, I belong to Gujarat and here we don’t add ‘h’ to ‘t’! Most of my south indian friends do! 🙂


@ Arvind

After a few years, once you are married and well fed by “you-know-who” you will ask us how to reduce weight! 😉

p.s. that doesn’t mean your mom isn’t feeding you properly… but somehow guys also put on more weight after marriage! 🙂

@ Bluemist

I am happy being myself too, well, most of the time!! sometimes i do get bugged but then its permissible once in a while! 🙂

@ Sharad

😆 Its nothing special …hic…hic… err.. what was i talking about.. hic..hic.. hmmm.. zzzzzzz


Size zero models are only good to drool on TV or in movie halls… Indian khate peete ghar ki ladkis are best 😀

That’s a perfect Indian family you’ve portrayed.


I’m blog rolling you 🙂


Awww…that was one sweet story. Well, I get paranoid when I put on weight (there are reasons for that), but I do not want a slim wife either. Slim is boring !!!

@ Anu :

Thats so sweet of your hubby!


I am overweight by 8 kgs and it kills me sometimes. I have stopped eating. 🙂 I think weight is genetic and if its in your family, you can’t help it.
Nice story, as always! 🙂


@ Varun

I absolutely agree… The size zero models look like flat boards!! 😉

And hey thanks for blog rolling, i am off to your blog as soon as i finish replying to the comments! 🙂

@ Vimal

I have seen around me that most of the males like curvaceous bodies of their partners! It the females who look at their own body more microscopically! and other females add to the lenses of the microscope! 🙂

@ Amit

Hey if you are serious when you say that you stop eating.. i really don’t think it is a very good idea. Even if you lose weight by dieting you lose lean muscle mass and as soon as you stop dieting the fat cells proliferate again. Exercise is the best method, though it is tough initially! 🙂

Genetic predisposition can’t be ignored but still weight can be kept in check if exercised regularly, which is very important for a better health than cosmetic purpose! 🙂


hey nice story…but if one has to do something the onus should on thyself rather than blaming the one has time to exercise ..ons has to make time for that!!!


I agree wit u… thin/slim gals look like inverted flag poles in skirts… 😛


@Nikhil 200 kgs?????????? 😮


Nice story Sakhi. I like the way you articulated the thoughts of the main character. And she is right, because if she is happy then others can go to hell! As long as she is keeping healthy too.


Well written, Doc!

Oh yes, those toothpick thin models whose bones are clearly visible look like they have not been fed for ages! 😯

I don’t understand why women are starving themselves to look thin. If thin was beautiful, then Olive Oyl (Popeye’s girlfriend) would be the most beautiful woman on Earth! 😯

Women look very beautiful if they are voluptuous! (not necessarily fat) 🙂

By the way, I am so tired of reading north Indian names with about a dozen monosyllabic and bisyllabic surnames for the whole population . . . no offense meant . . .


Oh yes I agree. These comments are bothering. But having a healthy lifestyle helps. Anyways being healthy is not one time task it needs lifestyle change.

how much ever one shouts looks are nt everything they matter !! Be it your work place, be it your marriage ; every where !!

If you look at these matrimonial ads, they still say “Gori,slim”. humpf !!


Toothpick thin is unhealthy & so is Jayalalitha!

Nice story 🙂


@ an alien earthling.. 😆 tired of monosyllabic and bisyllabic surnames.. hahahaha… ur funny…


thanks for cooling the avatar cool 🙂 🙂

You meant you had that choc for sometime and when u felt guilty u gave to ur daughter… ahhh… buy her some new ones..I hope shez not getting stuff which u felt guilty of having…JK JK JK.

See till now all the boys who commented like voluptuous girls… if any size zero sought to be model is reading this…. no one really likes you…

@ Su

inverted flag poles?? huh?? quite an imagination.


@ Sharad

of course, when everyone has a surname that is picked from a list that just has a dozen monosyllabic and bisyllabic ones, it does get tiring to hear the same thing over and over again . . .

. . . what is really funny is that you pronounce your names that have a ‘t’ as if they are ‘th’ but fail to write the ‘h’ . . . I cannot stop laughing about that . . . 😀


@ Rahul

yeah, its easy to blame but one has to take reins in hands!! 🙂

@ Harsha

“thin/slim gals look like inverted flag poles in skirts… ” 😆 you have quite an imagination.

@ Nita

Absolute.. but today the healthy word is not the in thing, it seems!! its mainly “look good” Whatever that means!!

And thanks! 🙂

@ Raj

“Olive Oyl (Popeye’s girlfriend) would be the most beautiful woman on Earth”

😆 OMG how would the world look if every girl looked like her!! 😯

Most of my male friends like voluptous females!! 🙂 [and yes, thats not the same as being fat!)


@ Raj (again)

“By the way, I am so tired of reading north Indian names with about a dozen monosyllabic and bisyllabic surnames for the whole population . . . no offense meant . . .”

didn’t get it!!

@ Bluemist

haan, yaar, looks does matter! 😦 When we wanted a doctor for our division so many candidates were rejected as they didn’t have “personality”!

What has a doctor’s personality has to do with his skill… but … this is what happened!

@ Talkative rahul 😉

“Toothpick thin is unhealthy & so is Jayalalitha!”

Good one! 🙂

@ Sharad

nahi re baba, my daughter do get chocolates from outside as it is a rare occurance that my inner self will suddenly be awaken with guilt and i leave a chocolate

😀 😀


liked the plot…
something which is very common…

but so understanding husbands are rare i guess…!!




I didn’t mean anything . . . just as Sharad finds it difficult to comprehend south Indian names, I found it difficult to comprehend north Indian (does not include east and west) names . . . nothing more, nothing less . . . 😐

Yes, the world would be a pathetic place if all girls and women were to become Olive Oyls . . . 😯 I’ll have to drop the Earthling from my pen name and become a real alien in that case . . . 😦 😉

Not just your male friends . . . I guess every male in this world prefers a voluptuous female (does not mean fat) . . . but still every girl wants to look like a pencil 😐


@An alien Earthling : I would love to believe what you stated about every man.
I had this collegue struggling hard to look like models as her husband wanted her to be like those hollywood females 😐


@ Vinayak

🙂 Welcome and thanks!

@ Raj

“I’ll have to drop the Earthling from my pen name and become a real alien in that case . . .” 😆

“but still every girl wants to look like a pencil” 😯 I hope not!! 🙂



That’s sad to read . . . I wonder if her husband looks like those Hollywood actors . . . 😕 and whether she wants him to look like them 😕

In any case, Hollywood actresses, with a few exceptions, look more voluptuous than those wafer thin, skin-and-bones models on the ramp . . .

But yes, males generally prefer voluptuous females . . . I don’t know why . . . it seems to be a sub-conscious thing . . .


@ an alien earthling..

chill man..relax..peace… I dont have difficutly to comprehend south Indian names..its just i m surrounded by so many south Indian ppl I got tired of it… and guess what i got some south Indian accent now 🙂

and if u have a laugh at north, east, west names…good… Keep laughing… 😆 I am laughing too…. we maharastrains have some really weird and funny surnames ..i laugh all the times 😆

Keep smiling.

@ Sakhi she does get some new chocolates… get her a really big one from my side 🙂 and maybe if guilt doesn’t awaken your inner self you can have one too 🙂



Let’s just forget this . . . and I never laugh at anyone’s name, even if they happen to be from a different planet in a different universe . . . afterall, a name is a personal thing and the only correct way to pronounce/write a name is the way that person pronounces/writes it himself/herself . . .

It’s okay . . . no hard feelings, friend . . . peace! 🙂


heheheh 🙂 I knew what ur reply would be….but as u say Peace with a capital P… but I am a bad guy… I laugh at watever I can.. I just try not to hurt any1 when I laugh….sry if I hurt you…

keep laughing on watever u feel 🙂


Sorry Sakhi……for debating…not on your post but on trivial things…..



Okay, PEACE! 🙂

It’s not that I was hurt . . . but there are so many different ways in which the same name is spelt, even within south India . . .

Karthik, Karthick, Kartik, Kaarthick, Kaarthik, Kartick, Kartheek, . . . I’ve come across all of them . . .

And you too don’t give up laughing 🙂 it’s good for health . . . much, much better than starving or going on a crash diet . . . 😉 🙂


Personality for a doctor huh ? interesting !! I was watching Idian Idol and all the judges keep echoing they want a complete package. Last year there was this girl named Smita who could not make to finals because she has depressing looks even though her singing was better than others !! Sigh 😦


see i told you i will visit your here i am! 😀
okay so now coming to the post…well elaborated , it had a taste of irony yet it brought out the whims and fancies of a woman…..size zero who said people want to see a toothpick hanging around! ……but i would agree with reema …do not give heed to such comments….duniya walon ka kaam hai kehna .toh kehne do……finally nice post and nice ending too 🙂 {my conclusion.the neighbor must be size zero and looking at the kind of criticism size zero have received , she must be jealous of the protagonist } 😀


kuchh to log kahenge … logon ka kaam hai kehna 🙂

nice story … but the disease/syndrome angle could have been done without. the other reasons are more than enough 😛


@ Sharad

🙂 Chillax

@ Bluemist

😯 She was actually thrown out on the basis of personality?? But i think that is still justifiable when we come to think of the nature of their profession… They are not just the play back singers but also perform on the stage.. So might be!! But still, in today’s day and time, package is given more importance than what it contains!! Sad, but true!!

@ Arpit

😀 😀 I am happy that you came back again.

I know this neighbour!! and she is nowhere near size zero!! 😀 can you imagine! [though i have given the story a tag of fiction, it is someone’s story, though not completely!! :)]

do visit again!

@ adarsh

🙂 Thanks for the constructive comment! Will keep it in my for the future stories!! 🙂



Mega Mass 10000 😀


What was the name of that disease….wait… yeah Hypothyroidism …yeah this was the turning point in the story…infact, without Hypo stuff she couldn’t have become Hippo anyway…. and story would have felt very un-Sakhied…you know…


Kudoz Sakhi!!
I too find it annoying when people continue to compare you how slim you were in your college days and how you changed after wedding!
I think its pretty obvious for girls to put on weight after marriage and those same friends will not leave a single moment to tease you about that! its so annoying….
No one can remain the same as ever. If you feel beautiful from inside- what all do you need more?
size 0 is the weirdest invention of today’s world- what message are models and actresses are giving to the youths is unknown to me!!!! Look at Kareena – she didnt eat for three days before shooting for Challiya song from Tashan- I mean what was the need????
Aaaahhh i can go on and on!!


I guess this is the story of every woman! What say sakhi?


ok now that is the story of a woman ..Now think of a girl of age 12 or 13 n her story of pimples ..each time when she touched the piece of chicken fry or a sweet …the people around said ” a clean face or face full of pimples” 😀 ….
that was my story 😀 …cud nt stop myself from writing tht experience 😛

n this is the story of every woman !!! 🙂


A warm story which probably most indian women could corroborate to. but I think an intelligent woman should not take such comments seriously! 🙂


Hey thanks for accepting the tag. And ya, I was pretty busy at work and couldnt blog. Everytime say I am back to blogosphere I get busy. So I did not say that this time 😀


A very nice story!
I really find it irksome that people always comment as to how you have changed since when they first came to know you. The only thing that is constant in the world is change.

Once the one-lined reply I received in reply to my email with snaps was, ‘you have put on weight 🙂 ”

Recently, I was ‘complimented’ that MY GOD, I look the saaaame as I did 6 years back. It didn’t make me happy.

Why is it a crime to grow old and change, I don’t understand. As if it is in my hand!


@ Anshul

“unsakhied” ?? ❓ hee…hee…hee…

@ Mahak
Its not only obvious for the girls to put on weight but also for the guys… its only that, people around us are oblivious to that 😀 And if its noticed also, its considered that since he is happy in marriage, he has put on weight 🙄

size 0? duhhhh!!!

@ Nova

Almost every woman!! 🙂 A couple (only a couple!!) of my friends have still retained their prebaby body!! guess they are plain lucky to have such genes!! 🙂 I sound like i am jealous (shhhhhh… sometimes, I am!!)

BTW, how is your ahmedabad trip coming along? Hope youare enjoying like anything!! 🙂 Planning to stay for a long time?

@ rekha

Ah… not only pimples… it goes for almost everything.. “arey, kitni kaali ho gayi ho!!” was the max that i heard when i was young!

@ Manoj

Intelligence has nothing to do with the “belonging” feeling and also to “am-i-attractive_feeling”!! 🙂 LOL

@ Manoj again!

Tag done! 🙂

@ Nomad

I feel the same and sometimes i get irritated on myself for thinking and giving heed to such comments!!

But as i mentioned earlier, everybody wants to look attractive and attractive in today’s world (atleast what media potrays!) means being slim and trim!! 🙂

And the worst part is, the comments come from those females (mainly they are females, hai na!!) who are nowhere near slim, trim, fit or even working outside the home!! 😡


Lovely story… When she has her hubby’s support, she needn’t worry… Loved the ending…


LOL 😀 🙂 Am glad you liked it! 🙂


Nice story… but why does she have to look good at all ages? People have different responsibilities at different stages of life… Looks maybe important in a particular young stage of life, but sticking on to it and thinking that it is the most important thing throughout life – is a bit silly. Except if being slim is considered being healthy. But I do not figure that attitude with all the people who were commenting around her. And if she is taking the comments seriously, she also feels the same deep inside. It is very important for people to adapt to different roles and responsibilities as they move on in life. Both for men and women. Why does she even have to bother about all the comments?

Destination Infinity


Nice storyline and narration 🙂

But do you think women especially in India feel depressed about their lost beauty after they become mothers?? they become naturally oblivious to this fact and when they have support of their husband , they might totally forget 🙂

Nice post 🙂


@ Destination

I understand what you want to sy but i think the protagonist here gets bugged sometimes! 🙂 and yes, with age responsibility comes and the changes with them are inevitable! One should take them in their stride!

And hey thanks for the visit to my blog! 🙂 hope to see you around.

@ Sahaja

Yes i think it is more obvious after the birth of the baby but not always… its a habit of the people to tease whoever is a little bit overweight! 🙂

And hey, welcome to my blog 🙂 hope to see you around!


Such a cute, sweet post! 🙂


Such a cute, sweet post! 🙂


Thanks sweetie! 🙂 Where were you for soooooooooo long?? ❓


Lovely story. Is that how women feel? I really didn’t know. And if they were attractive in their “younger” days, I think the feeling increases tenfold. Right?

Sakhi: yeah and reation of people doesn’t help much either… most of them don’t look at themselves but are quick to pass on the comment…


nice story
best comment was ” i l have more of u to lv”


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