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Posted on: November 11, 2008

Preksha came out of the bathroom almost dancing… she was jumping up and down. Kaushal looked at her and kept  his news paper aside. He saw his wife in this mood after a long time. He held her hand and pulled her on his lap and planted a light kiss on her cheek. He was very happy to see her in this mood and wanted to hold her tight. He didn’t know what had caused this sudden happiness but right now he was satisfied just to look at her jubilant face.  


She had not told him that she had missed her periods. Didn’t want his hopes up unnecessarily! Too many false alarms had already ruined their lives. But when the “preg-card” showed two red lines, she was elated. And it showed!!


They were married for almost 10 years now and she wasn’t able conceive. All the medical tests for both of them were normal, yet they were deprived of the joy of parenthood. Not anymore…


Nine months passed almost in a jiffy. She was enjoying all the attention bestowed upon her and he loved showering all that he could on her. Everything looked great and USG showed the perfect growth of the baby.


Kaushal was present with Preksha during the delivery and his respect to his wife grew more when he saw her in severe pain and what she endured for the delivery of their little bundle of love. He cried openly when he saw his baby’s head coming out. He was itching to hold his baby but she was whisked away by the paediatrician to another room. Something was wrong. Gynaec was busy suturing his wife and he saw furrows on the paediatrician’s forehead. He didn’t have guts to ask what was going on. But something was seriously wrong, for sure!!


And then he heard his baby cry… It was full one minute before she cried and the paed. was worried about it. The baby was placed on the mother’s chest for cuddling and Kaushal felt relief that things are working out to be fine. But then he was called to the doctor’s chamber and was narrated on the baby’s birth weight, APGAR score and other things. He didn’t understand most of the things. But when he was told that due to delayed breathing of the baby there were chances of brain damaged, he was shocked!


“Not necessarily this would occur, but there are chances! Being the father you are supposed to know” emphasized the doctor.


Reassurance of the doctor didn’t make him feel any better. But he didn’t want to show any of his anxiety to Preksha, who was sleeping soundly due to exhaustion.


To be continued…..


26 Responses to "Faith"

Waiting for part two 🙂

Sakhi: I hope i can keep your interest up in the part two also!! 🙂


Masha-allah .. Lovely Story !!!!

I too cried after getting several slaps from my mami – my gynecologist .. Did not cry in the beginning .. I did not take that long of 1 min though ..

I hope my brain is not damaged !! LOL !!

Sakhi: “Masha-allah!!” ??? 🙂 🙂 Thanks!

And the way you write i dont think there is any damage done!! 🙂


” I love your narration ” – 🙂 😀

Sakhi: Thanks Sweetz! 🙂


the first para was like….ummmm wats going to come next and then… duh..

Sakhi: Duh??? What did you expect?? 😀 😀

and kaushal was satisified..just to look at her jubilant face.. i bet must be “yeh dil maange more’, but then reading later that 10 years of marriage..he might be satisfied with just looking 😛 😛

Sakhi: Not always, not always!! 😉
It must be a great feeling na…to be a father…

and then how he must be feeling when doctor told him that his new born.. poor fella…

I hope u remember Sakhi that you don’t like sad endings.. so the “to be continued…” is going to be a happy one. 🙂

Sakhi: sure i will remember that!! 🙂


Thats one gripping story and trust me am now waiting for part two. More after part two. You are a master story teller 🙂

Sakhi: Thanks! 🙂


Eagerly waiting for part two. I love babies, so make sure you keep her safe !!!!!

ohh now I see the reason. Poor you. And I was wondering whats wrong with this guy. 😀

Sakhi: I will surely keep that in mind, suda!! 🙂


part 2

Sakhi: 🙂


Interesting. waiting for next part.

Sakhi: hmmm… 🙂


Wow… 2nd part of this story.. its going to be more happier than this one… beautifully narrated… 🙂 🙂

Sakhi: Lets see how it turns out!! 🙂 Thanks!


Nice story . . . waiting for part 2 . . . hope the baby is fine 😐

Sakhi: Lets see what happens!! 🙂


Wow, the narration was soooperb, Sakhi.I could feel the happiness of the couple in the beginning and I also felt the pain at the end, a weird feeling. Please dont delay the second part. I hope it doesnt end so saccharine sweet; I prefer realistic endings.

Good job 😀

Sakhi: 🙂 thanks.. i try to be realistic too!


Very touching. Reminds me of my aunt who lost her 2 yr old son.

Waiting for the next continuation 🙂

Sakhi: Its really diificult to lose ones child… the most difficult of the losses, i guess! Hope your aunt has come to term with the loss.


why u r extending story to part 2!!! u could hv finished in just one na???

anyways, story narration is simply superb.

waiting for part 2!!!

Sakhi: I have continued so that you can come here again!! 😛 😛



Ha haha ha .. I knew that someone is gonna make fun of me .. I knew that it is coming ..

I’m not getting any comments on my blog from urside !! .. why is that Suda?? ..


First time u wil be writing a sequelt to the story .. otherwise u always come with a n end which make all of us thinking ..

Sakhi: Haan yaar.. thought of doing somthing different and then when i started writng this story i realised mid way that i would not be able to do the justice to the characters if i don’t give them enough space, hence, the sequence…

And about suda, He reads your posts on google reader, but can’t comment as blogger is blocked at his office! Thats the reason he is not seen on your blog.

( i replied on his behalf thinking he might miss this comment and i knew the reason! Hope its okay with both of you guys)


Would part 2 be fast forward as in “10 years later”, or would it be flash black as in “A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away..” or will it be in the same boring time line. 🙂

Sakhi: 😀 😀 Thanks for the idea!



That’s ok .. I think it’s good that u replied on behalf of Suda in case he missed my comment !! ..

I’m eagerly waiting for the second part then !!

Sakhi: Hope to come up with the sequel real soon! 🙂


Hi, My first time here, in the comment section, though I did leave a note in your guestbook.
Very promising story…you know, it kind of reminds me of the beginning of “The Memory Keeper’s Daughter”.. Waiting to see what comes next.
PS.: Could you please weed out the typos? They seem jarring in such a wonderful story…

Sakhi: Officially welcome to the blog… 🙂 I must read “The Memory Keeper’s Daughter”

Hey, it would have been helpful had you mentioned the lines in which you found the typos; but i will try to weed them out as much as i can find!! Else, you will have to specifically point out!! 🙂


happy ending… plz plz plz 🙂

sakhi: 🙂


Waiting eagerly for the second part! 😀

Sakhi: Will come up in a day or two 🙂


You are a terrific story teller. No second thoughts about that 🙂

Sakhi: Thanks 🙂
Why have you named the story ‘faith’? Is it the faith that the couple had in one another for 10 years that they can do it come what may 😀 or does it come in the second part?

Sakhi: Lets see how the second part unfolds!! 🙂

Happy ending please 🙂

Sakhi: 🙂


I came again.. liked the first part…cant wait to see the second…no particular requests as to how the story should be like some others who have expressed their wishes. Its your canvas paint your picture here.

Sakhi: 🙂


My respect for the Women grew when I saw my wife deliver. It was after that, that I started considering Women as Goddesses. Waiting for part 2.

Sakhi: No, yaar, we are no Goddesses, But we definitely wish people will consider us to be atleast humans…


I missed the “to be continued” and was confused. 🙂
Its this habit of God which I find really irritating. When he gives us loads of happiness, why do we always have to pay for it? Why is it always a give and take?


oh i missed 2 posts! 😦
(i will read the to be continued part later)
but this one was a little off beat from the rest of your short stories 🙂
after 10 yrs of marriage being blessed with a child with chances of brain getting damaged is the biggest injustice of all


damn … u are good …tooooo good… keep writing… please….


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