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Faith Continues…

Posted on: November 13, 2008

Their life changed and how!! Baby’s laughter, cries and antics filled their days with pleasure. They named the baby “Khushi”, for she brought them happiness. As the days passed Kaushal forgot all about her birth problems and things fell into routine. Preksha also resumed her work after a few months.


Khushi was very timid and looked like a porcelain doll. But as she grew up her parents noticed that her milestones were delayed. The paediatrician asked them to wait since certain children took time. But as the fate would have it Khushi never became “normal”. She remained a slow child! Her physical capabilities were also compromised. Preksha and Kaushal were heart broken to see their only child in such a state.


They tried to search for the reasons, was it because of the late pregnancy? Was it because of the delayed oxygen supply to the brain at the time of delivery? They wanted reasons; they wanted to blame something, somebody…


Over a period of time they came to term with the situation. And all said and done, Khushi was their only child, their precious princess and now she needed them more than anything else. In spite of her delayed growth, she was a happy child and loved playing around. She needed more care, a cautious supervision and special attention.


“I want to be with Khushi… I want to leave the job.” said Preksha at dinner one day.


Kaushal had never forced her for anything. He was happy with her happiness. And he also knew that Khushi needed her mother’s care and attention. But he also knew that Preksha would go bonkers if she stayed at home full time.


He was right. Being a full-time mother of a slow child was taking toll at Preksha. She needed an outlet.


One day on internet, she came across a site which helped people put up NGOs and the necessary training required for running such an organization.


Preksha looked at Khushi and thought,


“There are so many mothers like me who are in the same position and might not have enough capability or resources to bring up their “special” children. I, anyway, have to look after Khushi, so why not help others also!!”


Kaushal was more than happy with the idea.


And the ball started rolling.


Isn’t it said, “When you desire something, the entire universe conspires to realize your wish”?


The journey was not easy, not easy at all! But the smiles of the little angels kept her going. Initially the finances were tough, but as the word spread, donations came pouring in and also the volunteers. Young boys and girls took time from their studies to donate their time.


Slowly but steadily her dream took shape and today Preksha is a proud founder of “Khushi’s Paradise”; a paradise where Khushi and her “friends” love doing finger painting,  listening to stories, getting scared of puppets, eating sloppily and then sheepishly smiling at “aunties”, “Didis” and “Bahiyas”. Still, their favourite is “Preksha mamma”.


Preksha started with one child but now she was a proud “Mamma” of 60 such Khushis…


Epilogue: Khushi is now 6 years old, still passes urine and sometimes stool too, without realizing. She still needs attention and constant watch so that she would not lose balance while walking. She has to be looked after while eating so that she would not get chocked since her cough reflex has not yet developed properly. She has a lot of other problems but her smile is intact.


And she still brings happiness to her parents’ lives!!


36 Responses to "Faith Continues…"

………………….I loved the way you moulded………..loved the ending…………and was in tears……….My mom’s uncles child is like that….she was 8 when she died……they were twins…a boy and a girl….conceived by a 40 year old mama……boy was a slow child…he is in 3rd class and did not a fail in a single class in a normal school…..he loves his sister and he doesnt realise she is not there…….the way he pours out his love for me, he asks for chocolates and nothing else!! he listens to his parents, plays well with other children not realising he cant speak properly even at this age!!!

the girl is unlike him….she was born with a big lump over her back….her vertebral column was not striaght and overgrown to her limbs……but she is intelligent…..I saw her growing …..she has those sparkling eyes and even at the age of 5 people could say she was beautiful….she was indeed damn beautiful….she learnt things at a much faster pace than her brother….she supported her mother and calmed down her when she got irritated at her son….I was not able 2 believe my eyes when I saw…..She is the head of the family…she cant walk , she cant do anything on her own…she crawls on the floor since her legs are paralysed….but she is the one who looks after guests, respects them, showers gratittude for helping her…..imagine at the age of 6 or 7 she used be much more mature than anyone!!! She died 2 years back and she knew she was going to……she was truly an “ANGEL”…..She used to like me a lot, whenever I went to see them, she specially used to make gifts for me and used to give me sarees….I used to play a lottt with her!! She is a beautiful child indeed!!! I miss her a lot….:(


even now I can see her before my eyes……her voice was so sweet….She was gifted…she used to sing songs in carnatic music so easily , even people trained for years could not get it right in the first go………..God is like that…He gives one and takes the other…….so is life :)…..even now I consider she is the guardian angel for her brother….he missed so many accidents by hairline gap!!! Best wishes for all of those people….May God Bless them !!

Thanks Sakhi 🙂


hmm very touching indeed..

my neighbour’s kid at indoor is another khushi and recently she has also found at a khushi’s paradise :).

Interestingly she has become more active after being part of such paradise.

It is indeed very tough for parents specially mother to see her child like this.

Hope there are many more with Preksh’s courage, will and desire 🙂

Very nice story Sakhi 🙂


Were you inspired by any particular organization to write a piece like this?

Khushi’s smile brought tears in my eyes. I am glad that there are still a lot of people like Preksha around to help kids like Khushi.

God bless Preksha, her supportive husband and the lil Khushi.


very touching… 🙂


🙂 a spark leads to a fire 🙂


very good story as usual 🙂


Good one! Sad but yet true to its title “faith”


A good outlet for Preksha, a creative solution which made everybody happy. I like happy endings.


This story rings true in so many parts of the world…



Thats a sweet and an idealistic ending…but can it happen in real life???

Remember my post about a lady being murdered?? Her kid is autistic…her hubby wanted to give her to an orphanage and eventually they separated and now there is no one to take care of the kid.

But yes, a very well narrated story 🙂


Very nice story and a very nice ending. Khushi’s paradise indeed!


As always…. BRILLIANT !!!!
Wonderful end to a wonderful story 🙂


and the faith continues…
it was amazing to note the momentum of continuity…
one small lamp in Preksha lighted up 60 hearts with happiness… with Khushi 🙂


thanks for making this wonderful story realistic at the end. Loved it Sakhi, very touching:)


Great story sakhi.. very inspiring.. loved the way you shaped up this story.. surely a Khushi 🙂


I am speechless.. its heartbreaking..



The story is sad yet joyful . . . well written!!!


It’s heartbreaking to read about your niece 😦


Ultimately we have to find happiness in whatever we have been given. Destiny is something no one can fight with.
Great story!


the story was amazing… i loved it… we cant keep giving up on everyone… !!! that was very nice… thanks…


wowww..i dont know what might have inspired u to write this story…but people who might be going through this situation will surely get some light after reading this….


That’s an idealistic ending…but how often it happen in real life???

btw, Extra-ordinarily shaped story.

One cousin of mine is also slow child, he stays @ Khusi’s paradise like place for whole year except vacation time. He has also got 2 real brothers & now both are married.

Sorry friends, i ll continue later on…..


@ Sahaja

Aww… I am so sorry to hear about this! May god give them strength! Thanks for sharing this with us.

Sorry for replying soooo late!

@ Sharad

I am happy for the child.

And thanks for the compliments. 🙂

@ varun

No, was not inspired by any such organisation but i am sure there will be somebody somewhere who is doing this or something related to this 🙂


@ Anshul, Vishu, Arvaind & Reema

Thanks 🙂

@ Nita

I like Happy endings too! 🙂 Though this was not all that happy but i liked Preksha’s courage and make the best out of te situation.

@ Rambodoc

yeah 🙂

@ Smita

Yes, i firmly believe that these things happen in real life but due to negative journalism we are not shown the good face of society these days. And hence we come to believe that nothing good happens around us.

There are bad people and many atrocities occur but at the same time there are many good souls on earth!


@ Dinesh, Adarsh, Harsha, Vimal, Kanagu, Raj & Amit

🙂 Thanks


Wow! Great Story indeed. Will come back for more!


@ Jagdeep

Thanks and welcome to my blog! 🙂

@ Swathi

🙂 thanks… i like hopeful stories and also happy endings… 🙂 🙂

Welcome to my blog.

@ James

didn’t know YOU will say something like this!! 😦 I know you are as optimist as i am and you know that these things happen in real life!!

Thanks for liking the story 🙂

wish the best for your cousin…


@ Gopi

Thanks 🙂 do come again! 🙂


Wonderfully touching and sweet story! Thanks.


I like happy endings 🙂


@ nomad

Thanks 🙂

@ Manasa

Mee toooooo! 🙂


nice optimistic ending! 😀


Thanks WW! 🙂


S a k h i,
This one is heart-wrenching…choking. How fragile life is….but tenacious too.


yeah Swaroop, life is cruel at times,but that’s the way it is and in the game named life we can’t decide the rules!!


Thanks swaroop! 🙂


This is my first visit to your blog and I just loved it. 🙂 You really have talent. Your story writing skill is a thing of true awe. My throat was dry when I finished this story. Very good work. 🙂 Blogrolling you. 🙂

Sakhi: thanks and blogrolling you too! 🙂 mutual admiration you see! 🙂


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