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My First Ever Interview!

Posted on: December 12, 2008

I was surprised when I was approached for an interview by The Pakistani Spectator. I mean, I am a nobody in this big, bad blogsphere!! But then I was happy too! This meant that I was getting recognised. And it felt really good.

Following is the excerpt of  “The” interview.

Interview with Blogger Sakhi

Do you feel that you continue to grow in your writing the longer you write? Why is that important to you?

I have done my […]a sense of achievement. .

What do you do in order to keep up your communication with other bloggers?

Blogging is the best medium to communicate on different topics that concern the like-minded people. I make sure to keep in touch with my fellow bloggers through feeds. And I don’t, ever, forget to reply to […]

Do you think that these new technologies are effective in making people more responsive?

Can’t say about people being responsive, but yes, it has definitely made people more politically aware.

You can find the whole interview here.


37 Responses to "My First Ever Interview!"

Congratulations!! I have an invitation too. Still in a dilemma whether to answer it not. Good answers btw…

Now get back to story telling. 😀


I have the invitation too. I know couple of other people who have invitation too.

Your interview is interesting read. 🙂


@ Varun

Yeah, i need to write stories ASAP but somehow am unable to find time for serious thinking 🙂

@ Poonam

Thanks 🙂

@ Both

I know that a lot of Indian bloggers were invited for the same and i had kept this on hold for quite sometime myself!

All the best if you guys are going to do it! 🙂


Me too got the invitation but don’t know whether to take it or not!! now I think I can take it..
And your answers are very nice 🙂

Sakhi: Thanks and waiting for your interview! 🙂


Congrats!! Very nice answers.

Sakhi: Thanks 🙂


I read it before you published this post. yay! I’ve given it too, and it was published as well. and btw, u’re awarded by me. come over my friend! 🙂

Sakhi: I have already read yours and commented on the interview as well!! 🙂


oh! forgot to give u the link. here


Congratulations!! And you’re NOT a nobody on the blogs!! Awesome interview! Proud of you! 🙂

Sakhi: Aaaaaaaaaaawwww 🙂 thanks!! Your compliments means a lot to me!! thanks buddy! 🙂


Congratulations Sakhi 🙂 Great interview!

Sakhi: Thanks 🙂


:))) This is really BIG!!
Someday I can say “I have known Sakhi since she was a budding writer”

Sakhi: Aww, thats such a sweet thing to say! 🙂


Hey pretty cool interview! cool answers.

Sakhi: Thanks 🙂


Interesting read, Sakhi 🙂

I got the invite, too. But deleted it. 😀

Sakhi: Thanks 🙂 🙂


Honestly, havnt read the interview yet. Will do it today for sure and then comment on that. But in the meanwhile, you have something to do.

You have been tagged :

Atleast this one Sakhi, atleast this one.

Sakhi: Yet another tag?? you seriously are an optimist… now i think i will have to do this!! Atleast this one!! 😉 😀


heyyyyyy great news…and I did not know ur schooling was not in English…..Then Its just awesome english [i know its possible but still i feel its difficult to learn after schooling!]

Kudos Kudos!! 🙂 I am one more person who thinks U r the best Story teller I have ever known!

Sakhi: Thanks, thanks!! 🙂 🙂 You know, i love to show off that i havent done schooling in “English” medium.. love the attention i get 😉 😉 [but its true nonetheless]


Awesome !. Seems like PS is getting all the publicity in our ‘small’ world.

Sakhi: Thanks… but whats “PS” ?


Congrats Sakhi !!! U r gr8 blogger…wish u all the best …:)

Sakhi: Thanks. Hope your studies are going great! 🙂


Congratulation!!! Sakhi is now a celebrity! 🙂

Sakhi:hee…heee…heee… thanks!! 🙂


Sakhi you have handled the interview like a pro!!

Sakhi: thanks, yay, yay!! 🙂


Congrats 🙂

BTW when can we expect you to be back with a bang????

Sakhi: hee..hee.. actually i am also tired of my own lazyness! 😉 so now get ready to get bored! 🙂 😀


Interesting Sakhi. I liked your answers. And this website seems to be interested in Indian bloggers quite a lot.

Sakhi: yeah seems like that! Probably promoting it self in Inida! 🙂


Congratsssss…commented on your interview too..

Sakhi: Gee…thanks! 🙂


Congratz…… 🙂
I too got it … 😀

Sakhi: thanks 🙂 allt eh best if you are taking it up!! 🙂



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Yaaaaay to you!!
So happy….badhaai ho

Sakhi: Dhanyavaad, dhanyavaad!! 🙂 🙂


Congrats great interview.

Sakhi: Thanks 🙂


Congratulations for the interview….and this interview is amazing…

i got the invite too…had fun doing it… 😀

Sakhi: Thanks Alice… i will definitely read yours! 🙂

And hey, welcome to my blog! 🙂


@Sakhi: Xylene meant the newsletter Pak Spectator by PS.

@Nita: PS is doing it for its own benefit. Blogging works in India, and they are upcoming online journal. They also want to exchange links with us blogger. I have given the intervoew but wary of exchanging any kind of links.

The email for request is standard and they post your answer as is withoutmaking any effort to correct mistakes that crop up if you copy from a Word document, smileys or links.

But take it as fun, ots fine and doable. 🙂

Sakhi: Thanks 🙂


Congratulations! And who says you are nobody is this blogging world!

You are somebody, somebody for readers like us! 😛

Great going…keep up the good work! 😀

Sakhi: Aww…thanks 🙂


wah wah! 😛
congratulations …..i read yours and poonam’s interview…….next step to become renowned writer of short stories 😆

Sakhi: I wish I CAN become “renowed” writer as you mention someday!! 🙂 🙂


just look at you ….. your stories are really worth publishing i told you before also 😆


hey… read your whole interview… It was a good one 🙂


@ Arpit

Thanks man, you made my day and month and also the entire year!! 😆

@ Remya

I am glad you liked it! 🙂



U r becoming World Famous 🙂


Sakhi, you said,

“Pakistan, a country of cultures and traditions strikingly similar to India and yet so different! ”

Do you mean to say that Pakistani culture is similar to that of North India but not states like Tamil Nadu and Assam. Coz otherwise I cant make sense of this !


@ Vikram

No, when i said they are strickingly different i wanted to say that though we came from the same womb, the kids have grown differently.

India being more tolerant and non-secular, where as the neighbour has turned to be throne in the leg for so many nations around the world.

Yes, i admit i was subtle in passing on the message! I hope you can pardon me for that! 🙂


Congrats!! 🙂
you’ve got a huge following 🙂


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