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I love to chat!

Posted on: December 15, 2008






Kanhaai sat there with her novel and coffee mug, cuddled up in her “Tom and Jerry” blanket. She was missing Anaadya.




 It had been a two days now since he came on-line. He told he would, didn’t he? Actually he promised… but then, when did he keep his promises!

They had met on-line around a year back. When they met on-line Kanhaai was 13 years and Anaadya 14. They were born on the same day, exactly one year apart. Initially it was just hi-hello and unexpected bump-ins. But as time passed they longed to talk to each other. And they chatted with each other for hours.

Kanhaai started getting dependent on him. She was a single child and her parents were busy professionals. She found a friend and a soul mate in Anaadya. As soon as she came home from school she would put on the PC and wait for Anaadya to come on-line.


She was a straight ‘A’ student till now. But her grades started falling. Her mother initially thought it was due to the adolescent changes. But when for three consecutive tests her grades didn’t improve she started worrying. She sensed the changes occurring in her daughter and she didn’t like it. Something was amiss.


But Kanhaai’s father waved her concern away and told her that she was getting unnecessarily worried.


Kanhaai was getting more aloof and most of her time now passed in front of the PC. She was no longer an active teenager who loved sports nor was she interested in anything. The bolt for the parents came when one day they were called to the school and were reprimanded by the principal for Kanhaai’s constant fall in academics and extra curricular activities.


When her father looked at her in the evening she suddenly looked pale and withdrawn and he realized that his daughter has changed… He cursed himself for letting the things go so far. But it was not too late yet.


They both took Kanhaai to a psychiatrist and she was diagnosed with internet addiction. But what hit them hard was that she was involved with a person, almost of her age, on internet and…


What they came to know about the relationship was so horrifying that they could not believe what they heard.


Their child falling prey to internet sexual abuse and extortion!


Kanhaai’s mother couldn’t hold herself. She blamed herself for not being there for her daughter’s crucial years. But this was not the time to blame anybody.


They were explained by the psychiatrist that scolding or reprimanding the child would only get the intense rebuke. This was the time to be patient.  

Epilogue: Cyber Cops were able to nail down “Anaadya” who, as turned out to be, was not 14 but 41 years old and was a pervert; mainly involved in sexual abuse and pornography.


Kanhaai is slowly recovering not only from the addiction but also from her depression and mental trauma. Recently she got  a ‘C’ for her Math monthly test.


54 Responses to "I love to chat!"

Internet can be dangerous, specially when it becomes addiction and that too at an very young age.

Poor Kanhaai.. but atleast due to psychiatrist help, her parents could found out the root cause of her problem, Many people just don’t think internet can be of any troble.

There are many Anaadya in the cyber world, and smart ass too… once I got an email from a girl, it turned out that some1 has given her my email on a meebo chat room. I was horrified, but I couldn’t do anything abt it…

One needs to be very very careful, while giving out personal details.

I hardly see any kid playing hide-n-seek, ice-water, dibba down, sitoliya these days…all are glued to TV or internet.

Nice post Sakhi 🙂

Sakhi: I know how it feels though i have never been addicted myself but do feel an urge now and then to check who is online, whether i can talk to them and so on!!

I am glad you didn’t enter in the viscious cycle.

But i disagree with you when you say that the kids don’t play out door games anymore… i se them playing all the time but yes not as much as we used to play since the study pressure has increased since our time!!


Very Dangerous 😀

Sakhi 😛 😛


certain creatures are meant to be kept at a certain place,not any where else..

Sakhi: and castrated too!!


Bahut hi khatarnaak naam hai characters ke 😛

Sakhi: 😛 😛

Nice story and especially for today’s parents. This makes me wonder there are so many evils in modern world and so much pressure on parents!! Our parents were a happier lot.

Sakhi: i absolutely agree about our parents being happier lot. when i think of the freedom i got, i am sure i will not be able to give that much to my daughter!


Kanhaai is now online! The latest I heard from her is that she’s got a ‘B’ in Science 🙂

Sakhi: 🙂 😀

You have touched upon a topic that is quite prevalent in cyberspace these days. Beautiful story and scary character names 🙂

I am glad that the psychiatrist identified her problem quickly.

Sakhi: Though in India its is a long way to go when internet addicition is taken seriously.

And for scary names— 😛 😛



But frankly this is the reality…

We try to find reality in virtual life which is all but real.

Not on such a serious note, I remember a colleague of mine had very happily gone to meet a female chatting friend of his. She turned out to be male 😀

Loved the story.

Sakhi: yeah its so easy to cheat on net and that too, with those people you don’t know (so prolly guilt doesn’t come in picture!!)


Nice narration. Sadly this is more of reality than fiction!

Sakhi: yeah!


really many of the children being fell prey to the addiction to internet. Socilal networks like orkut will make them fell prey to the sexual abusers and anti-social elements.
With many of our homes are having internet I am very much worried about a child’s mental and physical health.
Internet is as dangerous as it is useful.

Wonderfully put together by you in this story 🙂 nice

Sakhi: Thanks kanagu… i understand the concern but internet is no more a luxury but a necessity. so parent have to be more vigilant and the children are to be made aware by open talks rather than restricted!


Very informative narration. Sigh! The changes in society these days. Apparently, for worse!

Sakhi: No kiran, i really don’t think that all the changes are for worse, though the parents have to be more vigilant and take stand firmly where needed. And of course, loving and friendly talks with one’s child is the best way out.


BTW, thanks for adding my blog on your blog roll 😀

Sakhi: my pleasure! 🙂


Very Scary!

Sakhi: yeah! world is full of these kind of people… their access to our homes has become easy due to technology… we have to be more vigilant to dodge them!


It happens to a lot of them and Child internet safety is a very important issue to deal with. I guess, there should be mandated parental software controls so protect the children from being abused this way.

Sakhi: i don’t know how much it is going to help..i mean the softwares. I think the awareness amongst the children and supervision would do the needed. And of course; love, care and enough time for the kids will take care of almost everything for child’s mental wellbeing!


really? scary!!!
As all of other things, internet is something that could be awesomely useful and dangerously brutal!!!

Hope children dont fall prey! [I am not so sure elders would not though!! ]

Sakhi: all of us are prone to these things but since adults are more emotionally stable the chances of them getting into these traps are less, but can’t be fully ruled out!

And the names….Ahh…yet again, u always surprise me and leave me thinking…How could she have such a beautiful imagination!! 🙂 Love You Di 😀

Sakhi: Atleast somebody thought that mine is a beautiful imagination when it comes to the names of the characters!! 🙂 🙂 Many think that i have scared them with the names more than the concept of the story!! 😀 😀


Very nice story. The internet is like a knife in different hands. A house-wife would chop vegetables with it. A criminal will use it for his evil purposes. A child might use it as a paper-cutter. It all depends on how it is used.

sakhi: yeah, we should know how to use it! 🙂

@Dinesh Babu
I don’t think that can be done effectively. The only way to prevent this is to talk to the children open mindedly.


Where the internet is concerned, you need to know how to handle it. If you don’t, if you aren’t smart enough, you can go down. The smartest people who can handle internet creeps are actually the younger lot, although because most of the young go on the net, it is also some of the young who fall prey to it. But overall older people are less able to handle e-relationships. For example my daughter is very clear. Never ever allow someone to become a freind on FB unless he/she is referred by a friend. Ignore all stranger friend requests and such like.

Sakhi: I wish my kid turns out to be as smart as yours 🙂 🙂


parents think tht its for their family’s sake they both are working. A happy family doesn’t need to have a castle, lots of goodies and all wallets full. If you’re close enuf to every family member so much as to fill their hearts with joy and contentment by just speaking to them, be assured that your child, hubby or wife will love you even if you are in a thatched hut!

Sakhi: whatever is said about money not being as important as the other things, i beg to differ slightly here! Money is very much important but yes blind run after it is not. Quality time, love and understanding towards the child will definitley make a lot of difference to the mental stability of the child and his/her emotional attachment towards the family.

Sometimes mothers work not only for the money (thlough that is a major reason!), but also for her own mental growth. At home her brain would rust.

These are my views, not to hurt anybody’s feelings. I do respect the at-home-moms but have seen many a friends of mine who are very well educated and are not working but they wish badly to do so. And there are others, like me, who are working and think that it would be better to stay at home and take care of the famliy.

Gosh… i am contradicting myself and getting confused in the process..



Your story gives a strong message to all the working couples who are not able to devote time to their growing kinds.

Sakhi: yeah… quality time and a little observation will take care of many a problems of today’s families!!


Its definitely scary….
The characters nammeas well.

Sakhi: 😛 😛

Even I was ver yscared when I said yes to Anupam for marriage wthout ever meeting him…now when I think of it I think I was stupid…..
I was plain lucky actually…parents should put a vigil on internet activities of their kiddos.

Sakhi: you were lucky and i am glad that you were!! 🙂 🙂 Parents should definitely be aware about the things going on in their ward’s life!!


You should never chat on internet with someone unless you know that person. Who knows who is there on the other side. Somehow the whole setup is very uncomfortable.
Ofcourse, there are exceptions like Fruity! One lucky girl!
Good story!!

Sakhi: Yes fruity is lucky but it would have been a disaster of life had something gone seriously wrong. I absolutely agree about not chatting with unknown persons.. specifically in chat rooms and acceptiing invitations from unknown people on socialising sites just to increase the number of friends…


A very common incident. Who’s responsible? Parents are and I feel if parents can’t take time out from their busy schedules to pay attention their own kids, it’s their loss and the kids’. It’s a sad situation. Sometimes the damage done by incidents like these is permanent. Harsh reality of today.

Sakhi, very nice writing. I sometimes feel that those parents can’t take proper responsibilities of kids shouldn’t have kids!!

Sakhi: Thanks


Silly girl.

Btw, isn’t boys who usually fall prey to girls 😉

Sakhi: 😛 😛 😀


sakhi was this one a real story?

Sakhi: No, it was a pure fiction.. but am sure there would be somebody who would have passed through such things!!

but really internet is a very unsafe domain….. recently somebody had my posts copied and when i politely approached this person he hurled abuses! it really left me shocked and from there on i have been using security lock ups!

Sakhi: I am so sorry to hear this! 😦 good that you have increased the security

but you see single child are more prone to this because no one is there to keep a track of their whereabouts

Sakhi: I think it is true… these kids are lonely and they try to find love outside the home! 😦


oh sos illy of me! you mentioned it as part of fiction. i just saw it after posting the comment 😛

Sakhi: 😀 😀


i thought this was for real…this is happening these days and its also because most of the kids have no siblings to talk to… 😦

Sakhi: 😦 yeah! The responsiblility increases double fold of the parents… they are not only parents but siblings and friends too!!


Hmmm.. Hope Kanhaai recovers soon. Now-a-days, kids know more on www than we know 😀

Loved the twist in the end.

Sakhi: Thanks!


Hi Sakhi,

There is an award waiting for you here 🙂

Sakhi: Thanks buddy! 🙂


Good Morn, a story at last, enjoyed it as usual…laughed when I read u were not in an Eng medium school, most Indian Writers aren’t actually 🙂

Your story ilustrates, once again, how parents fail to give quality time to children. That is the most imp way of sharing “love” yet, tht never happens – love gets substituted with bejaan material gifts….

As for the Internet, in our school, children do everything on the Net in school – even chat. So, they find it easy to come and ASK, therefore, each quesn becomes a teaching opportunity – strengthening the child against things it shd be wary of. Also peer sharing-teaching goes on continually….

Like everything else in life, if children are guided, trained, and are cared for ( wh means enabling them, really, to take life on, on their own, without disabling them in the name of ‘loving’) – they pick up fast soon becoming OUR teachers 🙂 Nita is right.

Sakhi: Along with Nita, you are absolutely right!! 🙂 I wish my kiddo is armed for these things in school or atleast by me!! 🙂


O thanks, proud to be on YOUR blogroll, hadn’t noticed before! 🙂

Sakhi: hee…heee…hee… you are there since quite sometime!! 🙂 and its my pleasure, indeed!!


i never could digest the fact that people fall for such internet activities with strangers..!!

but the sad thing is that it do happen..

nice fiction and and an education material too..


Sakhi: Thanks! 🙂

And welcome to my blog 🙂


You really cant trust people on the internet.. They appear to be the best people u’ve met, and then one day you realise how wrong you were.. its horrible.. really..

Sakhi: Yeah, too much trust can create problem for us!


okay! i revoke my statement about the thatched hut part. Prolly I was too carried away wit the story’s after effects. but yeah, money IS important for a healthy relationship. If only we set our priorities right, money wont bother us and the family ‘l be happy.

contradicting yourself!?! well, i’m too immature to judge what might possibly have gone through your mind while thinking about it! I suppose it was a tough decision for u to make.

Sakhi: 🙂 🙂 No, it was never a tough decision to work… it was natural. But i do get second thoughts now!


so true, sites like Orkut, Facebook etc are a haven for sexo-psychics… people need to watch out and maintain adequate privacy… It is extremely dangerous for young immature guys and gals… they just tend to go with the flow and end up ruining themselves….

nice informative and educational story btw… 😀

Sakhi: 🙂 🙂 thanks and welcome to my blog..


Nice story.Reminds me of the time I was hooked to online chat rooms.

Thankfully, I grew out of it, and nothing untoward ever happened. But its scary how vulnerable and naive people (especially kids) are while chatting online!

Sakhi: thank God for that!! 🙂


Excellent story. And its interesting reading the comments loaded with advice for youngsters. The fact is kids will be kids and they will explore the world around the. If a supporting offline structure is provided, they just may not fall prey to predators .. but there is no guarantee, is there?

Sakhi: you are right, there’s no guarantee! But a little caution will always help!! 🙂

I have made some great friends through chat. I was in a relationship that lasted many years and it all started with chat. I guess it depends on the maturity of the people involved.

Sakhi: You are one of those lucky people… I know atleast four people now who were comfortable with online relationships. And anyways this story just put forward a point and not that this IS going to happen. 🙂


geez .. This is the reality .. many children face this .. and with sites like orkut its very easy to fall prey …

there should be something like cyber education too

Sakhi: Along with sex education, cyber education is a must in today’s world. 🙂


Hi Sakhi,

You have been tagged:

Sakhi: Thanks.. 🙂 But i have already done this tag long back


haan…i forgot ….how come a 13 yr old girl is having coffee and novel !! when i was 13 i was all the time out playing all sorts of nonsense games with kids of all ages [i was eldest u c 😛 ]

Sakhi: 😆 Yeah but world is changing fast and the kids today are fast too!

Probably she was reading “Mills and Boon” 😛 😛


I can totally relate to this story personally. I came across a person through chat, we sat for hours on chat, we were not in love thankfully, but at last it turned out to be a 46 year old woman who was chatting using her daughters id. Things came out gradually when the phone numbers were exchanged. The daughter (whom I thought was my chat friend) was forced to talk with me and the james bond that I am found it out ! Stopped all contacts with the mother-daughter duo and also stopped chatting with unknown people beyond a limit.

Btw, I liked your story, but more because of my own experience !

Sakhi: OMG!! 😯 you really faced that?? Thank God you weren’t in love…

Whatever the reason, most important is that you liked the story!! 🙂 🙂


i find it strange that people can just start chatting online. i mean, i talk to a lot of strangers, but i do it in person.

this doesn’t sound like one of your stories at all – in fact, it sounds more like a news item.

Sakhi: I do talk to a lot of blog friends on chat but i know them through their writings… i hope i don’t face any such things ever!!

And i absolutely agree to your observation about the story looking like a news item… hope i do better next time!


It is very difficult nowadays.
Internet is a haven for child predators. In general, I find the concept of chatting for children absolutely pointless and dangerous.

Also, another thing is, in some places, there is extensive permeation of internet/ intranet , like in IIT, and you cannot really ban a child from computer or net, it is like banning a child from toys all their friends have! It amounts to dictatorial parenting nowadays. But the truth is, sooner or later, the kids discover pornographic material.

I have seen 9 year old kids surf porn sites in a cafe. 😦
I feel very alarmed and distressed by these things. Especially, I feel such premature exposure to things that they cannot judge the reality of, when they differentiate little between sexual fantasy the real world, leads to extremely wrong opinions/ beliefs about sex, violence and women, and eventually will lead to more crimes.


Absolutely agree withyou Nomad!! But things are most of the time not only in our hands. Best thing is to guide them and be friends with the kids so that they don’t have to find love and friendship outside the home. Though with both parents workind and nuclear families, time and talks are becoming luxuries! 😦


Hi Sakhi,

I think its the fault of the girl only…if somebody is trying to push u in corner just snub it … what’s the prob? Why make hue & cry…lol…somebody has rightly said girls r stupid…lol…

It is a beautiful story & very well written…:)


Haa…ha..ha.. Not all girls are stupid, sweetie!! 🙂 🙂

Some of them are more gullible then others!

BTW how are you doing and your studies??


hi.. sakhi..
once again i m very late for comment session.

anyways, i like yr stories especially the endings.

any child should not allowed internet access privately, without any supervision at all, not only this, they get direct access to porn sites also BUT in india, many parents feel proud about it (providing personal access).

child should be given freedom, BUT it should be supervised by parents. (i know, one my uncle allows his son to use all mails, orkut and everything……. but he had also kept password of his all accounts with him)

bye for now.
keep posting good stories. 🙂 🙂



Better late than never!! 🙂

was missiing your comments! 🙂


yr names in story, goooood one. it also shows that u hv good imagination for that also like stories………

Sakhi: Aww… thanks! 🙂

i believe that nowadays we can’t deprive any child of com. or of googling and so more…… so all bachha should be given cyber education (also sex education) by school, if not than definitely by parents.

Sakhi: Absolutely


Yeah, some of the youngsters fall prey to such things but some others like vishesh, mature beyond their age! (Just now I read one of his poems and this comment is the effect of the same). I don’t know how much of it was due to internet exposure 🙂

Destination Infinity

Sakhi: 😆 😆


Hey thanks for your comment on my blog. 🙂

Sakhi: Most welcome! 🙂


Hi Sakhi,

I am fine and hope u r doing good…my prelims r going on and will be completed by 24th…I am studying hard & doing my best…hope examiners also do their best for me…no TV no Tennis no movies…though I may go to see Ghajni as well on 31st …Later on, I will take ur few more min …to take ur advice on my career options if u don’t mind….bye & tc…:)

Sakhi: Great! 🙂

And i am happy to see your name linked to your blog.


ohhh….it looks like one need to maintain a certain borderline while chatting……who knows the person on the other side cud b an alien…lol… 😛

Sakhi: 😆

btw…you have been tagged !!!! 😀

Sakhi: will just check it out!


Very touching story… Kinda reminds me of this ..!!


Very nice story. For more on India and men’s issues check out


The crazy things that can happen to people who fall prey to internet addiction!


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