Sakhi's Laghukatha


Posted on: December 22, 2008

“Hello!” Shree said in a huffed voice in to the receiver as she came running from the kitchen.

“Hi, Shree! This is Komal.” answered her best friend from the other end.

Shree was happy to hear Komal’s voice. Though they talked almost everyday, they never seemed to have any dearth of topics to be discussed or dissected.

“Hey, wait a sec, I will put off the gas and come!” Shree knew her conversation with Komal is not going to end before at least half an hour.

As they resumed their talk, Shree sensed that Komal was not in her jovial mood.

“What’s the matter Komal? You don’t seem to be yourself today.” Shree got worried.

“There’s something I want to tell you Shree, but don’t know how to!”

Komal was a chatter box and she never had qualms about anything in life. This was the first time Shree had heard her best friend in a dilemma.

“I am already worried for you, yaar! Don’t create suspense. Shoot!”

“You said Abhi was out of town yesterday, but I saw him in the late afternoon at CCD with a woman, in-fact a girl!” Komal blurted out. She didn’t know how to put this softly. She loved Shree too much to cause her any pain, but at the same time she didn’t want her to be cheated on.

Shree didn’t know what to say. Their conversation ended in less than 15 minutes.

She forgot all about her lunch and sat staring at the telephone. Shree was in a state of numb shock the whole day. She didn’t know what to do. She had trusted Abhi and loved him with all her being. And in their 5 years of marriage he too had given her everything or so she thought! Though theirs was an arranged marriage, she had fallen in love with this down-to-earth person from the first day they had met. And the love had grown deeper with each passing day.

Five years of their marriage went in front of her eyes like a film reel. And the more she thought, more she was resolved to save her marriage. She had trusted and loved Abhi and she still did.

Abhi was in for a pleasant surprise. It was a while since Shree took pains to look beautiful for her husband. And the gleam in Abhi’s eyes was worth the efforts. They went for the dinner and to a movie later that night. Abhi sensed shree’s nervous efforts to please him but he couldn’t understand the reason but he didn’t want the spell to break.

Shree too was basking in Abhi’s undivided attention and she forgot the afternoon’s incidence.

But when she talked to Komal the next day she suddenly remembered about their conversation and got a bit uneasy. Though Komal didn’t broach the subject, lest it would upset Shree!

Their conversation didn’t last for more than 5 minutes.

Shree didn’t want to offend Abhi but she wanted to know about that evening.

“I trust him!” she told herself, but the fact was that she was feeling insecure.

She didn’t know how to ask Abhi without looking like a nagging wife. Her task was made easy by Abhi himself.

“Arey, Shree, I forgot to tell you that I met that girl, what’s her name?”


“Which girl?” Shree’s heart missed a beat. She was all ears.


“The one who called repeatedly for the membership of that club!”


Shree sighed. She thought, he might tell about “that girl”.


“Unh… ok!” she had lost interest in knowing about some sales girl and her club.


“Actually, the day before, I came back from Baroda a bit early. So went to office and there she called again. They had planned some get together for the prospective clients at CCD. I had an hour or so at hand so thought of giving it a shot. But, you know, I was the only person who was on time.

She really tried to sell me the membership but I think it is quite expensive for us. Wasted my hour there!”

Shree couldn’t believe her ears.

“These girls and boys are very young. They study and do part time jobs…..” Abhi was telling Shree about the event but Shree was not there to listen to him.

She was on the cloud nine. She threw the T-shirt she was folding and gave Abhi a deep smooch to shut him up. Abhi was surprised at this sudden display of emotions. Of course, he wasn’t complaining!

Shree ran to the other room and picked up the phone to call Komal. Their husbands had to sleep alone till late that night!

Chatterboxes were chattering again!!


65 Responses to "Sigh!"

Very nice story, thanks for sharing. 🙂

Sakhi: How cordial!! 🙂 Welcome!


Cute! Very cute! 🙂

Sakhi: Gee… thanks! 🙂


Biwi ho to Shree jaisi 😀

Sakhi: 😆


Very nice!!!

Sakhi: Thanks 🙂


Your stories always have a happy ending. Really nice. 😀

Sakhi: Naa… not always!! 🙂


very nice and meaningful story Di…

It gives an insight into how easily small things abt someone we love n trust could trouble us… the same time also how strong the trust shree had on Abhi was!! Awesome !

Sakhi: Thanks sweetie 🙂 And i strongly believe that trust and communication is the two most important ingredient for a successful relationship.


Good one…
Its simple and pure.LOL..

Sakhi: Thanks


Dipped in mush 😀 Nice .

Sakhi: Hope it wasn’t nauseating mushy!! 🙂


lol 😀 good old one i would say..its nice reading this at 11 😛 seems like a now go and have sweet dreams story 😀 😀 😀

Sakhi: Vishu, this is your longest comment by far!! 🙂 🙂 Did you have sweet dreams BTW? 😀 😉


good one dear 🙂

Sakhi: Thanks 🙂


Sakhi, write some tragedies too. They create a deep impact. And the above commenter would perhaps go back to studies. 🙂

Destination Infinity

Sakhi: yeah i know tragedies create deep impact and one of my tragic story recently won an award too… but somehow, i can’t come up with a tragic end. In-fact i hate tragic ends and that shows in my stories. Though not all my stories have happy ends. 🙂 🙂

And 😆 for Vishu!! 🙂


Oh sorry, my comment was aimed at commenter no. 9. My cell phone needs to be faster! 🙂

Destination Infinity

Sakhi: 😆


the first story that made me smile. loved it. gosh, i wish all women were like Shree !!! LOL 😀

Sakhi: 😆 wishful thinking…


Nice one..loved it…

Sakhi: 🙂

Thought it will have an happy ending 😛 😛 but Shree smooched Abhi and went to call komal?? how unromantic 😛 😛

Poor their husbands…

Sakhi: Naughty boy!! 😉

On a serious note… I feel Trust is the base of every relationship…wait a minute…is this on a serious note hehehehe 😛 😛

Sakhi: 😛


Very well put. You have successfully shown the unconditional trust that should exist in a relationship for it to be successful. 🙂 I loved reading it. 🙂 The husband too doesn’t break the trust his wife has kept in him. Very nice story. 🙂

Sakhi: Am glad you liked it!! 🙂


very nice story Sakhi 🙂
loved reading it 🙂

Sakhi: thanks 🙂 🙂


Ta da da…happy endings!!!!! A sweet one :))

But yes what can a grain of doubt do….

Sakhi: Yeah… we all get into such situations with friends or relatives… and we take most of the things at the face value without really giving it much of a thought. what eyes see is not always true!! 🙂


Not fair….anti-climactic 🙂

Sakhi: 😆 Why anti-climatic??? 😀 😀 what were you expecting? 😉


Nice story..
happy ending..
keep writing..

Sakhi: Thanks 🙂


a good one… with a happy ending 🙂

Sakhi: Thanks 🙂


very sweet ending 🙂 nice post!

Sakhi: Thanks 🙂


that was nice! nice indeed 😀
so didnt shree blasted off komal ? 🙂

Sakhi: Probably she did… 🙂 🙂


I would’ve given Komal a tight slap 😀

Nice ending 😉

Sakhi: 🙂 I think komal had best interest of her friend at heart. But yes, with out conforming something as serious as this shouldn’t have been told. 🙂 🙂


proved once again – Love is blind, and its better if it is so. 😛
err, shud it be like tht always? 😉

Sakhi: Naaah… it shouldn’t be like that always, in fact open eye love is far better. At least you know when you are betrayed and you don’t get as much shocked!! 🙂 🙂


MeRRy ChristMaS 🙂

Cute Story!

Sakhi: Merry Christmas to you too!! 🙂


Girls!!!! She should have asked him!! 😛

Sakhi: GIRLS?!! 😛 😛 Men!!! Always forget to tell one thing or the other 😛 😛 😀


nice story… 🙂 was smiling at the end 🙂 🙂 🙂

Sakhi: Glas to put a smile on your face! 🙂 🙂


You have written it in nice way … after all faith is faith and nothing else … You know one thing … Indian girls either they come from village or from city … they have a little heart and it is one’s (friend) responsibility to keep this heart intact … no words to express my feelings here … simply nice…

Sakhi: 🙂 thanks but why only Indian GIRLS??? Everyone has a heart which shouldn’t be broken, hai na!!

Welcome to my world 🙂


achha what is the relevance of the title with the story?

Sakhi: Sigh of relief 😛 😛

BTW, tujhe meri taang khinchne ke alaawa aur koi kaam nahi hai??? 😛 😛


nice story 😛
for a change make some bad stories ..sothat we can change our comments 😛

Sakhi: haa…haa…ha… 😆

Will try in the next story 🙂 🙂


Oh such doubts act like a thorn in the flesh – I am glad they lived happily after!

Sakhi: Absolutely 🙂


Hi Sakhi,

Nice story…I love happy ending…:)


@ Vishu

🙂 I am happy that you did 🙂 🙂

@ Jemal

I love happy endings too! 🙂


when are u releasing ur therapy book madam ? 🙂

Sakhi: hee…heee…hee… 🙂 🙂


🙂 Great one! First time here!

Sakhi: Thanks and welcome to my blog… see you around! 🙂


Hi Sakhi,

A very happy new year wishes to you 🙂
Have lots of success and happiness this year and years to come 🙂

Sakhi: hey thanks and wish the same to you and your family 🙂 🙂


Awesome story.. loved it.. 🙂

Sakhi:Thank you! 🙂


Cool story!

સાલ મુબારક! 🙂

Sakhi: Arey wah, in Gujarati!!! 🙂

Wish you a the best in the coming year! 🙂


Lovely story with a nice twist.


Short and sweet…

Loved it….happy new year….my birthday too 😛


Happy New Year Sakhi Di….wishing you more smilezzzzz and best wishes for ur family too!


Happy New Year, Sakhi!
A happy ending, eh? Nice story 🙂


Oh yea. LOL. Nice post.


hmmm……typical hindi daily soap plot but a nice style and approach


🙂 Chatterboxes !!!


nicely written, but somehow to be honest, it was predictable.

i wonder why love demands undivided attention though – for if i really did discover the joy of love, i would only want to share it with more people…



Write something 😦


*knock* *knock* – Anybody homeeeeeeee??


Lady where are you missing?


As always…lovely!


gr8 story… 🙂

but where’s the story teller???? madam kahan kho gaye ho??

waiting for the next story……. 🙂


Ha ha ha ha! That was cute! 🙂
“She threw the T-shirt she was folding and gave Abhi a deep smooch to shut him up. Abhi was surprised at this sudden display of emotions. Of course, he wasn’t complaining!”

How romantic it was! 😀


Hey nice story….
Abhi is lucky to have a wife like Shree…. 🙂


🙂 enjoyed it, thanks for a nice Sunday aftn


This is good. I’ve managed to read almost all your stories. They are short and well put. Have you written anything longer? Post them! Do keep writing. You have a gift!!


Sakhi, Bloghopped from somewhere. Fabulous collection of short stories. I am hooked.

Keep writing!


Where are you Sakhi? how are you? Return soon with your brilliant stories 🙂


Hello Sakhi,

I miss u very much…where r u…hope everything is fine with u…:)


Where are you??? Long time no see!

email me you gmail id… we can chat sometime 🙂


Sorry friends for not being able to write or at least answer to your comments. Belive me I too miss being here but there are certain social obligations which I could not ignore and hence, was unable to be here.

Thanks for missing me guys!! 🙂

And thanks for the awards, too!

Also welcome to all the new people who have visited. Its the first time that I have not welcomed my new readers personally. I do apologise for that.

See you guys around.


Many times we take judgment quiet hastily……….

nice story, once again………. & as usual typical of ‘sakhi’…..

i really like yr stories very well……………..

Sakhi: Thanks 🙂


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