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What say!

Posted on: February 13, 2009

How many years have passed!! 10? No, it was exactly 12 years since she last saw this sea. She used to love coming here. When Maanushi was a toddler, her parents used to bring her here and she would giggle and laugh and loved riding on her father’s back. As she grew older, parents’ place was taken by a bunch of friends and they used to hang out here. Sometimes till wee hours debating on anything and everything! How many times had they saved this world from economic crisis, from terror attacks and even UFOs!!!

It felt like home coming. She inhaled deeply as if to keep the essence of the sea within her. She was elated and way too nostalgic!!

It was getting darker and she decided to head to their “once favourite” café. Maanushi felt as if nothing had changed in these years and yet, so much had changed.

That applied specifically for her friends, Ketki and Manan.

Maanushi was to stay with them till she got her accommodation from office. She tried to convince them to stay in a hotel, but they would not hear of it. In a couple of days she could make out that Ketki and Manan were not whom she remembered from her past. They had grown to be different people.

Ketki was not as bubbly and Manan has become considerably quieter. In all those years they talked on phone or kept contact on chat, she never felt anything amiss! She attributed this soberness to the hectic work schedule they followed.

Though Ketki was happy to have her, she seemed aloof; not only with her but with Manan too. Something was seriously wrong. Both were tight lipped and she too didn’t want to prod.

As the days passed, her friends’ drift was the last thing on her mind, as something else was eating at her heart and mind. In the last few weeks she realized that Manan was popping in her head way too many times than needed. His thoughts kept Maanushi occupied even at night. Just a thought of Manan sleeping in the adjoining room gave her a warm feeling. She kept going back to their conversations, replayed them in her thoughts and kept staring at her laptop screen during work hours.

She knew, Manan was not to be blamed for the state of her heart. He had never, ever given any hint in that direction. She tried reasoning to herself saying that this is just a physical attraction since it’s been a long time since she had a male company.

But that did not change the fact that she had fallen head over heels for her best friend… and best friend’s husband!!!!

She wanted to be held by Manan, not like his usual hugs. Not a friendly hug but a hug of a lover. She wanted to be close to him, close enough to hear his heartbeats. She wanted to be the part of his being.

She had dated a couple of men earlier but she had never felt this way for any of them.

She was confused with her own feelings. She did not feel guilty. And, yet, she knew these feelings were not acceptable to the society and probably will not be acceptable to Manan too!

But who is going to tell him, anyways!!!

No, she will not run away from him. She can’t even think of doing that. But she can’t tell him and risk the rebuke. Also she needed to understand her own feelings, whether it was temporary attraction or pity or what???

No, she won’t run away. Instead, she would test the waters. Who knows what is in store for her! 😉


31 Responses to "What say!"

There’s discount in stores for her, its recession + End of the season sales.

Sakhi: 😛 😛


Wow!! What a return Sakhi..worth the wait!!

What say eh?
She must put the ball where it belongs….in his court.
There is nothing wrong in falling in love, if we chose our love after elaborate vetting, would it be love? But she must not expect anything. It is a no-win situation for Maanushi …. best if she gets out of there – outta sight, outta mind.

Sakhi: yeah.. “outta sight, outta mind!!” absolutely. But Kaash love itna simple hota! 🙂


This is how people tend to complicate their lives themselves.

Sakhi: Sahi mein yaar!! 🙂

But there are people like these out there, who not only make life miserable for them but also for others, What say??


totally agree with Reema!

falling in love never takes long…it will fade away if not to suppor tis storingly…later on she will thing” how could I even like such a man”???

Sakhi: ” how could I even like such a man”??? how true, how true! 🙂 🙂


it reminds me of Anna Karenina`s story by Leo Tolstoy…

Sakhi: haven’t read him but will try to read if i get the book.


I saw my future. I will not let it happen!! 😈

Sakhi: 😆 😆


‘This is how people tend to complicate their lives themselves.’

I think it is an understatement….it is dead-end. This catch is taht Maanushi probably knows it…a la the moth and candle.
Poor her.


yeah, swaps, “the moth and the candle”… love is in the air today! 🙂


Sigh! that lucky #%&% Manan !!! 😀

Welcome back !!!!!

Sakhi: Hee..hee.. God knows whether he is lucky or unlucky!! 😉

And thanks for the welcome! 🙂


I agree with Reema. Yaar best friends and love triangles are complicated and horrid things !! You are good to see only when SRK is part of them !! 😀

Sakhi: 😆 yeah its best when they occur in reel life rather than real life. But SRK???? Naaaaaaaaaaaaaa….. 🙂


opps I mean they are good to see only when SRK is part of them 😀


Us jagah ka address nahi mangna chahiye jaha jana hi nahi. 🙂

Sakhi: Kaash ki life itni simple hoti!!! 🙂


Most of the self inflicted complications of life are cleary visible to dadi maa’s. My suggestion is that anyone should consult them before taking complex decisions. Bcos, they alone know the consequences. They are after all living our future!

Destination Infinity


Sakhi, love is everywhere everytime…it keep life going on.

Anyway, anything special for V-occasion.


And also, since you are the only Bengali Blogger I know, I am tagging you on the topic “Slow Melodious and Soulful songs” Please do it if you have time.

Destination Infinity


Sorry, the above comment was a mistake! I had your page and Reema’s page open simultaneously!! Anyways, I hope you are familiar with Gujarathi….

Destination Infinity


Great to have you back!!!

Waiting for the second part of the story! Or have you left us to decide that for ourselves?


Welcome back! 😀
Been a while, but yeah, it’s a good comeback… 😀


@ Destination infinity

yeah, daadi would know everything! Why it never occured to me earlier!! 🙂 🙂

And i am not much into music be it hindi or gujarati, so pleeeease pardon me for not doing the tag. I would probably not be able to justify it.

@ Swaps

nothing great for V-day… but yes, it seems, love is in the air and it does let the life going on! 🙂

@ Raj

Naa… you know me well by now… its upto you to decide the end 😉

@ Niks

Thanks, thanks! 🙂


madam , now that you are out of hibernation; will you mind taking up the tag ? You have been tagged by yours truly 🙂

Sakhi: Hee..hee… yes i am out of hibernation but will you please pardon me if i don’t do the tag! pleeeeeeease…. not at least now! please, please!! *sweetest smile ever* 🙂 🙂


Oh my god!Though its totally unacceptable and completely wrong such things do happen right?!…This is how people screw up and spoil their relationship…

Sakhi: I don’t kow whether love enters the heart with a knock. It just enters and then a person forget about a right and a wrong!! Well, most of the time 😉


back with a bang !! 🙂

Sakhi: Hee…heee


hey hi welcome back and what a comeback too re, thanks for linking othwise wdnt have known, but …erm… did come here 2/3 days back ….was it here? 🙂

nice story. nice thought “wont run away…lets see whats in store”…
I dont think anyone complicates anyone else’s life. When love ends, nothing can hold it in place or back, its always graceful to let go quietly, with dignity.

1) If they are still in love, he would not even register Manushi, or wd resist her effortlessly.

2) If there indeed is a chink in the relationship, he wd turn out and away from Ketki, so its ok for Manushi to be there, esply since she has to be true to her own self too and be honest with her self bef she can be with others.

3) If she likes him, she wd be cheating another man were she to be with that man.

4) Love isn’t something that is bound to morality. It is eternal and that’s why so valuable, it can uplift and liberate when its true and not driven by lust.

5) So Manushi is right in giving her self time to find out if it is love or lust. Shows she is decent and sincere and responsible human being. And gracious. She hasnt made any advances even while staying so close, with the attraction so strong, shows her supreme control and sense of responsibility towards code of conduct.

Phew am tired. Do you ever read any of my posts that closely 😐

Sakhi: Wow! that was some comment. Geeee… 🙂

And i do read your posts closely but somehow i dont comment this big so i am afraid i will not be able to prove myself 🙂

I loved this one “4) Love isn’t something that is bound to morality. It is eternal and that’s why so valuable, it can uplift and liberate when its true and not driven by lust.”


May be Manan too have the same feelings for her and that’s why there is a discomfort between Manan and Ketki.

Nice comeback. I have read couple of your stories before.

Sakhi: The discomfort was there even without Maanushi being there. But then who knows!! 😉

Thanks for the welcome! 🙂


happy belated valentine’s day to u … 😀

Sakhi: 😀 Thanks! 🙂 🙂



Matter of hearts 🙂

But my dear fren why have u left open ended??? Can we expect part 2???

Sakhi: Part II?? Naaaaah… I love to get many different ends from different readers so i leave it open 🙂


wonderfully narrated by you sakhi… liked this one… any reason for keeping us guessing in the end? 🙂 🙂

Sakhi: Naa… only that i would come to know many more ends when my friends come up with different ends each 😉


“this big” is an understatement. never see you at all so I can never make out. this time to entice u threw in a man-woman write-up 🙂 smiled as I thought of u every moment of doing that.
seriously, missed you a lot re. and somehow wish there would be a way to get to know your you better, can see the social self here as you write ur stories, but miss the mind – do u know what I mean?

Sakhi: hee…hee.. you might have my email add on your comments and i am sure that i would love to talk to you off-blog too! I have sent you an invite on orkut as well as facebook. Do accept it. and i am definitly going to read this post of yours (i usually read yours anyways!! 😉 )


@ Anshul,

good one…………….

Waiting for the second part of the story!!!! kabhi to second part likha karo…… to hamari thodisi mahenat bach jaye.
😛 😛

Sakhi: second part??? Naaaaaaaa…..


tomo, she might find another Manan 😉

Sakhi: That’s the way to look at it!! 🙂 Love your out look 😉 Another Manan indeed!! 🙂


why me!! 😉 ….i want to know what happened next?


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