Sakhi's Laghukatha

I love daddy!

Posted on: February 17, 2009

His eyes turned into saucers when he saw her for the first time. And when he saw what she was offering him, he was on cloud nine. He simply loved candy-floss! But the moment she kissed him on his cheek he wiped it clean.

Kush didn’t like girls kissing him, yet! In his entire life of nine years he had allowed only his mother to cuddle him and kiss him. He loved being held by her. Oh, how he loved it! But it was more than a year now since she did any such thing. He blamed himself for being naughty and requested God often to send his mother back. He promised him he would behave himself and never, ever upset his mother. But God never listened to him. Now it was only him and daddy. And daddy too had changed since mom went away. He rarely smiled and was keeping himself busy all the time. Though he played with him and also told him stories at night, Kush’s young brain analyzed that his father was also missing his mother the way he did!

But for the last couple of months, daddy had started smiling more often. Yesterday he even whistled while making him the breakfast. Kush felt good. He missed his mother but he wanted his daddy to be happy, very happy!

Daddy said that one of his friends was coming home for dinner tonight and so he had to complete his homework earlier. Kush loved guests. And the attention they showered on him.

And true to that this sweet aunty got him candy floss. He loved candy floss, but that I have already mentioned earlier.

She seemed to be sweet and talked and laughed a lot. And daddy, too, was laughing a lot. It’s been so long ago that daddy had laughed like this that Kush didn’t even remember.

He sat there with them eating his candy floss and sulking. Usually he would not sit with his daddy’s guests for long. But today he refused to budge. He didn’t know why he was suddenly feeling so low and why his eyes were brimming with tears.

“That Lady”‘s visits became more frequent and Kush started feeling alienated. His temper tantrums increased. Daddy was at lost. He didn’t realize what was wrong with Kush suddenly. He was getting worried. He tried to talk to Kush, he tried everything possible but it seemed as if Kush had shut doors. When Kush didn’t light up while watching “The power rangers”, daddy couldn’t take it any more.

“Kush, I want to have a talk with you, a man to man talk. Can I trust you?” daddy asked.

“Man to man?” Kush looked at his father, a bit confused, but intrigued. This was the first real response daddy got from Kush in weeks. He got strength to go on further.

“I am in a dilemma. And I need advice from you. I think you are the only person who can help me.”

Kush didn’t know what to say but he was all ears now and felt very important as his father thought him to be his confidante. He looked at daddy intently and urged him to go on.

“You know Jui, the friend of mine!”

Kush got tensed at the mention of “That lady”. Daddy felt the reaction and was now doubly sure about the problem. He had hit the bull’s eye.

“I am thinking whether I should continue my friendship with her. I do like her company but… you know, I am not really sure. She is a girl, you see!”

Kush’s face lit up. Daddy felt a tug at heart.

“I like her a lot and she seems to be the best friend I had in a long time. But I am not very sure. What do you say?”

Kush was in a dilemma now. He had not anticipated this.

“I think you are the only person whom I can talk to and can rely on the opinion. Do think and tell me.”

With that daddy bade good night with a peck on his forehead.

Kush’s little heart went into topsy-turvy. He sat there for a long time and thought “hard”, as hard as a nine year old could think.

But before he went for the sleep he had made the decision.

After a long time Kush slept with a big smile on his face.

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36 Responses to "I love daddy!"

Wt ?

Sakhi: What wt?



@anshul: is that a SI unit 😛

Sakhi: 🙂


What was the decision?

Sakhi: What do you think??

And who was goodnight sweetie for? :perplexed: 😛

Sakhi: Typo… removed! 🙂


where is the decision ? tell us please 🙂

Sakhi: I wanted to know your interpretation 😉


he loves his daddy…. he will prove it… right..?

and she bought more candy floss….

Sakhi: Yeah May be!! 🙂 And Hey welcome to my blog! 🙂 🙂


oops was i not supposed to write that…? were you going to end it or leave it to the reader’s imagination..?

Sakhi: Oh don’t worry, you are most welcome to write as you please. And i usually leave end for my readers to interpret 🙂


The ever optimistic says that the kiddo says yes!!!!

Awfully sweet story 🙂

Sakhi: Ever Optimist!! Same pinch 🙂 🙂



Sakhi: Kya hmmm… yeh kaisa comment hai??? hmmm… aise kaise??? Asisa nahi chalega…. nahi nahi nahi…

thanks for linking my post.

Sakhi: I felt the relevance so the linking .. most welcome


I bet the dad’s name is Krishna/Gopi….what a manipulator 🙂

Sakhi: Hee…he… what animagination. I think you should stop shooting pics and give me a competition 😉 🙂


Nice story, Sakhi. I know why he slept well though – because he enjoyed the power to take a decision! Your narrative is excellent. Have you ever thought of publishing your stories as a collection? If not, please do.

Sakhi: Absolutely and he also felt important in his father’s life. Which i think was jeopardized as somebody else too was getting his father’s attention.

I am not sure about the publication. But thanks for making my day. I think i am gonna smile the whole day long 🙂 🙂


He is happy to accept Jui as his mother, rt?. Its about Remarriage, especially at the end when you liked Reemas post !

Sakhi: Not necessarily. Right now it was more important for him to accept somebody as a close friend (especially of the opposite gender!) of his father.


Very nice story Sakhi, once again you left it to ourselves to decide.. 🙂

Sakhi: yup 🙂 and thanks! 🙂


So he is going to make his daddy happy. 🙂

Sakhi: Right now he is happy and i think he is going to make his daddy feel less guilty!! 😉


Open ended story! The kid must have said yes! At least I deduce so from the “big smile on his face.”

P.S.: Your RSS feeds show only snippets; you can change it from the {settings> reading>for each article in a fee show full text} and it will show the full post. Or you may not; your choice!


hi vikas… he might say yes at least to let them be friends without himself feeling alienated!!

And i have deliberately kept it that way so that i get traffic here since anybody who wants to read my posts further have to visit my blog!! 😈

Li’l devil i am, ain’t I???? :mrgreen:


@Sakhi’s reply to my comments,

Since I haven’t seen you I cannot say whether or not you are little! If you want me to really confirm it, feel free to email me a pic at blog(dot)vikas(at)gmail(dot)com

You are NOT a devil, to be sure. You do have a devil-may-care disposition and it is commendable.

Everyone loves traffic including your truly!

I have a made-up feed image on my blog that shows more than 74000 readers!;)


Compete with you….No way, I am happy reading yours.


Hi Sakhi

Why don’t you set full text for your RSS feed? Views from RSS reader are also counted you know. And readers of your RSS feed are your regular readers :-).


@ Swaps

hee…hee… 🙂 i am happy that you are happy reading mine!! [who needs competition anyways!! 😉 ]

@ lifofhues

ok, let me check! 🙂


cute 🙂 extremely happy to have you back in action. I love stories.

Sakhi: Geee…. thanks! 🙂


interesting take that the father actually confides in a 9 year old. i would tend to think that not many people would do it, considering the age.

i recently read a long long post about remarriage and step parentage – it must be really hard i guess, for all involved, but most of all, for the “step mother” mostly because of preconceived notions…

Sakhi: i am sure the preconceived notions about “step-parents” make a lot of psychological problem and adjustments in the new family. But in today’s world i think the things are on a better way…


one more story…… bah…. my pending list is becoming more and more like you now 😀 😀

Sakhi: Busy bee…. 😛 😛


once again you left end on us to decide ourselves …. 🙂

where were u???? welcome back!!!

missed you

Sakhi: Missed you too! 😉


Well! He made a good decision if he really smiled! 🙂 I know the decision. Would u like to know my interpretation? 😛

PS : It is common sense! But it is very hard for ppl to think like a 9 yr old.

Sakhi: Yeah.. childhood thoughts are more complexed and yet simple compared to the adults one!


Wanted to comment a long time back on some of your posts … Finally doing it here 🙂
Firstly, awesome blog, unique way and talent you have of scripting these stories I must say … I think you can publish a pool of such stories, and then after some time come out with your own interpretations in another publication 🙂

Sakhi: Welcome here! 🙂 and do I read a sarcasm here when you say about another publication of my interpretation!!! 😛 😛 😀

About this story, my emotional side says, no one can replace what one has lost, and that is what Kush must have gone through initially, but my another emotional side also battles with me to comment that, Kush wanted to see his Dad very happy after such a loss as he himself knew how does it feel without someone … Well so I guess, Kush was happy, for his Dad, and forgot his own sadness in that happiness I think … 🙂


Sakhi: He might just be happy to know that even though his father has somebody to laugh with he is not completely forgotten!! 🙂


Good story! There can only be one ending to this one. God sends back his mother, albeit in a different form.

Sakhi: Amen!! 🙂


He was happy cos his father spoke his heart n allowed the kid to make a decision 😀

Sakhi: yup, yup!! 🙂


There is a movie in Tamil, which deals with this subject – A daughter who doesn’t want her father to remarry. (She changes her mind later on in her youth) – I think it was Keladi Kanmani.

In that movie, a nine year old is shown as a nine year old – Stubborn and not wanting to change her opinion (Even though her father talks to her even more sweetly)

So, my interpretation of the story is – The kid doesn’t want the woman to become his step-mother, going by 9 year old kids logic’s. Did you have the other ending in your mind?

Destination Infinity

Sakhi: My line of thoughts!! 🙂 🙂


Hi Sakhi,

I think he probably realized that there is nothing wrong for anyone in having a girl friend & decided to tell his dad to continue the friendship…:)

Sakhi: He is just happy to be the important part of his father’s life! He is probably too young to think about his father’s girl friend!! Or Have I become too old to know what a 9 year old kid might know ??? 🙂 😀

My board exams starts on Mar 2nd…I seek ur blessings…:)

<Sakhi: All the best and do your best!! 🙂>


That kid clearly made the right decision and it was a good way for the father to explain his point of view! Nice way of putting it!

Sakhi: Where are you these days?? Long time!!


loved the story… 😀


hi dear!!
thank god u r back!!!
u know what, ever since u had stopped writing; i had stopped surfing!!
Today i thought to again check with a lot of hope and yes yes yes, found u!!
wow i am so happy!!
BTW nice story (forgot the main point, ufff)!!
love to Isha!!


Ha ha, still smiling 🙂 Awesome.


Great story Di… me it showed the way to handle things to make them happen 😛
Daddy was smart and sweet at the same time 🙂

Glad that U r back in full charge!

Sakhi: Thanks 🙂


Damn sweet one!


Hey! Do not know from where I dropped by! But loved it that I did & shall continue doing so.

1979 – the story may have had a different ending

2009 – the story may have a different ending.

But best left to interpretation. Keep them coming. Soon a book shall be published. All the best.


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