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Posted on: February 23, 2009

Unedited version of an employee’s grievance letter to admin. department. Names have been removed / changed to protect privacy.

Dear Sir,

I am very disappointed due to bus driver’s behaviour of Sattadhar Route (Bus No. 2190).One of my collegue Mr. ABC from Engineering Dept. came 10 minutes before the bus arrival at Prabhat Chowk pick up point. But, due to his personal work at ATM which in first floor of that Complex where we stand daily. As & when he went to ATM, the bus came. Meanwhile I called him to come down. I requested to bus driver to wait for a few seconds till his arrival. But, the driver roughly replied me.


At the same time some persons from our bus also instructed driver not to wait for a few seconds. This has happened the first time from my pick up point. Further, from Sattadhar point & Gulab Tower point,Mr. Baldev & Mr. Dilip Patel also requested to bus driver.But, he didn’t stop.


Sir, on 10/9/2008 due to breakdown of Maninagar Route bus, I was one of the persons to push the bus to start for the benefit of our employees. From next time if anything happens to Bus from MNO Travels, please don’t expect any help from me.


Moreover, please instruct driver to behave softly.






32 Responses to "Grievance"


Dear Sir,

Thanks for noticing us with your good amount of support and help. We surely notice the driver and thank you for the helping.

(m)admin dept



Happens with most of us na!!!

We try to contribute to the society but this is what we get…

I hope we all don’t give up!!!


welcome back ( i think i am late 😛 )
well etiquette classes …..thats the ultimate solution


Ha ha. This post was good!!

This really takes the cake, “From next time if anything happens to Bus from MNO Travels, please don’t expect any help from me.” 🙂

Keep Blogging!


umm… intention praiseworthy, but execution: the less said, the better!


Good one.. Once, the bus broke down n all guys got down and pushed the bus.. lol 🙂


Even though it was funny I think the poor guy managed to put his thought across which was important in this case


Really disturbing to see such behaviour even from co-passengers… they should realize that someday even they could be in such circumstances…


This was one innocent letter, reflecting several of us what we think inwardly. 🙂


this happens…when you are already seated you want to get to the destination as soon as possible , not worrying about the fellow pessengers ….. 😦


These bus drivers are castigated really badly if they are even a minute late. That’s what I read somewhere. On the whole though we have lost our humanity. Time has become of the essence!


It’s natural human tendency to expect back if we did some kind of favour…let it be a bus driver or someone else! And these days, it’s purely give and take relationship. We all are running low on perseverance.

Liked ur pet…fun to rotate my mouse pointer around it! 😀


I thought you were a doctor!!!


@ All

hmmm… Got a lot of perspective other than mine. 🙂

When I posted this I thought of humour arising from faulty language and weird expectations from employees! 😆

@ Suda


@ WW

you can even feed my pet (hamster) by clicking in the window and make it run on the wheel 🙂 🙂

@ Vimmu

hee..hee… Well, I am a doctor but this gentleman had marked this letter not only to the admin department but everyone in the office!!! 🙄


@ Reema

phir se hmmm…. ?? ❓


lolol! Sorry to laugh but then maybe we dont have a choice but to laugh at ourselves!


Hats off to XYZ.
I think his friend shouldn’t have gone on his small errand.


quite a horrible letter which made me to laugh… but at times those bus drivers and co-workers were not co-operative enough in odd situations




@ Swaps

Achchha! 😛 🙂

@ Kanagu

yeah! 🙂


Well this proves I am not alone, I just gave up my moronic driver and started taking my own bike 🙂


@I am for it.. let me know what you want from me! (in case you feel i am worth it 😉 ) …… Obviously 😀


Heyy i feel that bus driver was justified in a way!! I know its weird.. but yeah!


I believe it is a company bus – or a bus hired by the company to transport employees, not a public transport bus, correct? So what’s the problem with the driver? And the passengers? Are they not colleagues of the two stranded guys? It’s not as if they are strangers on a public bus. I hope the driver wasn’t asked to wait for too long.


what if the reply states :

Madam, I notice the inconvenience caused, but for the sake of punctuality, and keeping in mind the worse traffic conditions possible, I ask of you to appeal to your colleagues to maintain punctuality, even as I am asking my driver to be as hospitable to the commuters as possible.


& she’s back with a bang….. 🙂 ( i know im late……) but…. glad to have u back…

ushould see the kind of applications and profiles that get send to HR…. you’ll end up wtih a stomachche with alll the laughter…. 🙂


Hello Sakhi,

if bus stops for everyone like this then there will be blogs of bus reaching late, buses shud be treated like trains- cannot be stopped – so famous saying – don’t run after bus, train & girls – all cannot be stopped also one goes another comes …lol

This is a service industry so driver cannot be rude under any circumstances – next time he does like that u just give him one slap + 1 from me …but u don’t stop to help…luv u…:)


Lol!!!…A cute innocent letter…

Sir, on 10/9/2008 due to breakdown of Maninagar Route bus, I was one of the persons to push the bus to start for the benefit of our employees. From next time if anything happens to Bus from MNO Travels, please don’t expect any help from me.

This reminds of a school kid trying to bully his classmates…The “I will tell teacher” thingy….hehe

so kiddish!


lol ..

was that an employee ?? 😛
like she said it looks like a school guy complaining to the teacher /. 🙂


hmm……it happens with most of us agree!

We feel bad coz we expect driver to stop if someone is late… its not like that [in UK] ….ppl dont expect the bus to wait…it comes on time and goes on time….but we cant implement that, no bus comes on time n so everyone expects bus to wait for a few secs..

its diff coz india is not small to move arnd, neither we have infrastructure to maintain speeds……we have so many people who use mass transport unlike here ……

afterall its all not as bad as they say…….its a diff way!



ha… ha… ha… ha…..

i enjoyed more with the ‘comments’ section.

UK… US….. INDIA?????? wht????
is there a driver who was leading story!!

i thought it was XYZ 😛 😛

anyways, we all hv forgotten to think ‘child-like’ and became simply CHILDISH at criticism.


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