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She has gone to a party…

Posted on: March 25, 2009

fiction_stampDhruti had some time at hand as her daughter had gone to a neighbour’s place for a birthday party.  She just relaxed and was flipping through the “Good Housekeeping” when the bell rang. She looked at Harsh in a hope that he would open it but he looked more intently in his newspaper as if he was doing PhD in journalism!!

She got up and opened the door and saw her daughter’s best friend standing there.

Bittoo: Aunty, is Krina home?

She: Arey, she has gone to Seema’s birthday party. Why aren’t you there? She called you too, isn’t it?

He: The party got over long back and Krina isn’t there.

Dhruti’s heart skipped a beat. Overhearing the conversation Harsh leaped on his feet and was besides her in a fraction of second. Their eyes met and they could see the dread in each other’s eyes.

In a few seconds thousands thoughts ran through their minds.

Where has she gone? She never goes anywhere with out telling us!

Somebody might have kidnapped her! Will she be forced to beg?

She is just of 5 odd years! There are vultures out there.

And many more horrid thoughts passed through their worried minds.

In those few seconds, they imagined the worst.

They ran in the street bare feet shouting out their daughter’s name. And then they heard her.


A joyous call to tell them she was with her friend in one of the neighbours’ place.

The look Krina saw on her parents’ faces made her feel uneasy. Dhruti almost slapped her in frustration and pulled her towards her. Hugged her so tightly that Krina almost couldn’t breath. Harsh’s eyes were glisteneing with unshed tears.

Again a look passed between them. As if asking each other, “Aren’t we getting paranoid?”

Were they really paranoid or is it a need of the day to be extremely vigilant and in turn suffocate a childhood!!!!!


43 Responses to "She has gone to a party…"

So true, Sakhi. So many things are happening around that we are really becoming paranoid.
Sometimes I really think that rural areas are more secure for children that urban/city/metro areas.

But the need for good education and the need to teach children “stand” in all this competitive world brings us to cities.



Ok, I came to read this story but ended up feeding your pet. So I think I should just paste something from Suda’s comment.

So true, Sakhi.


lol I just made your pet fatter 😛

nice story 😀


Complications of modern life..!!

Like made me think and wonder.

We have to keep our kids safe and also ensure we dont bring them up in panic and fear. Well put 🙂

I too fed your pet. Loads of it.


I too fed ur pet…

and true seeing the things happening around, we r getting paranoid!


Nice one! Food for thought.

Fed your pet…he’s so hungry he started eating it directyly from tht nozzle! phew!


This story remindes me of a colleague of mine. They are worried about the safety of their daughter that they don’t want her to college which is more than twenty kms away. I guess times such things have happened recently that it makes the parents paranoid but somehow am against too many restrictions. You have to let go of your kids and the tensions if you want them to learn something in life. Phew! That was long 😉


LOL @everyone feeding your pet 🙂
Nice one but not that climatic. 🙂


Life is an irony isn’t it? In spite of the kind of care and love parents give to their children, the children forget about all that after a certain age….

Destination Infinity


it happens in this unsafe world.. that too when we have a 5 year kid


Something similar happened to me when I got lost when I was very young.


It is not paranoia. The world out here is too bad for the kids and too untrustworthy for the parents to relax. I would prefer controlled childhood than a destroyed one.

Nice post 🙂


Teh worlds too unsafe to not be paranoid for our children 😦
I would rather hover a bit protectively

a story that brought out so many hidden fears …so a nice story 😀

and err yes I did feed your pet 😀
she/he is so cute:)


One thing for sure, Krina is lucky enough to be in the hands of such caring and responsible parents !


Times have changed but people are the same. I mean Vultures were out there even then but we didn’t learn because of lack of news carriers.

It is always good to be vigilant about your young ones. Lucky girl!


Awww…that Hamster on the right side is such a cutie. I overfed him. Don’t blame me. Ha..ha..ha..


hmmm i wonder though if it wasn’t like this always. we just tend to think that it is getting worse. the concept of pending kalyug has always been strong in all generations.


Parents can not avoid feeling paranoid about their children. More so in these seemingly lawless ‘modern’ times.

Just discovered your pet. Not normally a rat person, but he got some food from me too 🙂


parents have to be protective but sometimes it becomes a bit suffocating for the kids.

yes something bad could have happened but you can’t just put the kid in a box or keep locked in the room being afraid something might happen.


@Oorja, Yes, you right we can’t just suffocate kids. But you still need to feed the pet.


In current scenario where panic is existent everywhere … many of us would have reacted the way Krina’s mother reacted !!!


Yeah it is getting suffocating…everyday we see police checking cars. It is so unnatural….but such is the time 😦


Nice post..

It was a quite a fun playing with your is a real cutie..


Post is a bucket full of sarcasm & have a heart touching incident which can compel any mind to think over it infinite times. Really, sakhi.. i get back to blogging after long time and you still rocks!


nice story..well I guess in metros it’s better to be vigilant..but this should not be the should be free to be lke kids!!


Being vigilant is ofcourse the need of the day… the child inside a child needs to be allowed to breath as well…
tough time for modern day Moms and Dads… 🙂


Your pet is really hungry sometimes!

Such a difficult balance. We say here that parents and bows and kids arrows, meaning that parents should teach children to be courageous and face life. This is only a saying unfortunately, Italian parents being over-protective compared to other European countries.
Being father of 2 daughters, I think one has to be realistic and provide protection when there is real need of protection. But I confess I’ve been over-protective for a while too.

I confess I took care of your pet because the others did too, not that I know anything about it lol


Well with a five year old one cannot be too careful. The world today is indeed quite unsafe, I mean the streets are. Some designated areas may be safe but in other places I think some kind of paranoia is best!


I think we are the only specie who protects our young once from our own kind! 🙂


I just took out a lot of extra food from your pets bowl. Everyone seems to be feeding it 🙂 🙂

The care with which our parents have brought us up is never appreciated as we get ready to fly away. The irony of life!!

Keep Blogging!


thought provoking…
yes, this is the need of the day..


Good food for thought.

Protection & Freedom…….
Parents have 2 learn to keep balance in between these two.

“once, we were out with my kid of 3 yrs. She was lost in very busy street of our city, just in fractions of sec. one balloon seller helped us to find her out.”

so many times, person on whom we r suspicious, proves us very wrong.

but at the same time when child is kind of naughty, nothing wrong in being some what paranoid.

anyways, i also fed yr pet…………..
so u need 2 take him on walk to work out 😛 😛


Wonderful story


he…he…’s not lyk that di…at least thank god I never felt it 🙂


So, where was she hiding? Was this the kid’s cruel April Fools’ joke? 😀


Things like these brings out our innermost fears. Unfortunately too many of things that happen outside creates fears in us subconsciously. Fear comes out slowly when we are pushed to extremes.


sigh! we our parents like this when we were young or is it the modern age which is making parents behave like this?


Looks like you have gone to a party.


paranoia – sure! But ask this of any parents who have small children & particularly girls.


Hi Sakhi,

Just stumbled upon ur blog, redirected from and I must say that your stories are good.

Yes, we are becoming paranoid and the insecure atmosphere around us made us paranoid especially in metro cities. Let’s make this world more secure and beautiful…



Welcome here akash… I am glad you liked my stories 🙂

See you around often! 🙂


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