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Posted on: April 7, 2009

fiction_stamp2“Come on, yaar! I think when one is older the need of a spouse is even more. Be it a man or a woman.” Pankti remembered her own words when she had vehemently defended elderly remarriage among her group.

“What if, God forbid, your father was to do the same? What will be your reaction then? Pankti, it is one thing to talk about something and other when you actually have to follow it!” Krish had argued.

“No, I will always be at my dad’s side if he chooses to remarry after my mother!” She had replied strongly. The discussion went on and ended without a consensus. That was about two decades ago.

Pankti had never, ever thought that she would have to take such a decision in her life. The only difference was that the decision was to be taken for her mother instead of father. Why call it a decision? Her mother had given her a choice… a choice for her mother’s life!

Of course, Pankti was not averse to the idea. Or was she?

Why, then, since she has heard of it is she so upset?

Were her debates and the talks of (elderly) remarriage just empty talks? No. And, anyways, who was talking about marriage here? They just have decided to stay together, a few days at her mom’s place and a few days at “his” place.

“Then what’s your problem?” She asked herself.

Though she was still not comfortable with the whole idea, she had agreed to meet with “the man” whom her mother thought was a “very nice person” and “she would love to meet him”!

As the duo approached him, pankti was increasingly feeling nervous. She looked at her mother and could make out that she too was not in her usual chirpy mood. Pankti went into a kind of a shock when she met Mr. Shah.  He was not at all what she had conjured up in her mind. He was a slight man with a pleasant personality and slowly she became comfortable in his company.

“What did you expect, idiot!!” She reprimanded herself. “He is supposed to be 65 years old, about your mother’s age.”

But his grey cells were nowhere near 65 years… he was a jovial man and well versed too. Slowly Pankti relaxed and forgot how apprehensive she was before coming here. And she looked at her mother, her smile was worth anything.

Later that night when she was thinking about Mahadeve i.e. Mr. Shah, she realized that she never had any problem with her mother being friends or more with anybody. But she was afraid of how the other person might turn out to be. It was as if she was thinking about her child’s matrimony and not her mother’s!

Today when she endorsed their friendship with a smile she truly felt she had become her mother’s mother!! 🙂


42 Responses to "Love and life!"

Good one, Sakhi! 🙂

THis is the first time I have seen parent remarriage handled with so much ease and lightness in a story.

Now Anshul will come and comment about your pet. 😉


“Now Anshul will come and comment about your pet.” 😆 at that one!! 🙂 🙂


“Pankti remembered her own words” This could have been – Pankti remembered her own PANKTI 😉


Ok after feeding him how does one get him to exercise? He does it himself?


@Anshul good one 🙂

@Sakhi achha hai.


Ah!!! I agree with Poonam.

Aaj hi I was reading a real story about re-marriage at late age. Luckily it too had a happy ending 🙂

A sweet lovely story dear 🙂


As they say, love is blind. If you can just close your eyes, love can be the same even at sixty five!! 🙂

Destination Infinity


Quite a nice one!

Was reinded of a superb Malayalam movie — “Ishttam”

Well written! 🙂


Poonam has said it all 🙂
Loved the way you treated the subject …:)

Your pet is the added attraction too 😀


Nice one.
I don’t know if our society is ready for elderly remarriage yet. Perhaps not, but i’d like it to be.

beautifully written 🙂


Good sweet thoughts. Your story ideas are always elevating!


sweet Sakhi Di….incidentally i have two friends with same names 😛 … you grow older the more u need someone’s company…very true!


@Sakhi, you must give me wee-bit credit for making Anshul come up with something new. 8)

This way your pet too doesn’t get too fat (It already looks fat though). 😉


@ All

thanks buddies. Apologies for not attending to the comments individually.

@ Poonam

“ou must give me wee-bit credit for making Anshul come up with something new” I do, I do 😉

“This way your pet too doesn’t get too fat (It already looks fat though). ” he is fat??? 😯 its called healthy buddy!! samajha kar yaar, bura maan jayega. He thinks he looks cool and can attract other females hamsters with is “oh-so-healthy” look 😉


nice one..considering the social milieu, what if Pankti didn’t like ‘the friend’..that would have made it even more interesting!!


I need individual reply!!
“after feeding him how does one get him to exercise? He does it himself?”


O bete! tu to naraaz ho gayi!! 🙂

Btw, you can click on the small yellow circle in his rotator and he will have his walk!!! 🙂


no ones worried abt pankti and her mom…all eyes and ears on your silly (oops) pet ! sigh !!!

Good story, but I would ve preferred the story ending with Panktis dilemma! 🙂

Btw, I guess someone had mentioned this before, where do you get these names??? Pankti !!!


Nice interesting story 🙂


Nice short fiction Sakhi,

I stumbled upon your blog from axinia’s blog.

I like the thought in the last line – reminds me of a Wordswoth’s poetry that I read in junior classes – ‘child is the father of the man’ – well, the female equivalent of it : )

In the end, it simply is about a woman feeling for another woman.

Good work. Shall try to come for more.



Such a serious matter handled so well. Love this one too!


Excellent story! In a culture that still does not take too kindly to remarriage, this does comes as a breath of fresh air!


I just love reading your stories.
Love doesn’t depend on age but how comfortable you are with your partner matters most… 🙂


Very touchy story…


Tell me on thing. What the hell is holding you back from publishing a small collection???

Btw, read “Love in the Times of Cholera”??


that reminded me of the movie “Mere Baap Pehle Aap” 😀


Nice story! Pankti is such a beautiful name.


Nice story for the changing times. Swaps is saying what i said before and repeat – how about a book of collections?


@ All

Thanks for the appreciation

@ Swaps and Gopi

I do not have an answer to why i am so reluctant to come up with a book! But gopi, in a near future (thats really near!!) i am gonna eat your head for all the logistics of the publication and don’t tell me to read your post on the same subject!! 🙂


very well written Sakhi.. parent re-marriage is well handled,… and your pet is cute 🙂


I can’t see your pet!!! The page is temporarily down!! 😦
The story was good. 🙂


Age should not be barrier for marriage.

When old, company is required more than ever. Because that is hen younger lot ignores you.


nice story Sakhi…:)

after my board exams I had gone for small vacation…now I’m going to hostel – residential school for nxt two yrs…there is no networking over there so will be able to c u only during holidays…during oct/nov…

take good care of urself…wish u lots & lots & lots of love & happiness in ur life…bye…gud luck…:)


just one thing… from where do you find such names.. e.g. Pankti, Dhruti, Krina… atleast i have not heard anyone keeping such names of their child…


@Poonam(other) These are Gujarati names. Didn’t you come across Ken-Shu in one of her stories, it sounded more like Kung-Fu. Infact, Kung-Fu sounds better. 😉


@ Jemal

Wish you all the best sweetie! Take care! 🙂

@ Poonam

🙂 Then probably i am increasing the knowledge and database of children name.

@ Anshul

All these names are not Gujarati. Especially Kenshuk (pronounced as “kenshu” )is a flower and is in-fact a North Indian name!

And, I too liked Kung-Fu, probably one of the characters in the next story will have this name! 😉


@ Anshul

Kenshuk is also spelled as Kinshuk (Just FYI!) 😛 😛


yeah but they sound wierd, to tell you the truth… I am not sure if anyone would like to keep such names of their kids.. Difficult to pronounce and the meaning!!! Imagine somebody being called as Pankti and poor gal explaining everyone tht it means – line, queue..


well… “Pankti”… I just love the way u name ur characters..simply superb.. a nice story…


Now, thats more like my Sakhi 🙂


no tribute can get better than this! being mother’s mother! i cannot fathom hw u conjured up the phrase. but its worth a million joys!


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