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That Summer!

Posted on: May 11, 2009

fiction_stamp2This was her second trip to Tarkarli. As she was walking on the shore, she looked back on her footprints and wished the other pair was there too. The pair which was with hers that summer!

She had come to this coastal place, for the first time, a couple of years ago for a conference. And she had instantly fallen in love with the unexplored beauty and meditative sea waves of this “not-heard-of” place.


After a long session on “New trends in antibio therapy” Koyal went and sat on a boat parked in the sand just outside her cottage. There was nobody around and the waves had soothing effect on her nerves. She was startled when she heard somebody call out her name, her pen name!


She was surprised as to who might know her pen-name here!

A handsome young man was coming towards her and was waving frantically. She waved back, more out of courtesy than recognition.

“Hey Cuckoo!”

He had a broad grin on his childlike face, as if he had discovered some treasure.

“Guess, who am I?” asked the young man with a twinkle in his eyes. She was at a loss but her sharp brain was already at work.


“How did you do that? How did you recognize me?” There was utter disbelief on Sameer’s face since neither had ever met nor seen each other’s pictures.

“Nobody except you in blogsphere knew where I was!” She smiled, as always. After all she was known as “Dr. Smiley” in blogsphere, wasn’t she!

“What are you doing here? She still couldn’t believe that Sameer was standing in front of her.

“I came to meet you. Aren’t you happy?” Koyal didn’t know how to respond. Of course she was happy… but wasn’t able to fathom why Sameer would come such a long way to meet her. They had become best of friends, online! Offline… they had their own lives, and neither had tried to trespass into that territory for so many years. It was an untold rule. So why now? She smiled again to his question. And saw the reciprocation on Sameer’s face.

It was awkward initially for both of them to talk face to face. The chat lingo no longer worked. But they WERE friends, so after the initial hiccup, they just went on … chatting away to glory. The hand-in-hand seashore walks gave heady feeling to Koyal. It was long since she felt this way for anybody. Neither of them realized where those four days went. The conference was already gone for a toss.

It was their last evening together. The mood was pensive. They sat on the white, sun-kissed sand sipping fenny looking at the setting sun on the horizon. Somehow the words failed the two chatterboxes. Fenny, sunset, waves and solitude was proving to be a dangerous cocktail. Sameer was scared to offend his friend. He kissed lightly, tentatively on Koyal’s lips and looked in her eyes. He could see the burning desire in those charcoal black eyes. The resultant fire would have been unstoppable had Sameer’s mobile not rang. The spell was broken. *****


She pondered over the evening even now and she knew she wanted Sameer at that very point. Wanted with all her heart and body but thank God for the mobile. It saved her from doing something which she would have regretted later. Or probably Sameer would have! She was married and she was at least a decade senior to him. She couldn’t do that to him…just couldn’t.

Yet, she missed him besides her…


52 Responses to "That Summer!"

Too good !!! Just loved reading it.. There’s something about the way you write your stories, keeps me glued till the end..!! 🙂 Awesome..! And yeyyy, I’m the first one to comment! 😀


Damn!! People should switch off their mobiles for important *meetings*!!! That Sameer learned a good lesson (and koyal too) 😉 😀

Thats why I always keep my mobile on silent…… you never know……. 😛 😀


beautiful story!you wrote it so well..was captivated till the very end 🙂
very romantic 🙂

all the questions that I wanted to ask have been asked by others 😀 so will stop myself from asking them 😀
cant resist one though …same one as DI
WHERE does one find such beaches though? 😛



“Tarkarli”, mentioned here is a real place and secluded too 😉 Southern maharashtra 🙂 [In case you need details, you can always email me 😛 :P]


Sweet and poignant. LOL at Suda’s comment


interesting … was very sweet and nice read.. and after a long time.. 😀

yes.. that mobile lesson learnt.. weneva goin to meet a gal.. either m gonna forget it.. or put it on vibration 😉 u never know as Suda says.. 🙂


@ Anu

🙂 Thanks… Was just feeling very mushy…

@ Suda

😆 I will take care too… you never know 😉

@ Ritu

Thanks 🙂

@ Sukhdeep

I was also tired of all the sad stories and was feeling mushy, so a love story 🙂

And i too will take care of my mobile 😉


one of your best 😀 loved it… 🙂


Without doubt one of your best story 🙂 I am literally spell bounded by this story…

A simple one but…lovely…..


excellent story … held me interested until the very end ….

and who was the protagonist of the story : the cellphone 😛


nice story…couldn’t wait to read all the stories ahead .. 🙂


hmm why do your love stories have the heroine having feelings for other men?


Yeah why Dr.d 😉


Already replied to this below 😛 😛


I meant, could it be a Freudian slip on the author’s part that the heroine happens to be a doctor? 😉

Sakhi: Can’t you see that BIG “fiction” Tag up there!!! GOSH!!! 🙄


OK OK. 😀 😀


Nice story. It would make for a nice mobile ad :0)


It reads like a woman’s fantasy, it was fun to read. 😉


You sure know how to hold the reader’s attention until the very end. Nice love story!


‘patilog sawdhan'(husbands beware).. dangers of blogging..! 🙂

great story..!


@ Vishu and smita

thanks 🙂

@ Harsh

Yeah the cell phone 😉 😀

@ Reema

You probably have been reading only those stories where males commit adultry … a few female ones won’t hurt much 😛 😛 It will make females look more human 😉

@ Meera

I hope the mobile people give me some royalty if they DO take up this idea 😉 🙂

@ Poonam

Ah… the fantasy 😉 😀

@ Gopi

Thanks and coming from you its a huge complement 🙂

@ Oorja

😀 😀 Good advice 🙂


Where are these beaches, which are so isolated? I have waited in crowded beaches for a long time looking at the waves …… even the cellphone didn’t ring!!

Destination Infinity


As mentioned in the story… Tarkarli is one such beach… Most of the times it is deserted 😉


Unfair again…it is a shame Sakhi that you should use a poor mobile phone to duck the challenge of penning some real ‘good’ stuff. This is literary coitus interruptus.

Btw, I enjoyed reading the comments too.


“This is literary coitus interruptus.” 😆


Good read!

I guess we can safely say that cuckoo saved herself from going cuckoo! 😉


😀 😀 She saved herself or Sameer is the question! 😉 😀


Flirtation is about sustaining the possibility and not actually doing it.
It is like a soap bubble….don’t touch it!

Sakhi: Will keep this in mind! 😛 😛


Tarkarli beach…and (no) partner by side…..hehe…


All the best for the partner 😉 🙂


Very refreshing read 🙂


Thanks a bunch 🙂


@ Vamsi and SAG

Welcome to my blog


sweet romance well told Sakhi!


sweet…i love the twisted endings in your stories 🙂


Am glad you like my stories 🙂


superb one Sakhi.. loved it.. sweet one 🙂


Thanks buddy! 🙂


Oye! Is this a true story? 😛


Yes it is!! How did you know?? 😯 😛 😛


Gripping read! Typical Sakhi 😉 Long lost friend, female protagonist a doctor, unexpected meeting, romance…and…and…a twist that no one expected 😛 🙂


LOL 😀 😀


Awesome story telling sakhi… once again!!!


Thaankoo Thaankoo 🙂


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I sure the call was from an insurance agent selling accidental insurance…


Might be from airtel bharti! 😛 😛


Ok, Before starting the story you should have put this “Please switch off your mobile phone!”. He he … Lovely narration as always!


hee..hee… Thanks 🙂


Whoa… Good one as always 🙂


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