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Posted on: June 23, 2009

fiction_stamp2Aakaash was going back to India after almost fifteen years. He was called as a guest speaker in one of the conferences.

He was sure to meet Aakriti in the conference. They both were from the same subject and she too, he had heard, was one of the leading surgeons of the country.

He was excited, he was nervous, he was scared too! Scare to meet her, to visit lost lane of his life once again. But he had to do it… fifteen years was a pretty long period and he wanted to get over her. Finally!!!

He remembered all those years when he wanted to settle down, wanted to love someone else the way he had loved Aakriti, somehow he just couldn’t. He had his share of affairs, he even wished for some of them to grow into something serious. But in most cases he couldn’t go beyond a few dates and in other circumstances the girls weren’t ready to fight a “ghost” girlfriend!

All his energy was channelized towards his profession and he was one of the leading surgeons of US of A with international fame. The opportunity to go to his homeland had presented itself many a times in the past but he couldn’t bring himself to face his past. Had it not been for his sister to emotionally blackmail him, he wouldn’t have come this time too!

The conference organizers had sent a driver who took him to the hotel where his stay was arranged. He left his luggage in the room and joined the organizers in the conference room. The conference was to start the next day. He tried to find out about the delegates and didn’t find Aakrit’s name. He was a bit disappointed and relieved too since he now found it difficult to face her. But as he was about to retire to his room, he saw a few other speakers joining them and was shocked to see Aakriti among them.

They smiled at each other cordially and he excused himself on the pretext of jet lag. The world was spinning in front of his eyes. Was she the same girl whom he had loved for so long? She had changed with years and the life had not been very kind to her. Or so her face told him! No, he was not only thinking about the grey strands in her jet black hair or the over all appearance. He was bothered about what he saw on her face…the deep lines of worry or probably hatred towards life or something similar! What bothered him even more was the lifelessness in her eyes. Could he be mistaken? He vowed to find that out in the couple of days that they are going to be together. Presently he wanted to sleep. He dozed off as soon as he closed his eyes.

The next day was very hectic with online surgery techniques and other deliberations. Aakaash did not find time to meet Aakriti alone. In-fact he had forgotten all about her during the day time when the scientific sessions were on. They came face to face again at the banquette in the evening. He found her distant, probably she too was fighting with the demons of their past!

As the evening proceeded, he observed that she didn’t seem to be the person he used to love. She was gruff to the point of being impolite even with the senior surgeons present there and down right abusive to the volunteers of the conference. And as he got to talking with other delegates he came to know that this was her usual behaviour. If she was not so skillful in her surgery she would probably not be called anywhere.

At night Aakaash was unable to sleep. What happened in those fifteen years? She was so sweet and full of life when they were dating! He remembered clearly the day she had come to his hostel room and told him that she was getting married to someone who was a family friend. Just like that, she had dropped the bomb and had left. He sat on the edge of his wrought-iron bed, staring in the oblivion for a very long time. That day it had rained heavily, as if heavens were crying for him. He wished she had explained something, anything! She had just vanished from his life. She was junior to him in medical school. He had already completed his MS when he heard that she had joined the same department. He went to USA after that and tried not to know anything about Aakriti.

Watching her the next day acted as a balm to his wound. And finally he was totally free of her. Probably not marrying her was a blessing in disguise!!

But the blessings came fifteen years late!!


62 Responses to "Blessings…"

Well, it’s never too late..
And like they all say, “Everything in life happens for the best.” 🙂
So never question God .. for He knows best 🙂

Kuch jyaada hi dialogue-baazi hui na 😛

Loved this story the most..especially since I can totally relate to it!! 🙂
Too good..!!!! 😉


🙂 Dialogue bazy hun!! 🙂 woh to tu vaise bhi karti rehti hai 😛 😛

I am glad you liked the story 🙂


Is there a sequel to the story where we get an insight into Aakritis life?


I don’t think so… no sequel! It is upto the readers imagination about Aakriti’s life! 🙂

Welcome to my blog, Aakriti! 🙂


i too agree with Aakriti.. why the sweet girl became so must have a reason.
or was she always like that and he didn’t even notice being blind in love.


Who knows… probably she was never ‘so’ sweet… probably Aakash just liked her too much to oversee all her flaws

Who knows!! 🙂


So totally human to assume that things will remain the way they were!!!

We forget that things change, people change and circumstances change!!!

As usual a very well written story. 🙂


Yes, most of the time we assume that the time will stand still for the other person even though it just zaps pass us… We like to remember what suits us the best! 🙂


This is one side of the story! Agree with the two above. There should be some reason for her change…

My guesses;

1. Aakriti’s husband cheated on her and ran away with a cardiologist 🙂
2. Aakriti’s husband died in a plane crash the day she gave birth to twins.


I like both of your guesses! 🙂


Smita squeezed her comment in between by the time i clicked on submit! I meant Aakriti and Oorja when I wrote two above…

BTW, where have your unique character names gone!? 🙂


I thought you guys didn’t like those unique names!! 🙂


Although they were not easy to remember, I liked them 🙂


why ? What happened ?


A lot can happen in 15 years and here, a lot happened even 15 years ealier when she left him for some other guy!


well if he really cared he would asked her how has life treated her.


Why should he care when she had jilted him for some other guy???

But then he did keep on loving her for 15 goddamn years… so he probably as well ask her!! 🙂


True love doesnt take revenge.


yeah even I think..true love doesn’t take revenge.. 🙂


I think he didn’t love her anymore. He just wanted her out of his system but couldn’t find a way to. Seeing her after 15 years was the trigger he was waiting for.


True love of the kind you guys are talking prolly exist in the romantic books only!! 😉 or at least I am yet to witness it!


I think i agree with Amit!! 🙂


there mst be something coz of which things changed for her in 15 years.. blessing in disguise.. i dnt agree.. one doesnt knows under what circumstances a girl became what she is today and what things were responsible for her to become one of the most irritating chracters in today’s scenario.

story was in flow but ending……… cudn’t get it the right way.. my point 🙂


Who knows… she might be that way from the start and being in residency Aakash didn’t have enough time to really analyse her character 😉 [ortho resisdency is a real killer.. i tell you!! :)]



I think Akriti was acting in order to shu the unwanted guest away … 😛 …. how intelligent … 😀


Wah, kya soch hai sirji!! 😛 😀


What is surprising is, even after those fifteen years, Aakash was still the same innocent himself (At least he still loved her). It is a huge blessing that – Not to lose your humour and innocence with time. Many people can’t do it!

Destination Infinity


Probably he wasn’t as “innocent” but he was loving Aakriti in his old way and probably didn’t want to acknowledge that with time she would have changed too!!

probably!! 🙂


Maybe if he had married her then, she wouldn’t have become like that.


He didn’t refuse, she did!


Typical human being…justifying what he couldn’t get.

The grapes are always sour for those who can’t / won’t make an effort to get them



haan so to hai!! 🙂 He didnt justify though… I (author) did! 😉


Some people treat relationships like a job…change them for better ones. Very likely they will end up frustrated.


Wah kya baat hai! 😉


Or that isnt Akriti at all. He didnt find her name, right? Probably, Akriti is dead and thats her evil twin sister !!!!


I love your imagination!! 😀 😀


Maybe he had always been like this?someone who judged people on appearances (he didnt even ask her why she looked so tired of life 😦 )

maybe she too had always been like this…only he was too much in love to notice…

shades of grey Sakhi… 🙂


Love makes people blind to the drawbacks of the other person, at least in the initial years… Aakash carried too naive an image of Aakriti… People change and the change is inevitable for all of us. Now, probably Aakash didn’t want to get into it all over again!

Lol @ “Shades of grey Sakhi” 🙂


Aakash must have felt relieved watching Akriti’s overall personality 15 years from the point when she ditched him by marrying some family friend. Akriti might have been hurt deeply over these years and had gone through a great compromise in her life, but Aakash did not feel that emotion or think in that direction, and instead picked up the sense of satisfaction of watching Akriti’s behavior unfold and thus trying to convince himself and his male ego that it was a blessing in disguise that his relationship ended in that hostel room.

Nice blog you have here … Really stirs the imaginations of readers 🙂 Keep up the good work !!!


A lot could have happened in those 15 years!! But male ego??? 😯 Now that i didnt even think of 😀 😀

Welcome to my blog and keep visiting 🙂 🙂


how about giving other person’ pov too?? wann try??


I usually don’t do that 🙂


Nice story! Intriguing too. Poor Aakash…but he could have talked ot her asked her na kia kya hua??



Probably wasn’t necessary after so many years!


wow..beautifully written..I will sit and read all the posts tonite!!


Hope you had a great read! 🙂 Welcome here! 🙂


May be her husband turned out to be a monster and she is having a rough time now.

Good story.


probably she was inherently grouchy 😉




Wow… that was something!! 🙂

want me to put this as a new story with you being guest author??


Hey Sakhi – thanks for reading it. I enjoyed writing it (as the other person’s point of view), but then I worried that you may be annoyed at my butting into your story. Thanks so much for being cool about it! Keep writing – I love your work. It takes me back to my roots!


After reading Part 2 of this story, I wonder why people bloody assume things and don’t bother to speak them aloud?? You know what I mean (I told you about my personal experience I guess)


hey… i am a new follower… simply loved it… nice story… but reading the next post makes us hit even a stronger realization… how the change can prove wrong when it itself has been caused by a wrong reason…
nice work and i’ll keep reading your great stuff 🙂


he must have went to her and talked to her.. but then nobody knows how one’s mind thinks…

Wonderfully written as usual Sakhi 🙂

Sorry for being very late here 😦


Y do this sort of things happen?? very very sad… y cant just people day out what they feel and finish it all, y is it so difficult to express…. sad sad sad


Poor chap – at least, she could have offered an explanation.


Don’t want to be a dampner to your writings.. This story is very similar to the Novel ‘Only Love’ by Erich Segal. (Don’t read the reviews of the novel. Read the Novel. You will know what I mean)

Anyways i have voted for you in the Indiblogger contest. Best Luck !!!


I have read Eric segal, almost all the books. I might hvae missed this one. Have to pick it up! 🙂 Thanks for voting. 🙂 🙂


simply loved this story
like …like… liked it


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