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Blessings… her point!

Posted on: July 2, 2009

fiction_stamp2Aakriti felt so agitated that Aakaash was going to be at the conference. It had been 15 years since she had seen him. 15 years since they had spoken. Since she had told him that her life was to be tied to another. It was her parents’ decision, steeped in tradition. She had hoped that Aakaash would protest – that he would fight for her. But her had just sat there with his mouth hanging open. She had waited for him to call. Hoped. And then the hope faded away. Perhaps her mother had been right – perhaps Aakaash had jut seen her as some minor amusement to pass the time – but not to marry.

But she had accepted her fate as graciously as she could. Until she discovered that her husband did not want her at all. His parents had arranged the marriage and even waived any dowry requirements, to keep a cover on their respectabilility and the fact that their son preferred men. He was gay and saw this arranged marriage as yet another rejection by his parents. He resented Aakriti, not because he had a problem with her specifically, but because of what she represented in his life. Her parents had been so thrilled that they did not have to worry about the dowry. It was something that had weighed on them for so many years, since the birth of their daughter.

So Aakriti threw herself into her work. It was her only solace. Her only outlet and escape from the realities of her personal life. And at first it worked. Her colleagues treated her with the respect due a woman, ostensibly successful in her professional and personal life. But as the years passed, and she continued to live the lie to protect her parents from the truth, to keep the facade of respectibility, it became hareder to cope with the questions of when she was going to have a baby – something she wanted so much – of her in-laws’ taunts about her barren womb, even though they knew the truth about their son. Aakriti hardened herself. If she was gruff with people at the outset, then they would not ask questions that she didn’t want to face, let alone answer.

So now, all these years later, she dressed carefully as she prepared to meet Aakaash, her one true love again. And yet as she applied her lipstick so carefully, she saw the harsh lines on her face. In place of laugh lines, there were frown lines. In place of smooth skin across high cheek bones, there was blotchy, loose skin that gathered in folds across her jowls and neck. Her face showed the ravages of so many years of trying not to care. It could not be turned back now.

And then she saw Aakaash at the conference. She felt herself light up as she observed him. She hoped to make at least the connection of friendship, after all these years. And she felt her internal light dim as his eyes moved towards her and then passed over her in complete lack of recognition. When his eyes returned to her, she saw him trying to place her and then the shock as he recognised that it was her, Aakriti. She was about to go up to him when he hurriedly excused himself and fled from the room. And she realised that he didn’t really want to see her at all.

The realisation was like a rock on her heart. And yet, she composed herself once again and found strength in her work as she had so often before. When she had her work, she didn’t need anybody and they could not hurt her in any way. She ignored Aakaash for the rest of the conference because to talk to him would be too painful. Not just for the love she had lost 15 years ago, but also for his rejection now. And she knew that her mother had been right all those years ago – Aakaash had never thought of Aakriti seriously – she had just been his play thing for a little while. And now she was finally free of all the romantic illusion that she had created for herself – and she could throw herself completely into her work.


This work is by a dear reader. She wrote this as a comment but I thought it deserved to be a full post. Thanks sioneve! 🙂


53 Responses to "Blessings… her point!"

It sure deserves a full post !
very well written 🙂


Nice Post. Keep it up. Nice Write up.


Aah… Not the Dostana angle… Even if she is free from Aakaash now, she’ll have to go back to her gay husband which means more suffering for the poor Aakriti. Killing him off or a divorce was a better idea.


Yes – I believe in “till DEATH do us part…”


now this is better.. her angle.. but don’t both deserve to live better lives.. 🙂

a third and concluding part perhaps..

this is what happens when readers interact with the writer.. we won’t stop till the end is pleasant.. we are optimistic people.. 😀

@ Varun.. kill the husband off.. lol.. 🙂


amazing read…


oh i just realised it was the continuation….too good ! we should hv such reader-writer interaction more! though now i m cravin 4 a happy ending when both akaash and akriti know the reality!…… can we have that happy conclusion too ? 😕


Hey nice one.. So it was not her fault after all 🙂


Can i contribute to the third part!? I’ll keep it short and sweet.

On his flight back, free from Aakriti’s ghosts, while flying through blue Aakash(skies), Aakaash meets the women of his dreams. An air hostess with a lovely smile. He proposes to her the moment he sees her and she gleefully accepts it. They get married the moment flight lands on the ground 🙂

Coming to Aakriti, she comes home, looks at the news paper and sees that the gay rights have been revised. She asks her husband to marry the man of his dreams and give her a divorce. He accepts her offer immediately and lets her go. Now that she’s free to explore she proposes to her richest patient and both live happily ever after


I’m sorry if I made a mockery of the lovely story but then I couldn’t hold back myself too 🙂


Love it! The perfect ending.


lol 🙂 nice!


Thanks so much 🙂


Wow, didnt see this coming !!! talk about different perspectives, huh? Nice one. and yes personally, I have an elderly friend who got divorced last year because her husband was a gay. It seems she never knew about that in thier 3 years of marriage. Silly world, huh?

Out of context : My new post which you skipped isnt ‘technical’ at all. Do you think Im crazy to write something serious?? LOL ! Infact Im editing the beginning of the post about the same right away.


Check my ‘edited to add’ in the beginning. Phew! Im relieved !!! Sorry for using this space to let you know !


@ Varun :

LOL, you can give another twist just before exploring the rich patient!! Aakriti comes running to meet Aakash to tell him that she is divorced and to check if he can accept her. and guess what, she arrives at his home on his engagement day. (aa aa aa a aa aaaa –kuch kuch hota hai theme music) 😀 😀


And there’s a happy ending! 🙂 🙂


That was in reply to Varun’s part of the story


This one truly deserves a full post .. No second doubt about it .. great work sakhi and sioneve !!

@Varun and @Vimmmmuu :

LOL !! That was hillarious .. Nice way to end the story ..


Thank you Sakhi – you are very lovely.
I loved the additional endings suggested!! LOL!


ha so as I thought it isn’t by you 😉



But this such a sad angle!!!

But it teaches us, every story has another side which needs to be told 🙂

Every question has an answer which needs to be asked & not assumed!!!

Every action has a reason and if it really matters to us we will go find the logic behind it…and clearly Akash never loved her enuff!!!


You spelt Aakaash’s name wrong. You forgot to add those numerological A’s 🙂

And no comments on my ending 😦


I put extra A’s for a proper pronunciation and it has nothing to do with numerology 😛 😛 😀


Sioneve, wonderful story! and nice to see this new thing..the story of each side. Every heart has a story to tell.


All I can say is this is NOT fiction…God forbid, but Aakriti story is possible. This has been very sensitively written.

@Sakhi, you got a match. This one was a perfect jugal bandhi.

Thanks to you both 🙂


Sioneve wonderful story ..and yes it does deserve a full post 🙂

loved this perspective from the other side..and somehow this is how I had pictured it to be…. but coudl NEVER have written it the way Sioneve has so beautifuly…

PS:- I RAN here the moment I saw the title Sakhi 😀

your stories have so much in them…so many can interpret them in so many ways….


I read from mehak blog that last day was doctor’s day.. so wishing u Dr. Shah, happy doctors day!!!


Thanks 🙂 🙂


Hey friends, i havent specifically answered the comments since this was not my creation…

Thanks again sioneve for sharing this with us all! 🙂


But what is your own comment??


My own comment says for itself when I posted this story!! 🙂


Very interesting sakhi. I think all of us labour under some sort of romantic illusions about some long past friendship and refuse to acknowledge the reality. And i am not talking just of romance. But overall about relationships.


See! That is what happens when to people have mouths and they don’t talk!


Indeed – but sometimes the illusion so much more enchanting than the reaity.


ye duniya badi gol hai … 😛


that made for a lovely read… special thanks to sioneve for this…


Thank you again Sakhi for sharing your blog page with me.
And thank you everybody for your comments. All the best to you all…I am still laughing about Varun’s ending! Love S


Always welcome 🙂 It was my pleasure too! 🙂


The writing style is quite similar! Most of the time, the choice is between the devil and the deep sea. We just don’t realize, that’s all!

Destination Infinity


Wonderfully written by Sioneve… 🙂

It’s the choice that we make leads us wherever… once again proved 🙂


mind blowing you may be a genius


I think this part has been written with a very heavy bias against the males of the species. I’ve read the last part that you wrote & I simply couldn’t figure out what this part’s author was thinking when writing this. Aakriti expected Aakaash to fight for her when she herself was not interested in fighting for herself?! I think thats being naive or rather playing dumb to then think that Aakaash just thought of Aakriti as a plaything! When she’d already made her mind to resign to her parents’ wishes, what was he supposed to do? Fight for a person not interested in him any longer?


No bias against the males of the species intended. Promise!
Just another point of view.
You are absolutely right that people need to stand up for themselves, and not expect others to stand up for them / on their behalf. But so many don’t – both men and women.
I have a friend who walked out on her husband and then they got a divorce. What fascinates me is that she says, “I hoped that my husband would not let me walk out. I hoped that he would try to stop me, or at least follow me and convince me to come home. It would have proven that he really cared for me.” Well, he got on with his life. Was he wrong? I don’t think so. Who wants to be chasing the damsel in distress everyday?? Was she wrong? Possibly – but emotions are very rarely logical.
And now I will make a provocative comment: I think that women often dream of being saved / rescued etc by the men they love / desire. Not all women of course. But I think that many of us suffer from the fairy-tale syndrome! 🙂


I might differ here on the walking out thing a bit. Ofcourse the lady was wrong to walk out & then expect her hubby to come to her but I think that the guy was also a bit wrong. If he didn’t try to come to her or talk to her even once then I think he was just being insensitive. Afterall she was his wife, he should’ve been a little sensitive towards her, its not about logic its just about being human, being sensitive & caring. If the lady had continued to snub him even after he tried to talk to her, then ofcourse the lady would’ve been at fault.


I like your very thoughtful and considered way of exploring the issues. At the end of the day, I think we have to be very brave in our relationships and express our needs clearly to the people we love. And in return, we must treat the people we love with great care and kindness when they try to reach us (however they do that).
One of the nicest things I ever read was, when you are fighting with your husband / wife / partner, stop, take a deep breath and then offer them a cup of tea. It shows that you are connected and care about them beyond this particular disagreement. It also breaks the hold of the fight. So the other day my husband and I were having a heated disagreement when I remembered the idea of offering a cup of tea. The thought took me by surprise and I burst put laughing. Of course that put an end to the heat in the disagreement!!


I like your very thoughtful and considered way of exploring the issues.

Thanks! 🙂

That offering cup of tea is a nice idea indeed. One should be as straightforward as possible, the lives are already complicated & relationships need not get the added complexity, but things seldom happen the way we think they should & people being people seldom are straightforward, especially in their relationships! 🙂

I think a relationship which doesn’t have its share of arguments/fights isn’t complete, afterall there are atleast two humans involved in a relationship & each human is different in some way, even twins are not same in all aspects. So there will be some indifference in views, different opinions & thus there will be some arguments naturally. But at the end of the day, you have a good relationship if both parties can come to a conclusion, both will have to yield some ground & thats perfectly acceptable, neither one wins or looses, its should be a win for both without making the other look like a looser. 🙂


” its should be a win for both without making the other look like a looser” Thats a good one amit! 🙂

And i too believe “a relationship which doesn’t have its share of arguments/fights isn’t complete”



I loved both parts-really creative to view both sides. And they are so real

But could there be a new ending-one when they see each other’s view?


That’s a sweet idea.
Shall we call it: “Blessings….His view….Her view…The view from the therapist’s couch…”


It indeed deserved a full post…. wonderful story.. very touching…


Excellent! If only she had the courage to speak to her parents…


This story just cmpleted ur story beautifully. Both together reminded of a similar wrk by a fellow Blogger Dhiman..
Here r his two posts

And yeah i luvd reading these two posts of urs..
sumhow feel better after writing a nasty review on ur latest post 🙂


a very good story


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