Sakhi's Laghukatha

First Love

Posted on: September 14, 2009

fiction_stamp2“Aadi, will you see who is at the door?”

Aaaditya’s mother called out to him. He stood gaping as he looked at the visitor. He had never seen more beautiful girl before. He stood there awestruck. After a while he realized that the visitor was asking him something.

“Is this Mrs. Bally’s place?”


“Who is it Aadi?” his mother asked from the kitchen.

“Someone’s here to see you, mom.” still standing at the door, he forgot his manners to ask her inside. He stood there looking at her as if he had seen some “apsara”, making Nidhi conscious. The blush on her face made her even more beautiful, or so Aadi thought.

“Yes?” asked Mrs. Bally to the visitor and looked at her son quizzically for the dumb look on his face.

He couldn’t know from his room what the duo were talking about. How he wished to be there, with her! He felt his face and ears getting red and hot.

Two days later when he came home in the evening, he saw her again. She looked more beautiful than he had remembered. She smiled at him and his heart skipped a beat. He gave her an awkward smile and scurried to his room. Once in his room he flopped on the bed and tried to look at her through the eyes of his heart. Her dark, midnight sky colour, hair in long braid, big vermilion bindi on her forehead, her “Kajal” lined eyes brought a smile on his face. He went back to the other room just to get a glimpse of her but his mother was already packing tabla and she was gone. He sighed.

Their encounter became routine since Nidhi came to his place at least thrice a week to learn tabla and Bharat Natyam from his mother. He would make sure to come home early on her scheduled days. He loved it when she smiled at him. He loved her grace when she danced to his mother’s directions and she looked fabulous when she played tabla. She tried to talk to him couple of times but he would feel very shy and embarrassed. She became his passion. He would get agitated the day she did not come.

Aaditya got restless when Nidhi didn’t come for her classes for a week. Today was her scheduled day too and he decided not to go out of house, lest he miss her! She did come. But she had this “lost” look on her face. He waited for them to start the session but they just sat and talked. Mrs. Bally got a glass of water for Nidhi and seemed like consoling her. It then occurred to Aaditya that Nidhi was crying. He couldn’t get what was going on between his mother and Nidhi but something was seriously wrong. He tried to stress his ears but couldn’t know the reason of Nidhi’s distress.

At dinner he heard his mother tell his father about Nidhi’s marriage to someone whom she didn’t love; a person a decade elder to her.

“She is just 23… imagine! Poor girl! So talented! Tsk…” commiserated Mrs. Bally.

Further talk was lost on Aaditya. He felt as if the earth had given away and he was spiraling down some bottomless pit. He was completely lost. In a daze he managed to go to his room. Mr. and Mrs. Bally were surprised at Aaditya’s sudden change in mood.

“Might be due to the exams. Let me go talk to him”, said Mr. Bally to his wife, patting her hand.

When Aaditya did not respond to Mr. Bally’s knock he peeked inside his room. Aaditya was sitting at the window and was lost to the world. He did not hear his father approach.

“What happened Aadi, any problem in school?” asked Mr. Bally lovingly to his only child. Aadi shook his head but his eyes started brimming over. One look at his dad and he lost control. He hugged his father tightly and started crying openly. Mr. Bally stood there transfixed not knowing what was wrong with his adolescent son. But he let him cry.

He just wished that whatever was causing so much pain to his son had a remedy.


45 Responses to "First Love"

Beautiful… the first heart-break is always the most painful !!
But he’ll get over it in time… I feel sorry for Nidhi! 😦


Of course he will get over it!! 😀 probably in the next semester he will find some cute girl in his class! 😉 😀


I toh feel ke aadi bach gaya .. His life would hv been a hell if he has got Nidhi with all that BharatNatyam and tabla – two skills in one package..

Imagine, your wife playing tabla all night and dancing bharat natyam when you want her company ..

Bach gaya bachhu ..


haa..haa… 😆

but i don’t really think that aadi was here anyway near to marrying the girl… i think i was all puppy love!! happens at the age of 16-17 you know 😉


aha! The joy & excitement of first love & the sadness of loosing it!!!

Sweet story!!! but sad for Nidhi 🙂


yeah… the shyness, the uncertainty, the awkwardness of those early years! Ah… how very sweet. hai na! 🙂


Arre forget Aadi, Nidhi ka kya huva??


Nidhi ka kuchh nahi hua… she came to meet me and I thrashed her for not standing up for her own and putting her whole life in jeopardy just so that her parents would feel better. She got some good verbal flailing and she understood. She refused to marry that moron. After a couple of years started her own dancing school in partership with Aadi’s mom.

By that time Aadi had completed his schooling, joined a professional course and fell again in love with his classmate. The shyness was not there, nor was there the awkwardness.

What say about this line of thinking … chalega?? 😛 😛


I feel that moron was definitely me…what say 😛


No, that moron can’t be you… for various reasons!


“Aaditya got reckless”
i m sure u mean restless. 🙂
pehle pyar ka pehla gum, pehli baar hai aakhen num 🙂


gum as in the bubble one ?


😆 @ gum!!:D 😀


LOL !! ask that kid to study, will ya? He has fallen in love with a girl whos elder to him !!! I mean, nothing wrong ! Just that there are people like us for her !!!

Oh shit, I forgot its just a story ! 😀 😀 😀


haa..haa… will tell him!


I don’t think boys cry this way even with a broken heart, do they?


Adolescent boys do cry… I think most humans do! Its suppose to be natural. But of course, societal pressure and conditioning might change the behaviour of a particular gender (person). The way they are brought up. 🙂

Though of course, you need not agree with me! 😉


Puppy love .. hw sweet 😛

Sad for Nidhi na 😦


he will get over it. 🙂


of course!! 😉 😀


Time to play this song…


hee..hee… apt! 🙂


I feel sorry for the girl 😦 And the boy 😦

I’ll have to blame the girl’s stupid parents 😡


aah…. the good ol’ teenage one-sided love !!!


Teenage love is so so good! 🙂 🙂 I don’t know if it can be called love, but whatever it is, feels good! 🙂 🙂


As if you have grown 😛


Shut up, swaps!! 😛 😛


Ahah! So you continue sparring where-ever you meet!! 😆


Vexing swaps is my favourite timepass! 😉 😀


Sad about Nidhi.

Aadi probably hung around the door till the next pretty girl came along


“Aadi probably hung around the door till the next pretty girl came along” :lol” 😆 yeah, true true 😉


sweet story.. 🙂

adoloscent love… it is the best… coz only that is unconditional.. 🙂


😀 😀 yup yup yup 🙂


Ahhh – the sweet, luscious, all-encompassing thrill of first love(s)! Especially unrequited love(s)! Reality is never as exciting!! 🙂


Thank God life is not AS excitiing 😉 🙂


Really? Wouldn’t it be cool to be on a perpetual hormonal high…feeling like singing and dancing as you walk down the street…as if all of life’s most wondrous secrets have been revealed to you?? 🙂


The singing and dancing ceases when the love(s) is unrequited!! 😉 🙂 That’s what I meant when I said “not AS exciting” 🙂 🙂 Then the gazals make more sense than fast numbers on ipod! 😉 😀 😀


I think what happens during the mid teens is the real love .. pure and innocent. Afterwards (in 20’s) it is just infatuation!!

Destination Infinity


And I thought otherwise… that the teens are more for infatuation than later in life love! 🙂


Aww.. nice kahani 🙂 What would happen then? Would Aadi ever confide his tears to his parents? Sigh. First crush 😉


Firsh crush is so mushy mushy na! 🙂


Funny Funny love … 😛 … or crush .. or whatever … :mrgreen:


Err….. wouldn’t be “infatuation” instead of “love” in this case? Nevertheless, 1st heartbreak is indeed a hard initiation; after that a person gets used to the concept! 😉


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