Sakhi's Laghukatha


Posted on: November 10, 2009


Names and certain incidences are changed to protect privacy!

“Papaaaaaaaaaaa…” Shree ran to her father to give him a bear hug as she saw him on the airport almost after a fortnight. She loved her father a lot but these days he was too busy with expansion of his business and was not able to give her much time. He kissed her on her forehead and hugged her tight. Oh, how he missed her! Shree was his only child and apple of his eyes. Shree filled him up with all that she had done in the past few days at school, about her friends and her win at State skating championship.

“Where’s mom?” Mohit asked her. He did not like that Shree had come to pick him up alone with the driver. He never trusted anyone with his daughter.

“Oh, mom was busy with some meeting, so I came alone. I couldn’t wait to meet you, papa!” His heart swelled with love for his daughter.

In a day or two at home, Mohit noticed some changes in his adolescent daughter. She was more chirpy than usual. She had some shyness on her face which wasn’t there earlier. Mohit disregarded these changes thinking that they were due to the transition of his little girl to the womanhood. Still, he made a mental note to talk about this to his wife. Just to be sure that there was no silly boy in his daughter’s life. BOY, was he paranoid!

But before he could dwell more on the matter he was on tour again and the whole issue was forgotten. But it struck him as odd when Shree did not come to pick him up on the airport this time. And as he noticed, the changes that were subtle earlier were pronounced now. Shree was lost all the time, spent more time in her room. Most striking was, her grades were below average, for the first time in her life. Mohit tried to talk to her but she refused that there was any problem. The heated argument ensued with Mohit striking her hard across her face, again, for the first time in her life! Tears of anger, tears of shame, tears of humiliation, tears of revenge slid down young Shree’s cheeks. She resolved to teach her father a lesson!

Mohit felt bad at losing his temper. He knew how futile it would be to deal with adolescent kids in such upper hand manners. He resolved to make it up to her the next day.

Mohit prepared Shree’s favourite breakfast, rosti and orange juice, and took the tray to her room. He was shell shocked not to find her but a note on her pillow. He collapsed on the bed reading his daughter’s life sentence to herself!

Malti found him sitting at the edge of Shree’s bed staring at the life size picture of their daughter with tears running down his face. He looked so haggard and lost that she had to shake him out of his trance. When she read the note Shree had left behind, Malti almost collapsed. A look of “What and when did so much go wrong” passed between them. They sat there, holding hands and crying over each others shoulders for their daughter.

When did Shree grow up so much! She was all of sixteen and fallen in love. Fallen in love with a sweeper! And she ran away with him to teach her father a lesson!

“God, why her?” Mohit kept repeating this again and again in his prayers.

“She is just a kid. She doesn’t even know how to boil water or who polishes her shoes. How will she survive? What if…”  There were thousands of questions pricking Shree’s parents.

Mohit and Malti tried their level best, with all the contacts they had, to find their daughter to no vail. Even the boy’s parents were taken into custody but they too did not know where the duo was. It was almost two months now that Shree had gone.  Everybody had given up hope, but Mohit. In his heart he knew he would find his daughter no matter what!

One day as he was returning from his office, he saw a young girl selling vegetables on the roadside. She, just a little, resembled his Shree… though this girl was in shambles, in tattered clothes and looked like she hasn’t eaten or taken bath in months. Mohit shook his head at how almost all girls of Shree’s age reminded him of his beloved child. Tears stung his eyes yet again.

But as he went a few blocks ahead something struck him. No, this girl has to be Shree… the resemblance was too much to be a coincidence. He asked his driver to take a u-turn, he wanted to be sure! He approached the vendor with caution. If it was Shree, he did not want her to lose her again.

He could not believe his eyes when he looked at the girl from such close quarters. His daughter had lost substantial amount of weight, once shiny black hair looked like end of a broom with filth in them. Her once lacquered nails were brittle with dirt underneath, lips were chapped and skin was now dirty and listless! Mohit fought inner battle not to break down with pain in full public view.

“Shree…” he called her tentatively. Their eyes met. Something flickered in Shree’s eyes, hope may be! Without a word father-daughter climbed in the car. Mohit held his daughter’s hand tightly, never to let go again.

He saw shame, humiliation, fear and many such nameless emotions in his daughter’s eyes and gritted his teeth. He vowed to ruin the boy’s life. But that can wait… till his daughter is brought back to life!!!


66 Responses to "Revenge"

OMG! That ws so sad 😦 Gotta b so careful with our actions … there wil be no time to correct them too 😦
I felt so so relieved when he found her 😛


yes … i have written the end on my own. I don’t know what actually happened to the girl later once she eloped. 😦 but you already know i like happy endings and this could be as happy as it can get!! 😦


Nice one Sakhi….

She resolved to teach her father a lesson!… He was shell shocked not to find her but a note on her pillow. He collapsed on the bed reading his daughter’s life sentence to herself!

Tears started flowing and at that instance Shree came running out from the bathroom where she hiding…

She apologised for her behavious and told her father that she was angry at him..Mohit apologised too…. and they lived happily everafter 🙂 🙂


Good one… but it didn’t happen that way in real life! Sadly!! 😦


This one was vague. Sorry.


This was a vague story. Sorry.


such a sad story but I liked what sharad did with that, please let it be the ending please…


It didn’t happen that way in real life…


Adolescence is such a vulnerable phase. Every parent dreads it I think.

You’ve told a sad,yet a very touching story,Sakhi.


Hmmm though liked it but found it too drastic & somehow can not digest the fact that the other mother missed all these things???

Anyways a story is a story and these things actually do happen 🙂 As usual nicely narrated!!


Typo in my comment, don’t read other before mother 😀

But this is a true Story??? Shit!!!


I know, when i wrote this piece i could not show emotions of both the parents plus i wanted to show that BOTH parents were quite busy, though not bad but busy nonetheless… There are a lot of explanation to this story , yaar! too much to put as short story and i goofed up!! 🙂


such a tragedy..but loved the way you’ve written it…these things happens many times than we actually think it does…

very well written Sakhi…loved it!


I could not put the “true story” badge yesterday!!


Sakhi, this is just just my opinion 🙂 – This story touched upon a sensitive issue, but I thought it could have been better. I thought the story went hayward right from when Shree thinks she should teach a lesson to her father. I understand that both the father and the daughter equally share the mistake, but then it was rather confusing on whose stand the story was taking. It looked unbiased not taking anyone’s stand for a while until the ending was ruined with the father vowing to ruin the boy’s life. I am sorry but I thought this story did not strike the chord though the issue handled was quite sensitive!

I hope no brickbats for me 😀


of course not!! 😀 😀 i am glad yu have your opinion AND share it with me and others!! Its really very imp for me if i want to improve my skills… so thanks! 🙂


Ok, so the guys are bad in this story ??? 😀 😀 😀

and wait, she didnt know how to boil water ?? Sheesh !! she doesnt read my blog ! 😦

Nice story, but what happened to you ? you have given human names to all your characters this time 😀 😀 😀 😀


I wanted to recommend your blog but the idiotic girl was too busy romancing!! 😛 😛

AND i, for a change, thought of hving mercy on you guys by selecting normal names!! 😀 😀


Nice one Sakhi .. Enjoyed reading it ..

** He vowed to ruin the boy’s life. **

What’s the fault of the boy – the sweeper ?? .. Could not relate to it .. Could u plz elaborate on it ??


one: the boy had no business romancing with a 16 year old girl

two: she was a minor (legally) and he helped her elope – not to mention, the duo might have had physical relationship also! Legally it would be considered rape!!

three: when Mohit saw the state of her child, poverty striken… naturally he blamed more on the boy than his own girl.

fourth: the class and caste of the boy did matter to him

NOW, think of all these points being in a father’s shoes (think about ALL the points!!) and not romantically!

Do you still find it odd that Mohit vowed to destroy the boy!! I am not saying destroy as in kill but would be punished for sure!!


** one: the boy had no business romancing with a 16 year old girl **

–> Love has no age bar .. It’s not boy’s fault that a 16 year old girl fell in love with him ..

** two: she was a minor (legally) and he helped her elope – not to mention, the duo might have had physical relationship also! Legally it would be considered rape!! **

–> Physical relationships when agreed upon by both the parties cannot be termed as rape ..

** three: when Mohit saw the state of her child, poverty striken… naturally he blamed more on the boy than his own girl. **

–> his daughter chose to run away with a sweeper .. he cant expect her to be the “mallika – e – hindustan” ..

** fourth: the class and caste of the boy did matter to him **

–> Dont believe in castism .. So cant digest this point ..

** NOW, think of all these points being in a father’s shoes (think about ALL the points!!) and not romantically! **

–> If I put myself in Mohit’s shoes then at first I believe that all the fault was of my daughter and not of that boy ..

But after taking her home, i would ask her that what happened after she ran away?? .. did that boy malhandle her ? Abuse her ?? beat her ? .. If yes, then i will surely kill him..


“–> Physical relationships when agreed upon by both the parties cannot be termed as rape ..”

legally it is still a rape!!

And even i dont believe in caste but i do believe in CLASS!!


Slightly out of the usual.Different but ok


Hello Sakhi,
We are interested at your works and if you want to have them published,Please visit DDH Website


Sakhi, you write beautifully. Have been reading your blog for the last two days and am loving it. 🙂


Hey thanks G… welcome aboard! 🙂


Nice story and guess what I have seen atleast 3 real life stories of similar elopements with boys/men of a different class and well stories end but those lives are still on and all of them are sad …saying that I would say yours was a happy ending…but life is not always …….. parents must educate their children about realities of life…. one mistake and its ruined for ever….


yes dmanji… i too don’t think these stories end in “happily everafter” like they do in movies!!

And somehow, in this case too, i dont really see a happy ending but i guess better that she stayed in the state she was found in.


Nice one again but a different though. One has to be different at times.

Caste doesn’t matter but Class does. I completely agree with you on this.


Kids are just so stupid! That’s the moral of the story for me.


yes they are… they dont know what they lose in recklessness and when they realise, its probably too late!


I am already so scared of how to handle my kids once they are adolescents 😦
Atleast this Dad found his kid in time.


I have added the end that you read here… in real life, i don’t know what happened to the girl! 😦 😦


unfair… tell us what happened in between…


No idea!! i dont want to make it up… i really dont know what happened to that girl! 😦


Ahh I finally got ur book today from Pothi 🙂 Gotta read it once I get bk home 😀


Wow.. thanks swaram!! 🙂 I hope you enjoy it reading 🙂


Done .. all that I did this weekend 😉 I liked the stories on relations .. the way a Mom treats her teenage daughter, a dad talks to his son and all that .. very positive and feels like its not so difficult to win their confidence and make them feel they can talk it our with u 🙂 Very true to life stories 🙂


🙂 Thanks swaram for the positive feedback. 🙂


nice story sakhi…though i didnt understand..why she ran with boy to teach lesson to father…she would have hide herself somewhere…in story its ok…but its true was wandering what let her take this drastic step…

U have written book too..woww….will try to get your book soon 🙂


The revenge part i have added as a writer.. i don’t really know if the girl ran away due to it or just coz of lust or love or whatever… but she did!! thats the dumbest of the things she could have done!!

And yes, published the book sometime ago. Hope you enjoy it reading! 🙂


😦 😦

I don’t know what to say.. and this is a true story… happens here and there, where the kids ruining their life…

Kids must be given the freedom to discuss about whatever they want with their parents… that would help… else these kind of happenings will happen…

di you know her father?? did her parents provided the environemnt to her daughter to share all the things happening around her??


No kanagu.. the girl was my cousin’s friend and i did not know much about her personal life.


nice one. I hope u know i usually read ur stories before going off to sleep. But just dont leave a comment. But i couldnt help myself from leaving a comment today. Its too drastic. I ve known and seen people do these kind of silly things. heck, parents sometimes cant do much. In any case, hope the girl is fine.


“I hope u know i usually read ur stories before going off to sleep” Boy!! I didnt know this.. but thanks. 😀 😀 You made my day! 🙂

And no yaar, no idea if she is fine or whatever now!! i, too, hope she is fine. 🙂


Intertwining fact and fiction is a good way to write, huh? Should keep that in mind. What’s your story? Fact or fiction? 😐


Hey welcome to my blog.

Since you are new here you won’t know much about my writings. I usually write fiction and ALWAYS mention that in tags as well as put up a badge on the left side of the story.

This one is taken from a real life incidence but since i did not know too much of the personal details i filled it up with my imagination.

Hope to see you around more. 🙂

wish you best for your blog journey ahead. 🙂


The things teenagers do just to be stubborn !!!

a really dangerous stage of life where things can go really wrong.

very nice story 🙂


Thanks adarsh 🙂


Well, I found you 😀
I Google’d your name and you were first 🙂

P.S: Haven’t read ur post, jus wantd to thank u for ur comment [hapiness waala]

Jai Maharshtra 😛


😀 😀

Welcome Tarun! 🙂


He was shell shocked not to find her but a note on her pillow.

That was a moment of intense suspense 😯

Glad that it didn’t lead to the girl taking her own life. Phew! 😐

I don’t know the legalese, but isn’t 16 supposed to be the age when one is a major, though 18 is when one can drive and vote 😕

I thought it was going to have a ‘poor-boy-meets-rich-girl’ kind of movie ending, but sadly, things don’t work in real life as they do in reel life, do they? 😦

By the way, what’s kind of dish is a rosti? Sounds good 😛


Below the age of sixteen, even a day younger, the girl will be considered as legally minor!!

And no raj things dont work out, always, for the best in real life!! Sigh!!


Rosti is made from shredded potato and chese to be eaten with salsa sause!! ITs yummmmmmmmyyy!! Will feed you when you come to ahmedabad!! 🙂 🙂

Check out this image

Though i prepare much better than this 🙂 🙂


Thanks! 🙂 Potato, cheese and salsa… yummy!!! 😛 😛


Your stance that the girl was not at fault is slightly blurring!
16 year old adolescents are very much informed and mature these days and they have to take full responsibility for their actions.

This story was more like a telugu movie but in the ending of telugu movies, love always wins! In one telugu movie, the boy and girl (both from rich families) start selling milk in cycles in the climax, and if I am correct, that became a superhit movie!! 🙂

Like… i never wanted to say that the girl was NOT at fault. I\This is only the side of the father. If you noticed, even mother’s side is not shown here.

And i really don’t believe in “happily ever after”!! Life is much more than falling in love and getting married!


True story? sad.


yup true story… 😦


So sad 😦 I am praying she is found, in reality…


i know a woman who eloped with a milkman, she was a major though
i have seen her own family alienate her, she struggling to feed her own kids, let alone educate them and turning her own life into a living hell…

well written!


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