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Posted on: November 23, 2009

Tears glistened in his eyes; tears of humiliation, tears of impotent anger, tears of shame…

“Say sorry!” coaxed the dean.

“But Sir, I did not do anything…” his voice trailed off, his eyes pleading.

She stood there, looking at him with venom in her eyes.

He looked around, as if to find some support, someone who will tell him that it was all a joke and he was free. What he found were three solemn faces, with down cast eyes and sympathetic look.


It all started three months back when he was happily clicking his wife’s pictures and both giggling like kiddos. The bell rang and they found a young chap looking for Dr. Artha Shashtri.

“Yes, that’s me.” They were used to people coming to their place at all hours for various health related problems.

“Do you know Khyati?” the visitor asked sternly.

“Of course, she is doing her MSc at my department. Why, what’s the matter?” asked Artha with concern, fearing the worst.

“Better keep your hands off her, doctor. If I get one more complain from her, you will regret you were ever born. Is that clear? This is just a warning, next time I will not wait to come and talk to you.” Having said this, he was gone.

Artha looked at Shobha. A hundred thoughts passed through their minds as they looked at each other.

Artha and Shobha were doing their MD from the same college. Shobha knew Artha’s reputation. He was favourite of all. She had yet to come across someone who did not like Artha. Presently she hugged her husband and they tried to forget what just happened.

Worst was yet to begin.

Artha started receiving anonymous threatening calls. He was thinking of lodging a complaint with the police when one afternoon his best friend, Kunal, came to his laboratory, breathless, and told him to run off.

“Run off? What do you mean by run off? Are you crazy? Why?”

“Artha, do as I say! You and Shobha should leave this city immediately. Khyati’s uncle and his men are coming to get you. I heard them talking in the foyer on the ground floor.” His friend told him breathlessly.

“What? Why?” Artha was baffled.

“This is not the time to do all this interrogation.”

“What about Ma and Pa? They are at home.”

“Don’t worry about them. I’ll take care of them. Now, please get out of this place. I’ll keep in touch with you. Don’t come back till I tell you to.”

Artha was lost. Blankly he ran to Shobha’s department and they fled from their Alma mater like some criminals.

To be continued…


36 Responses to "Venom"

Aah! Gotta wait nw 😦



complete it ASAP…


waah super start ! next part please


Mystery..Do you want us to guess..what must have happnd 😉


Its ok if you want to, but wait till i write the next part and then you can post your guess… what say? 🙂


ok done..waiting for ur next part now 🙂


why the break in story..?


Was getting too long for one post …


Hmm interesting hope the part 2 is posted soon 😀


Not fair.. it wasn’tlong enough to be broken into parts..

part 2 now!!!


ohhh…they were caught red-handed stealing the tiffin boxes ???? waiting for the sequel !! good one ! 😀


no fiction tag?? Hmmm




came here to check reply…then started feeding Hamu 🙂 bahut din ho gaye kuch khilaya nahi.


Great yaar 🙂 Now I have to wait for Part 2 😀


Wow interesting sakhi… Thrilled…
Yesterday I Have seen a film a lil similar to this start… 🙂
Waiting for the next part 🙂


A teaser eh? Is she a gangster’s daughter or sister or wife? 🙂


Please hurry up with part 2…


did u do part 2…? its getting late.


Interesting.. post second part soon.

In the meanwhile, i just love your short stories.. They are cool..

Keep going.. All the best


Thanks kavya… 🙂


Cant wait to know what happened next…bring the 2nd part out fast,Sakhi!!!


BTW,I simply love the names you choose for your characters!


I think you are the only one who likes the selection of names for the characters!! 😆 😆 Everybody else curse me for the same! 😀 😀

Thanks 🙂


You have become such a good writer 😛


thanks vishu! 🙂


hi Sakhi
first time here…
I absolutely loved your writing 🙂
you got me hooked!


Welcome divz 🙂

And thanks too! 🙂


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Coming late has its advantages – I am off to part 2… 🙂

Destination Infinity


I love your comments 🙂


[…] You can find part I and part II […]


I’ll comment on part 3…


[…] You  can find part I, Part II and Part III […]


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