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Venom III

Posted on: November 30, 2009

You can find part I and part II here.

“Madam, what is this going on?” asked the Dean to the HoD as she entered his office. HoD found Khyati’s uncle sitting there as if the office belonged to him and not to the Dean.

“Even I am unaware. Today morning this gentleman had come to my department and said Khyati, the new PhD student, has some grievance against Dr. Artha, the resident doctor. Though, Khyati has not mentioned this either to me or any of the faculty members.”

“Hmmm, where is Dr. Artha?”

“Nobody seems to know.” 


The Dean thought for a while and turned his attention to “uncle” who did not look as irate as he was half an hour back. He had this smug look on his face which was hard to decipher.

“Sir, let me look into the matter. I am sure there is some misunderstanding here. I will get back to you as soon as possible.” The Dean tried to diplomatically avoid saying more as he was not sure what went wrong exactly and he needed to look into the matter. He was bidding for some more time.

“Okay, Doctor, but I want justice. I will wait for your call.” “Uncle” handed over his business card to the Dean and left the office with an air of authority.

The HoD and the Dean were finally alone in the huge government office.

“What is this going on madam?” Now the Dean’s tone had changed to that of a confidant to his colleague.

The HoD narrated the whole episode since morning.

“Dr. Artha is not to be found. Nobody knows where he is. I think he somehow came to know about this and is now absconding. Khyati was not there in the department either. I had sent for her. Let me see if she is in the department now. We can call her here and ask what this is all about.”

“Hmmm… Ask her to come here as soon as possible. I don’t like the ring of this whole thing.”

On HoD’s call, Khyati came to the Dean’s office.

Till she came the Dean asked the clerk to get the file of Dr. Artha.

“What do you think of Dr. Artha, madam?” the Dean wanted to know more about the doctor in question before Khyati came.

“Oh, he is a fine boy. Very friendly and hard working! One of the best resident doctors my department had so far. I fail to understand what he could have done to irk Khyati or these hooligans!” said the HoD exasperated.

“If I remember correctly Dr. Artha was the secretary of “Blood Donor’s Association” of our college for three consecutive years in his undergraduate days. I remember him distinctly for he was one of the most outstanding secretaries BDA had got. He had organized many camps and had received recognition award too.” The Dean tried to remember something, anything, about Dr. Artha. His memory came up with all the good things. He was as puzzled as the HoD. On going through Artha’s acaedemic file, it was obvious that Artha was a good student and there was nothing which pointed to any untoward conduct earlier.

“May I come in, sir?” Finally it was Khyati!

“Yes…” the Dean searched for any sign of distress on Khyati’s face. But she was smiling as if nothing had happened. Or probably as if she was enjoying the vista.

“I am sure you know why you have been called here.” Started the Dean and went on when Khyati nodded in affirmation. “So, tell me, what is the problem? It looks like your uncle and his men are after Dr. Artha for causing some trouble to you. It looks like you have not mentioned it to your colleagues or any faculty in your department. Can you please explain now what this is all about?” There was hint of slight irritation in the Dean’s voice. The Dean was on the post for more than a decade now and he very well knew how he or his college can get into trouble due to “uncles” who flaunt their ties with politicians.

“Dr. Artha is harassing me…” said Khyati smugly.

To be continued…


16 Responses to "Venom III"

Ayyo .. @ the right moment! U do know hw to keep us glued Sakhi 😛
Pls pls post the next part soon 😉


waiting for the next part 🙂


omg-Sakhi please think of us an post the final part soon. PLEASE


oh no, you are not telling us the end even now!!! Not fair.


I just can’t handle the suspense, and I hope there is an end in the fourth part, otherwise it might become like the junoon serial!! Keep it short and sweet with four episodes like kanoon 🙂


ab bas bhi kar! jaldi suspense khol 🙂


It’s a nice thriller… I guess I have a vague idea where this one seems to be heading… unless of course, there is an unexpected twist…


Kyathi is a good name. In this case, I am sure the initial is ‘Ku’.


I just have one word for you…. ‘grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr’ (if that a word !) 😀


Huh! What!!? Jus this after all the wait!? I actually chose not to comment anything until I read all the parts…but grew impatient!! Good suspense! lol…waiting for next part…please give us the complete story in the next part!!! Small observation…I liked the name Khyati..And I appreciate your attention to spelling..I mean the position of “h” in “Khyati”..Not many people take care of language and meaning of a name!!! I particularly like the attention you give in choosing names to your characters. That comes with maturity!! Itz not that I am literally praising you everytime you write something in your blog..but I thought this aspect of your stories is worth mentioning!!


Gee… thanks! 🙂 😳


turn this into a book 🙂


[…] My Awards! 🙂 Venom III […]


Off to read part 4…no time to do ‘grrrrr’


Off to read Part IV as well 😀 I think by now Khyati is just falsifying harassing allegations against Dr. Artha 😀


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