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Tanish and Kesar

Posted on: February 20, 2010

Kesar peered at Tanish from behind her glasses. Every time he passed by her cubicle, her heart went into a somersault. She sighed!!

 “When will he notice me?” she thought. Love

She looked around her to check if anyone saw her ogling her boss and the effect he had on her. Every one was busy with work. She sighed again in relief and tried to concentrate on the rows and columns filled with numbers. Soon she forgot all about Tanish as she dived in balance sheets. She was the topper in university exams and loved playing with numbers. Since the day she joined A & A Fashion house as a trainee she was smitten by Tanish.

She tried hard not to show but it was difficult to turn a blind eye to her blushes. Tanish could see her puppy love for him and felt amused. She was cute, bubbly and a geek. He liked her name too… Kesar, saffron!! She was not beautiful in the conventional way but looked extremely attractive with her short cropped hair, a nose ring and black squarish glasses. She stood out with Kohl lined eyes, denims, long khadi kurtas, dangling earrings and floaters. But what caught his attention more was her youthful exuberance. Yet, he was acutely aware of the age difference between them. She was at least a decade younger to him, not that it would matter. But he was convinced that he was not romantic type, whatever that meant!

As the days passed Kesar got more opportunities to know Tanish. He was a tolerant boss and commanded respect. When late nights were inevitable at the office, he changed from hard, critical boss to understanding witty colleague. She noticed his exceptional managerial skills. She also noticed that though he was friendly with one and all, he never crossed limits and never allowed anyone else to enter his personal space. He kept people at bay without offending them. She was happy to know these tit-bits about him. She wanted to know more, much more. But this has to do, at least for now!

It was getting increasingly difficult for Tanish to work with Kesar without a stir of emotions. It was as if he was in his teens again. He loved her laughter, which he could not hear but see through the partition glass when she was engaged in some animated chatter with one of her colleagues. His heart would melt seeing her smile when she caught him staring at her through the glass panel. He would blush and feel embarrassed. He didn’t like when she was away.

Tanish tried to hide his feelings as did Kesar but it was as evident as sunlight. Only the two of them were blind and thought others were too! Love was in the air and it was palpable.

Valentine’s Day was around the corner and people were busy preparing for the office party for the V-day, as was the trend in A & A Fashion house since long. Tanish was in a dilemma whether to propose to Kesar or let the things be for some more time. But he decided to buy Kesar a gift, something he hadn’t done for anyone since he broke up with his first and last girlfriend when he was fifteen! He bought her an exquisite, hand embroidered maroon khadi silk kurta. He visualized her in it and was pleased at his selection. He knew she would look absolutely lovely in it. Now he just has to gather some courage to present it to her!

Finally, it was V-Day and Tanish got cold feet. He tried everything to avoid Kesar the whole day. He found a bouquet of red roses on his table when he came back from his so-called meeting. He knew it had to be Kesar, as no one in last 10 years had ever presented anything to him. He smiled in spite of himself. The silly grin was stuck on his face for long. He looked lovingly at the bouquet as he laid it on his bed while getting ready for the V-Day office party and smiled again. Suddenly he wanted to run to Kesar and hug her tight.

His eyes searched for Kesar amongst the crowd but she was nowhere to be seen. He waited for her but in vain. It was close to midnight, he realized she would not come. Suddenly the party looked drab. He wanted to call her but restrained himself thinking it might not be appropriate. He sighed and left the party early feeling dejected. As he approached his car he saw a lonely figure sitting on the bonnet. He strained his eyes and was shocked. On seeing him Kesar jumped down and ran towards him almost hugging him but checked herself just in time. She presented him with a big (though not as big as her smile!), heart shaped balloon and a small packet which contained Montblanc pen. He was so surprised to see her there, waiting for him that he went speechless.

“Happy Valentine’s Day!” she chirped. Her exuberance was contagious and a small smile returned to Tanish’s lips. He remembered his own gift for her and handed over the packet to her.

“Happy Valentine’s Day to you too!” he said shyly. Unlike him she didn’t wait to open her gift and tore away the wrapping paper. She squeaked in delight at seeing the kurta and this time she didn’t restrain herself, she hugged him! Tanish’s arms went around her too. She felt so perfect in his embrace.

They smiled and looked into each other’s eyes as if asking, “What took you so long?” Hand in hand they walked towards his car and drove off into the moonlit night.


I am asked time and again why my characters have romantic (!) feelings for the persons other than their spouces or partners. So I thought I should give my characters some chance to feel pure, sweet, unadulterated  romance. What better time than V-month. Please bear with me if you find it too mushy. But as I said earlier… love is in the air! 🙂  🙂

Wish you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day (Belated!!).

Loads of love,



57 Responses to "Tanish and Kesar"

“Happy Valentine’s Day!” 🙂


To you too dear! 🙂


Really! I was thinking he’d turned out to be married and what not… this went at a completely different, pleasantly surprising, I should add, angle. 🙂

What took him so long? Men!! *sigh*

Welcome back from haitus. It’s good to see you and I like the “khadhu-pidhu-ne-raaj-karyu” stories so much better than serious drama. Not that they’re bad, just too heavy. Thanks for sharing.


I too like the “khadhu-pidhu-ne-raaj-karyu” stories !! 😀 😀

And hey kanan as i told earlier too, i keep reading your posts from google reader but cant comment since ur blog is blocked at my office. 😦


I loved this simple, straightfoward love story!!! hehehe….:-)


That was a such a sweet, sweet romantic story 🙂


i like happy endings!! 😉


And then Kesar woke up 😛 😛


and heard Ketan (her husband) snoring beside her.

Others are requested to continue this story. This is the true Sakhi style story! 😛


I know you two have twisted brains… it shows here completely!! 😛


@Sakhi, false smile


“Please bare with me if you find it too mushy”

Bare with you??????? BARE? 😀 😀 😀


LoL 😀 😀

@Reema, thanks for pointing out 🙂


Sorry for pulling your leg so much! nice sweet story 🙂


A very beautiful story Sakhi 🙂 🙂


Thanks kanagu 🙂


Aww am so happy they did express their love to each other in time and on a wonderful day 🙂 Nice one Sakhi 🙂


Some people are so stupid to keep their feelings buried in… as if the other person will know just by looking at them!! 😀


like this one 😀


you liked this one??? 😯 hmmmm… sounds fishy!! 😉 😀


coooooooooool……. nice story

‘no special effect of twist’ typical of sakhi!!!!!

belated v-day to u tooooo


wish you the same tia! 🙂


Ooooh I kept waiting for the twist-guess it’s not being there was the twist. And the straight lines too worked so well, struck just the right note..


haa..haa… it really looks like you guys think i have all the twisted and weird imagination, don’t you!! 😀 😀

I am glad this story struck the right cord 🙂


Nice one Sakhi ..

Enjoyed it ..

Was visualizing my wife as Kesar throughtout the story as she too is bubbly and has a contagious smile ..

all in all, a good read after a long time ..

welcome back ..


Thanks soham 🙂

Say hi to your wife 🙂


I love happy endings !!!!!! 😀 😀


Me too, Me too!! 😀 😀


Haahaahaa.. not “too” mushy at all. Sweet actually! 🙂 Loved reading a story with no twists for the first time! 😉 Happy Valentine’s Day! Muaah! 🙂


hee..hee… i knew you won’t find it “too” mushy!! 😛 😛


And of course, “happy valentine day to you too!”


I still dont understand from where you get these unique names ? whats next ? gaajar??? kaaju ?? 😀 😀 😀

Nice story, but too mushy for me ! 😀 and I hate happy endings ! 😀


Gaajar, kaaju?? 😆 😆 i loved Kaju… let me now think of an appropriate story for the same!! 😉 😀

And of course you would not love happy endings to a love story… abhi to tumhari shaadi hui hai re!!! 😛 😛 😀


Aah.. nice nice.. i love happy endings.. they bring smile on my face..

like the story 😀

and no discussions and contradictions this time 😛

keep writing


hee..hee… yes sukhdeep… looks like you guys are pleasantly surprised by no “contradiction and no discussion” story.

I am glad! 🙂 😀


very simple and nice story. Happy Valentines Day


Happy valentine’s day to you too!! 🙂




arey diya to hai… !!!


Simple ,happy love story….it was nice


Thanks geeta! 🙂


First when I read the title, I thought wow, a gujarati sweet dish recipe, lets learn it!! 🙂

Destination Infinity


haa..haa… 😆 😆


Full of love. Awesome 🙂

and yeah… Happy [i]almost-a-month-belated[/i] V-day 😛


belated one to you too 🙂


Not your usual style…though the previous one was 😉
Been ages!! So glad to be back to blogging and read your never ending collection of stories 🙂 🙂


🙂 welcome dear 🙂


good story sweetheart. Nice ending. Wish everything ends like this. U know na wat people say? ‘its not an ending if its not a good ending. Its still incomplete’.
Anyway, hope u doing good.


hey girl..been a while since we talked 🙂


Where are you? Where are you? Where are you?


i hardly get time these days but try to be here once in a while 🙂


Interesting. Hope all love stories remain so simple 🙂


i doubt if ANY love story is as simple! SIGH!


nice name:)


😀 same pinch 😀


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