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Posted on: May 25, 2010

She sat there on the window seat, looking out in the oblivion. Usually she loved watching the rain drops fall and loved the aroma generated when the parched earth soaked up all the tears of Gods. Today she did not even notice when the rain became fierce and when she got soaked in the torrential down pour.

She just sat there re-living each and every moment she had passed with Ankur. Those silly days of adolescence when she unnecessarily giggled at his stupid jokes were still fresh in her mind. How and when they became aware of each other as a man and a woman she never realized. Her skin had tingled at his first touch. Her every cell was on fire then. A small smile tentatively touched her lips. She involuntarily licked her lips as she remembered their first stolen kiss. They were scared of being caught and that made their first kiss even more thrilling. She remembered his ears going red when they saw each other the next day. He was shy and she loved teasing him.

A small tear trickled down her cheeks and a wistful smile came on her face.

She remembered their first love-making. They were both so naïve and clumsy but the thought of belonging to each other was overwhelming. How time flew! And with time their love too found new heights. They were considered to be the best couple on the campus.  And then slowly something started going wrong. They did not realize when the things they cherished so much, which were precious to them started getting mundane; when from lovers they became apathetic. With the end of the last year of the college their relationship came to an end too! Why and what went wrong she never knew.

How she missed him and their days together! But she never tried to contact him, neither did he. And life went on.

She looked at the crumpled letter in her laps and a sob broke through her, a sob which shook her very being. Now the tears came in bountiful and rain outside increased its pace, as if Gods too understood her turmoil. She tried to flatten the letter again with her wet hands and read those dreadful lines once again, hoping against hope that she might have misunderstood their meaning. It still read the same thing! She had lost Ankur once twenty years back, she lost him again, now for good. She will never see him again, not in this life. She never believed in “after-life”, now she wished there indeed was one.

She did not realize how long she sat there looking at the letter; it must be late since she saw only darkness from her window. She looked at the letter for one last time and got up with determination. It was now time to say final good bye to her childhood sweet heart, final burial of their love!

Just as she threw the pieces of the letter, she heard a click at the main door. She wiped her face, plastered a smile and went on to greet her husband.

Life really goes on… but she would now wait for the “after-life”.

48 Responses to "After-life"

Ouch ! That hurts !
I was kind of yearning for your next post, waiting patiently for you to come up with yet another one of your fabulous short fables ! And you did not disappoint here :))))
Yet another great short story and yet another touching moment to experience [Especially when someone actually has experienced these feelings during their current life – I have – Of-course not the death part (Thank God !) ]

Please post frequently 😉


Hey Samkit, thank you so much for this affection. You made my day 🙂

Life is getting busier and busier and hence i don’t get much time to think or feel; I HAVE to FEEL to write something. Will do as and when something touches me 🙂



welcome back after loooooong time.
but with d same touch.

once again typical of sakhi, left lot of things to speculation.

nice story with realistic end!!!!!

good one, keep it up.
will wait 4 one more soon.

ps: btw feeling really excited to become 1st person to comment here….. for d 1st time 🙂 🙂


🙂 Thanks Nitiin and sorry that samkit got here first. But there is always a next time 🙂


Hmmm… sad story well written, Dharaben.
But I think she’s got issues. 😛


Arey kananben, what issues?? issues as in kids or issues as in problems?? 😛 😛

Even if she has kids, she can still keep her love in her heart, can’t she? Who says that after one gets kids the love dies in heart???


Dharaben, it’s just that I feel that she didn’t appreciate what she had earlier or made any efforts to make things nicer for herself and even now she’s wallowing in the past, ruining her present by being sad about it. Is it worth it? I don’t think so. That’s what I see as an issue with her, or should I say her thinking.

You didn’t mention any kids in the story. May be I missed reading it… Did I miss part I, if there was one?



🙂 I absolutely agree… nothing can be gained by wallowing in the past and ruining the future too due to it!! That’s how practically it should be thought about…

But Kanan, there are certain human emotions which are beyond any rationale.. probably this is one of them?

AND i was just joking about the kids! shu yaar, kacharo kari didho mari joke no 😀 😀


O the good ol’ college love !!

inspired by Mangalore crash ?


Yes good (!) ol’ college love… SIGH!! Why can’t life be much simpler…

inspired by Mangalore crash? GOD forbid!!!


Hey Sakhi… am coming to your blog after a long time, a very long time indeed! Am happy to know that you have written a book in between. Congratulations!!!!

Liked this story, as always. 🙂


Thank you Tara… Am sure real life is keeping you busy not to allow you to be active in the cyber world 🙂

And am glad u liked this story too 🙂


Lovely story as always Sakhi.. was wondering where you had disappeared, since there were no new posts for a long time..

Welcome back 🙂


Thanks piyu 🙂 Personal and professional commitments are taking toll on my blogging… but i try to write now and then 🙂


We all grow up and get on with our busy lives forming new more permanent relationships as time passes, but the first love always remains etched deep in our memories, hoping against hope that we will meet the first love again somewhere unexpected even though knowing in our hearts that it shouldn’t happen. And the thought of that possibility ending forever is completely shattering.

Lovely story… inspiring me to write again…


OMG… those were the exact feelings i had when i wrote this…

Thanks hues 🙂 And waiting for your new post too 🙂


Oh u r bk .. welcome 🙂
Lemme go read the story nw 🙂


Nice story with that Sakhi-touch as usual 🙂
Hw I wish we cn meet all our loved ones in that after-life!


Kaash 😀 but it may happen so that we might also need to meet those whom we always avoided in the real life 😉

just a possibility hee..hee.. 😀


Welcome back Sakhi !! ..

Nice story !! ..


Thanks Soham! 🙂


realistic story with unrealistic hope


Hope is what keeps life going! 🙂


Hey Sakhi, I am a first time reader of your blog..

That’s a wonderful story you churned out.. really loved reading it..:)

I too write short stories on my blog..

Will be glad to have your reviews on them..:)


Thanks sushobhan 🙂 Will definitely check out your blog, will love to read fiction 🙂


What a poignant read that was! Its lovely to read you again, Sakhi 🙂


Thanks deep 🙂 Its been a while, isn’t it? but life has become really hectic! SIGH!


Sad..very sad.


Thats all u hv to say?? :O

Marriage has tamed u or what?? 😉


You’re back! My fav story teller 🙂 (am ashamed of myself for realising so late tht you’re back!!!!)
And need I really say it yet again? Fab one!!! 🙂


i didn’t go anywhere but life is so damned hectic these days that i can’t give blogs their due time. SIgh!! 😦 😦

But thanks scorpria for your “fab” words! 🙂 You made my day 🙂 🙂


Its a realistic story. I wonder if men have such feelings after such a long time – 20 years!

Destination Infinity


I can vouch only for females… 🙂

But there’s a saying that “Be proud if u are a woman’s first love and man’s last!”

Probably true?? 🙂


Most probably, the man’s first love might be his last as well – Just guessing 🙂

Destination Infinity


😆 probably! 😉


I really wonder about the inspirations of all ur stories…


That means what? you liked it or not?? 😉

Even i am not sure about the inspirations. Sometimes i pick up a small incident from around me and build other things. And sometimes its purely fiction… 🙂


I really don’t know what to say. Have you heard the music of movie Gladiator? There is a track “Now we are free” in it. Listen to it while reading the story. 🙂

And BTW….
The prodigious storyteller returns!!


Hey will listen to the track later. Headphones aren’t working 😦

Good to see u here after a long hiatus… looks like u hv picked up blogging again 🙂


Hmm.. if she loved him so much, why did they part? 😦


Love is not the only thing which can survive a relationship, i guess! In the real world a lot of other things matter! SIGH… 😦 😦


Heart wrenching and well written piece…


Thanks kiran 🙂 I am sorry i cant visit your or others’ blog regularly and don’t comment at all, but life is busy busy busy!! Sigh!!

Thanks again 🙂


I love crying in the rain, because no one can see my tears

But where are the rains?? SIGH… is mansson ko bhi abhi apni gaddari karni thi.


Mansoon seems to be gathering pace… it was about time.


For tears may wet cheeks but not feed stomach


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