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Turtle and Rabbit

Posted on: September 28, 2010

When Zoe first kissed Shrey, he wrinkled his nose and immediately wiped it off. Looking at his expressions Zoe giggled and went to kiss him again. But this time Shrey was ready, he crawled away as fast as he could. Zoe followed him steadfastly. Looking at Shrey’s plight both the kids’ mothers burst out laughing. The innocent chase of turtle and rabbit, as they were known as, went on for years.

They weaved a cocoon around them and nobody was allowed to penetrate it. Once, Shrey picked up a fight for Zoe when one of their classmates made a pass at Zoe. Shrey beat the light out of him. But when Zoe went up to him with a smile, he gruffly told her to behave properly. And his tone was such that Zoe’s eyes brimmed with tears instantly. Looking at her crestfallen face, Shrey sighed and hugged her. She just shrugged his hands off and walked down to their school bus. She did not talk to him for the entire time till they reached home, but by evening all was well again. Tiff forgotten, Zoe and Shrey’s were playing tennis by evening. This was not an isolated incidence, but eventually Zoe would forget her anguish and they would be together again, as always. Zoe and Shrey became inseparable, two sides of one coin, always together but never seeing eye to eye.

However, as they grew up it was evident that how much ever they loved each other or cared for each other they were not cut out to be together. Zoe was bubbly and effervescent while Shrey was a thinker and loved to read. Zoe would go on chattering away her thoughts while Shrey would just nod or give monosyllabic answers.   It was difficult to know what went on in Shrey’s mind whereas Zoe was an open book. Shrey would like to keep to himself while Zoe constantly sought his company.  So much so that she would expect him to shop with her too! Their adolescence being at peak, things started changing, or say, Zoe started realizing how much she was imposing on Shrey. She realized he needed space. His gruff behavior started hurting her more; she started reading more into his monosyllabic answers and felt left out. There was a time when she would drag him out of his bed just to go on a long drive or go window shopping. Now, she felt embarrassed or sometimes insulted when he would just refuse to be with her. Shrey’s behavior was probably the same, but Zoe was growing up and her natural vanity wanted to be pampered.

All her grievances went up like a smoke in the air the day she came to know that he was going to US of A for higher studies. It was just for a few days that they were together and the thought of being alone filled her with dread. She could not think of her life without him. She went to see Shrey and could not hold herself back when she saw him packing. All the wonderful years of their childhood came to her like a flash. She just stood in the door way looking at her best friend. Shrey sensed someone in the room and turned around to see Zoe’s crestfallen face. She saw the same turmoil in his eyes and the hell broke loose. She just threw herself in his arms and he held her tight, as tight as he could. Both were crying openly now. They never had any friend other than each other all their lives and now the thought of being without each other was killing them.  They sat on the edge of his bed, holding each other’s hands, caressing softly. Words failed them but they were not needed today.

“You be good, rabbit! Don’t go on hopping here and there.” Shrey said softly.

“And you pick up some speed, turtle. Else you won’t be able to find any girl for yourself.” Zoe tried to make their mood light.

“I am not going there to chase after some stupid girls. I am going there to study, got it!”

With that the spell was broken and they laughed together. There were no promises made, none were needed!

Time flew by and life went on at both the ends. Whoever said, “Distance made hearts grow fonder” was proving to be wrong in this case. The good natured sparring turned to tiffs and finally heated flare ups. Increasingly the feeling of not belonging to each other started creeping in. The joy of being together was turning into a dread. Zoe was getting possessive about him, while Shrey was feeling suffocated with all the love and devotion. He hated to be answerable. Zoe tried to keep tab on his online life, Shrey hated it to core. The final blow to their friendship came on the New Year eve when Zoe called up Shrey to wish, and made a passing remark about some hot young man in the party.  A heated and hurtful argument followed, and how much ever they regret it later, the damage was done.

That was a decade ago.

Fate brought them face to face again. Their eyes met and the world around them ceased to exist. They did not know how long they stood there, in that crowded room lost in their own world. After what felt like an eternity, Zoe noticed someone tug at her pallu, she looked down and Shrey’s eyes followed her gaze. A little girl looked up at her and Zoe smiled at her daughter. Little Zoe clung to her and shyly looking  at the man getting all her mother’s attention. Just then a little boy came bouncing and jumped into Shrey’s arms.  The boy looked at Little Zoe and asked his father,

“Dad, doesn’t she look like a rabbit!”

A happy, contended smile spread over their faces and the lost years fell by!


39 Responses to "Turtle and Rabbit"

😮 😮 😮
Nice one! Was reminded of a malayalam movie named Niram (Colour) 😀
I wish the little boy and girl were siblings 😀


Why :-0 ??? Why are you shocked? 😦

And i am okay with the kids not being siblings… i personally feel that not every friendship between a male and a female SHOULD convert into marriage or have romantic inclinations! 🙂


U r rt Sakhi 🙂 🙂


@Swaram, bull’s eye !! 🙂


Ahh…what a chump.
It pains to see Shreys of the world hurt loved ones because of their own clumsiness.

For once, there is something to thank USA for…it saved Zoe 😉

Glad this is just a fiction 🙂


yeah, glad its a fiction! 🙂


Super Like 😀


Thank you soooooo much! 😀


DAMN!! The opening scene is so tender.

Sakhi, you sure know how to write 🙂


your comments are good for my ego! 🙂


well written piece, nicely told 🙂


Thanks a bunch! 🙂


A very sweet old story. Sakhi you have a gift for describing feelings and bring out the changing relationships so well. This one starts like a kids’ story, touches on the romance, and takes another twist. I loved the ending, a failed romance need not be the end of friendship.


So true Hypermom 🙂


So true… but that is only possible when either of the two don’t harbour any ill feelings for each other! 🙂


“a failed romance need not be the end of friendship.” Totally agree, HM.


very well told Sakhi 🙂 Luved the twists 🙂


Thanks a bunch swaram! 🙂


u r back!! yeyyy!! nice story!


been thinking about your status message 😛


you are thinking about my status message and leave a comment about it here? 😮 😮

and oh, i am glad u liked the story…


Nice. Very nice 🙂
I have a feeling the final location was an airport.


hee..hee… i was thinking like a mutual friend’s party! 😀 😀 But airport too is a good place to meet! 😀 😀


😀 😀 😀 love it 🙂


Thanks vishu! 🙂


Good one !


Thank you 🙂


hey , nice blog , like it ,
won’t be nice if i u can clickover to my blog page too ,
& post some suggestion


Thank you 🙂

Will check out your blog real soon 🙂


Brilliant narration, Sakhi! Loved this story. Great to be reading you again 🙂


It’s a pleasure to write too 🙂 I am glad you liked the story 🙂


as always brilliant .. U are still writing stories .. how do you find so many stories 🙂 .. i think u should consider publishing a book .. 🙂


Oh yes, i am still writing stories but not as frequently as i would like to 🙂

I have already published a book and its link is in the sidebar 🙂

And i am so glad that u liked this story too 🙂


Oh cool .. I am definitely going to buy it 🙂 .. :)Is it available in the market or that site is only way to buy the book ??


Right now it available on that site. Don’t really get time to do the necessary for its REAL publication! 😦


I loved what Deeps had to say about the story- “A failed romance need not be the end of a friendship”. Very sweet story this was.. 🙂 🙂


Nice and touching.
If decide to be a movie producer some day, you will be my story gal 😉 (just don’t insist on casting SRK 😛 ).


reading your stories after a long time…. really missed it… u r amazing.. 🙂


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