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Posted on: January 30, 2011

It was as if a volcano had erupted and she was burnt alive. The scars were not visible but they were there and quite deep. She was so shaken that not a single tear was shed.

There was not a single place in this house where her mother had not left her fragrance. Zeenat remembered her soft hugs and her vibrant smile, her constant chatter and love-filled anger. Zeenat knew and so did everyone else that Zeenat was her mother’s universe. As Zeenat grew up she became more of a friend to her mother than a daughter. Lately Zeenat had started teasing her mother about the glow on her face and twinkle in her eyes. She would blush like a young maiden and then they would both giggle.

How she missed her mother!

Suddenly Zeenat felt extremely lonely. Now that the relatives had also gone, the house seemed like a haunted place. It was only her dad and her. Zeenat was never felt close to her father and now that the bond that tied them together was gone, she felt even more alienated. Zeenat felt a pressing need to be with her mother. With trembling hands Zeenat opened the box in which she kept all the cards and little gifts her mother had ever given her. She spread them all on her bed and hugged them as if she was hugging her mother. Zeenat opened them one by one and revisited each event with the most precious person of her life.

While going through her treasure Zeenat came across a sealed envelop with no name on it. Not only was she surprised but a little scared too! She opened the envelop with trembling hands and thumping heart. She was not wrong; the letter was indeed from her mother!

“My Dearest Bunny,

I know you will find this letter sooner than later.

I want you to know that I love you very much. You are my daughter, my friend and my confidante. Since you came in my life, this life felt like worth living. You filled colours and laughter in my mundane existence. You gave me reason to look forward to evenings when you would be back from your classes. When your friends came over our place and complimented our friendship, how proud I felt! That time was very nice and I felt blessed.

Then one day he came in my life and life looked even better to me. He was everything your father was not. In his presence I felt alive, I felt myself. Do you remember, you said one day that I sang well? Baby, I always sung well but I had forgotten that I could. He made me realize what all I had lost in all those years being wife to a person who did not even acknowledge my existence. If it would not have been for you I would not even have lived this long. I know that what I did would never be acceptable in our society. But it felt just right.

Everything felt just right and suddenly one day you saw us together when you came home unexpectedly. I know you saw us together. You went away and did not even ask me anything. You tried your level best not to show it on your face, but I did see confusion and hurt there. I wanted to talk to you but did not have courage to look into your eyes, did not know what to say.

I think I will never be able to look into your eyes. I don’t know if it feels such a right thing when I am with him, why I feel so miserable when I think of facing you. I do not have answers but I am sure that I will never be able to face you. At the same time, now I can not imagine my life without him. I can not choose between the two of you. So, to end this misery I will have to go.

Please forgive me.


P.S. I love you very much.

Zeenat kept staring at the paper in her hand. Slowly tears started trickling down her cheeks and turned into a storm. She felt as if her heart was being crushed. She crumpled the letter and hugged it tight as if her life depended on it.

“Ma, if only you knew how happy I was for you!”

22 Responses to "Storm"

Very well written! So poignant and filled with emotions 🙂


Thank you so much, Kiran! 🙂


once again, SPEECHLESS !!

Surprisingly with end, it sounds diferent.
today’s world teaches you to control your emotions, but at home it is needed to be expressed to your loved ones……….

anyway, it is very touchy as usual !!!


Thanks a bunch Jozef! 🙂

You are right, we should express our emotions to the loved ones, but sometimes we, ourselves are not comfortable with our own emotions, how do we make others understand. And not necessarily these emotions are right or wrong…


beautifully written


HUGS to the brave Zeenat…


I am sure she would love to have hugs, but from her mother!!! 😛 😛


When you love someone, say it.
When you are happy for someone, say it.
When you’re not happy with something, say it.
Whatever it is that you feel, say it.
No one can read minds…and they won’t know it till you say it!

Awesome one, Sakhi!


Wow, Priya… this is awesome and so true.

“No one can read minds…and they won’t know it till you say it!” absolutely true…



Nice read!


Thank you pallav and welcome to my blog 🙂


Beautifully said Sakhi.
Love needs words-badly


Absolutely hypermom… we HAVE to say it else no one can peek into our heart and mind!!

Glad you liked it 🙂


Beautiful story Sakhi!! Absolutely loved it. Like hypermom says above, ‘Love needs words-badly’.


Thanks a bunch IM… 🙂


Beautifully written Sakhi. There was a constant flow in your writing. Really enjoyed my stay here. Keep coming such posts! 🙂

By the way, hope you enjoy reading my post too –
To hold you in my arms, to promise you my love!


Thanks Romeo for the kind words. Will check your post now.

Welcome to my blog 🙂


Hi Sakhi

Hv been fllwng ur blog for long bt nvr commnted…ths story is awesom…i blv smtimes nt communicating wat u think is the reason fr u to lose it…it ws heart breakin…n i ws almost at the verge of crying…gud wrk..


thanks a bunch RiVa… its such a pleasure to know that u liked my work.

Keep popping in 🙂


wow…wonderful story!! congrats on the blogadda pick


Wow..nice gave me goosebumps


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