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Ice Princess

Posted on: April 3, 2011

What was she expecting from him?

What was she expecting from herself?

Why this heartache when she knew this relationship cannot work out?

She was not a sixteen year old who believed in fairytale love stories. She was a mature woman who had seen world. She had always lived her life at her own terms. She was a successful business woman who had recently been featured on Times front page for achieving “Young Entrepreneur Award”. People were envious of her and called her “Ice Princess” on her back but at the same time admired her guts too. She had chosen to be alone in life and had vowed never to marry. It was not that she had never experienced love, but that one failed relationship had taught her never to completely give herself to anyone. She was cautious even among friends.

So what made her long for Kshitij? How things changed between them?

She sat at her french window looking at the gloomy sky. Even natural elements were feeling as sad as her, she felt! She knew Kshitij since more than a decade now. They were never best friends, or so to say, but quite close. They had stood by each other in the testing times they faced in their lives. Even though they did not reside in the same city for many years now, their bond was intact, just a bit rusted.

Then came the news of Kshitij shifting his business base to his motherland last year, coming nearer to her. Though they kept busy with their respective lives, they made sure to keep in touch. Technology had made communication easier. Or complicated?!

She never realized when she started expecting his calls every day or when she started getting upset when he did not sms her good night. He would be the first person she would want to share the good news with. Oh hell, any news for that matter! She felt miserable the whole day, when she did not hear his cheerful good morning. She started getting more demanding on his time and never realized when she clung to him so tightly that made Kshitij suffocated. There were never any exchanges of lovey dovey promises. But the tell-tale signs were there for anyone to notice.

Probably even Kshitij noticed the change in the “Ice Princess”. He saw his friend turning into something else. He was not sure whether he liked that change, though.

She knew she cannot have him for herself even if she wanted. He was married and had two lovely daughters. For all practical purposes he was off-limits. She was not kind of a person who would wreck havoc in anyone’s life, least of all Kshitij’s. Plus, she was not sure what he thought about her. He was always friendly with her, teasing her, bantering with her, sparring with her. He would change subject when he saw that soft look in her eyes, but will not stop talking to her or cutting her off.

Was he too in love with her? Was he feeling guilty of having a wife and hence was not opening up to her? Or was it just that he was too much of a man to insult his friend and cut her off completely but at the same time will not go ahead with anything shameful.

She was so lost in her thoughts that she did not realize someone standing behind her. Kshitij felt a knife twisting in his chest when he saw his strong, iron-willed friend sitting like a lost child at the window. He knew what was she going through, but he also knew she would come around, especially when he was not there anymore. She was made of tough material. He would miss her strong will, her unbending support, her rock-solid backing, but he knew he had to take this decision, for them.

He squeezed her hand. Her eyes lit up the moment she saw him but could sense something was seriously wrong. Her eyes searched his for some clue.

With a lot of efforts he said, “Bye, Roshni!”

At that moment she knew they were never going to meet again as Kshitij never said “bye”, for him it was always “bye for now”.

Roshni looked in his eyes one last time as she asked, “can I hug you just once before you go?”

He took her in his arms and they stood there for some time. Roshni was lost in him when he gently took her arms off him, patted her cheeks and said, “Take Care”. With that he was gone, and with him gone was Roshni’s heart. She stood there with tears flowing uncontrollably.

In a few weeks time ‘Ice Princess” was back with a bang, never to melt again.

36 Responses to "Ice Princess"

Arrey, decade old relationship overcome in weeks…. icy indeed!
But yeah, some pursuits’ greatest reward is in giving them up…we all realize it at some point in life.


🙂 yeah dear philosophical swaps, sometimes it is better in everyone’s interest in giving somethings up in life. Just that it is not very easy!!!


icy indeed, like swaps says!


Come on pria, what do you find icy in this… i don’t understand!


Hey your posts are really awesome…..nice one


Thanks swati 🙂


Never mind…Kshitij will be back – another story, another name 😛 😛


of course! 😛 😛




What sort of a comment is this? 😛


nice story, as always. 🙂
i lvd the name of male protagonist.
kshitiz actually is illusion.
kshitiz… the point where earth n sky seem to meet, bt they never meet


That’s the whole point.. PEOPLE feel they meet, but in reality they are miles apart! Illusion!!!


Hmmmm nice one!


mmmmmh, looks like madam did not like something here! 🙂


hmm maybe roshni was just attached to him..
i feel bad for her 😦


or may be she was in love with him 🙂


i think she was in lv with him, bt was unable 2 xpress coz of circumstances



Only females can be that stupid to fall in love with wrong person, in wrong circumstances!!! 🙄


sakhi…. insanity is not the sole perogative of females; can occur in anyone 😉


Really? chaliye, maan leti hun!


good decision by Kshitij…

and for Roshni, felt that the last line suggests a kind of infinity… i am sure there’s a chance she’d find someone else…


Hopefully she would find someone or if she is happy alone, why not!! 🙂


Life is too long for being the ice princess 🙂 Bus, train aur guys ke peeche nahi rone ka! One goes another comes.. 😀 😀


Wah, reema! Marriage has put great wisdom in you!! 😛 😛


Hi Sakhi, how are you?
your posts forced me to visit your blog again n again and the result is I’ve started following you 🙂 your stories are fabulous, really enjoyed reading fiction and true stories.

Harsimran K.


Thank you so much, Harsimran. I am glad you like the stories. I am sorry I haven’t really posted anything for quite sometime. Hope to be back soon.




no problem at all…m already trying to complete the stack of older entries. and amazed to know how talented you are 🙂 you’re a doc, a writer, a photographer, and you are equally amazing at craft work…i really wish to meet you 🙂 and want to know the secret of this incessant energy and source of talent 🙂 and dnt know whether I should write it here, you’re as beautiful as your stories, pics and craft work (read your interview at speakbindaas)



Well… thank you so much Harsimran 🙂


U hav an amazing knack of telling stories. Read it, again, n simply lvd it 🙂


At times letting it go is the best option, but then one might “regret” letting it go another 10 years down the line..

Whatever happens, happens for the best!!


I too firmly believe that “whatever happens, happens for the best” even though at the time it might not seem so 🙂


this is the only consolation one can give to self “whatever happens…..”.
As humans, v tend to disown the consequences of our actions or decisions. And when v repent those things aftrwards, v console ourself “jo hua accha hua”, ” it was not destined”


Sometimes NOT to take certain decisions at the right time may lead to detrimental effects too…


No words ,incredible.just like a volcanic erruption or story like “Badal ka fatna”,affetive like Burmuda triangle.God bless u.thanks


Glad you liked it 🙂


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