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Posted on: July 12, 2011

“Did you read this today?” asked Rahil, “Men need to cuddle and women need sex to be happy in a relationship.” He was referring to the latest research outcome reported in the newspaper. “Really, hun?” he smirked at his wife, Sati. Sati’s face crumbled with embarrassment.

She was timid and more docile when it came to the physical intimacy with her husband, even a year after their marriage. But his regular taunts were getting on her nerves. It wasn’t that she was not interested or was frigid by any mean. She had a healthy libido but somehow Rahil could not just arouse her. She could not help it!

But enough was enough… she looked at her husband and smiled like never before. Rahil could sense the difference and was taken aback. Something was changed in Sati suddenly. Sensuality oozed from Sati, her kohled black eyes, her big red kumkum bindi, her long loose hair, her sari draped lithe body… everything seemed different. This was not Sati he was used to. He was a bit scared at the transformation. Sati moved towards Rahil with a grace of a tigress. She came and sat on Rahil’s lap and started muttering sweet nothings in his ears. Rahil could hear blood pounding in his own ears. He sat there dumb struck. Sati went about the task at hand. What ensued was beyond Rahil’s wildest imagination. He was taken to heaven and back and then back to heaven again. Sati did not wait for Rahil to take her anywhere, she took Rahil with her. The journey started tentatively and became more adventurous as they went ahead. Sati looked at her exhausted husband and his shocked, idiotic smile. He did not know what hit him but he was not complaining at all. Sati gathered her clothes, went to wash room and smiled; a satisfied, triumphant smile; at her own reflection. She could see Rahil, spent and sprawled on their bed. She half turned and smirked at the sorry figure he cut.

She looked at her reflection in the mirror again, redone her smudged kumkum bindi and murmured “Sorry Jay, but I could not take the taunts any longer. Hope you understand.” With that she was gone to her daily chores and called out to her husband to come and finish his breakfast.


41 Responses to "Taunts"

Awesome doc sometimes you hit so hard that its difficult to control the grin.


Hee..he… thanks ritu. I am so glad you liked it 😉


too good, welcome back after long-long time…. missing u on blg

keep writing.


Hey thanks Alaan. I will try to be regular but i guess i get into writer’s block way too often these days.

Glad you liked the story 🙂




I too am rendered speecless 🙂


😆 😆 think it’s too bold for me or have you got used to the mushy stuff I write? 😉

Hope you will get around and come up with better comment than “Hmmm… ” 😛 😛


That was like hurricane struck!
Awesome, Sakhi! 🙂


Thank you so much Priya 🙂 I liked the expression “That was like hurricane struck!” hee..he… 🙂


errr did not get it. who is Ray? was she having an affair?


Kya yaar, tune poore climax ka kachara kar diya 😀

Either she was having an affair or was fantasizing 😉


if the physical link stays strong in a relationship, better and healthier days ensue it. thanks to women like Sati!


🙂 Thanks? well, hmmmm… ok!


Well, if she was so timid, then how could she have pulled that off so confidently?

Anyway, nice story. This article seems to have become very popular 😛



She was timid with her HUSBAND, not in general 😛 😛

And why do you say this article has become very popular?! 😯


Vivid imagination 🙂


Whose imagination? mine or Sati’s 😉 😀

Just kidding, but i hope you like it 🙂


At first, I didn’t see the change in name (Ray) – You could have used a different initial letter for the second person. BTW, if she was so attached to someone, she shouldn’t have married in the first place.

Destination Infinity


Point taken about RAY! 🙂

But are you serious about “if she was so attached to someone, she shouldn’t have married in the first place”…?

Do you seriously think that it is possible in MOST part of India for a female NOT to marry someone coz she didn’t like him?? Come on! (It might be possible for a few, but not for the majority of females!)


Hey.. what u said is truth.. but would you believe it if I say ‘same applies to some men as well’?


Yes suda… I KNOW it applies to men as well. I have a few friends who were forced into arrange marriage…


@DI finally changed the name 🙂


I did not understand it first.. then it struck me… ahaaa 😀 What is wrong with you btw? Bachchon ko kya suna rahi ho madam? 😀 😀


P.S> Pun intended…(in every word..) 😛


tu ab se mere blog pe aana chhod de… Bachche 😛 😛 i dont want to corrupt your simple (read dumb) mind 😛 😛


Damage is already done!! 😀 Ask my (every) GF 😛


Poor GFs of yours! 😛 😛


Woah! You are back with a baaaaaang


hee..he… back i don’t know, but will write when some subject strikes me… 🙂


Nice one. Replace “lose hair” with “loose hair” 🙂


Thanks Tanya… edit done 🙂 Thanks again…


grrt story 🙂


came to your blog after so long.. and whoaaa what a story… loved the way it is written.. I also ROFL at couple of phrases like “task at hand” and “taken to heaven and back and then back to heaven again”.

Excellent work!!


Thanks a bunch Sharad… yeah, it’s been ages since you visited this blog. 🙂

I am so glad you liked the story. Thanks…


and you advised arranged marriage to me last night!!! pagal .. 😛


‘Sati’, you intended the irony, right? 😀


YOu know I’ve been reading some of your old posts. I think you should start blogging again Sakhi!


Hey thanks 7thHeaven 🙂 Been a while since I wrote a story… I miss it too but somehow it just doesn’t flow!! 😦


It will. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Just start writing, it will come automatically.



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