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How I started this blog!

I started blogging when one of my friends introduced me to his blog saying that I should also tell my stories to other people. I was skeptical! I was coaxed, cajoled and threatened … And now, here I am, writing away to glory!  🙂

Somehow, now, I have got addicted to blogging! 8)

One of my blog readers also suggested that I should try story telling as a therapy. I was humbled!

Another one has recently suggested that I should try my hand at writing a novel! Now, I know that it is way too much at this juncture but my readers’ and fellow bloggers’ love keep me going! 🙂

19 Responses to "How I started this blog!"

Well, I am glad you started blogging, for the greater good all around. 🙂


ha…ha…ha… Thanks 🙂 🙂


Novel? I would like to see you try 😀 You will make it a 2000-3000 pages for sure…………….. heheheh 😀


🙂 😀 very funny! 😛 😛


Hi Sakhi….

you have a intresting blog….i am fairly new to blogging….yur name attracted me Sakhi what does it really mean other than being generous….

Warm Regards

Atul Mahajan


Hi Atul,

Welcome to blogsphere and to my blog too! 🙂

Sakhi means, female friend… “Sakha” is the male friend!

Hope to see you around! 🙂

P.S. Your name is not linked to your blog url so can’t visit yours… if you wish, do leave your blog url here! 🙂


I just read one story today… in very few paragraphs u griped me to story … Not everyone can do that … if u think you have it in u … u must write a novel !!! Atleast collections of ur stories here … 🙂


🙂 Thanks Jagdeep… will definitely try to do that once i have enough money to publish something 🙂

See you around 🙂


Great blog! You are a creative and imaginative writer. You have to try publishing a novel some day 🙂 Added your blog to my blog roll. Count me in as one of your regular readers!

Sakhi: Thanks, blogrolling you too! 🙂


Read the ‘I love daddy ‘ story today..and it made me smile..:) are some writer!
blogrolling you!:)

Sakhi: Thanks for the honour! 🙂 Adding you to my google reader


Hi sakhi,

You really write good stuff. Dont worry about the publishing stuff, i work in a publishing house 🙂
you start with your novel…. best of luck for that.
i am adding your blog in my list, you can add mine if you like mine.


Thanks SAG … i can’t add your blog to my reader since i dont have the url.


you have created a great body of work here, Sakhi! I wish you all the best on the way, make your experiences with writing and blogging – something important and beautiful will surely come up out of it…a book or even more..


Thanks axinia, for the kind words 🙂


Hi Sakhi,
Nice to see your blogs. Still, I have not read all your stories, but some.
I found it very nice.

I will add your blog link in my another blog


Thanks Nishith! 🙂


[…] How I started this blog! […]


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